The name? Brown. Chad Brown.

March 21, 2013

Ever hear about the time James Bond came looking for me at a hotel in Switzerland? No? Let me explain.

During the time I was active in modeling and just starting out as an actor, I found myself in Paris for a couple of weeks. I’d made some friends over there and they invited me to go to Gstaad, Switzerland to go skiing. Now Gstaad is a huge, beautiful ski resort, and my friends were also telling me about how they were sure they could get me invited to this big black tie party at the Hotel Gstaad Palace. So I couldn’t pass that up, and before long I was in Gstaad.

While at the black tie party, Roger Moore arrived. This was the early 1980s, when Moore was James Bond, and he had a house not far from there. Moore showed up with his wife, Luisa, and Joan Collins, the famous actress, and I was introduced to all of them. They hadn’t been in town when the invitations had gone out, and so they weren’t actually invited to the party. They were just saying hello before they went to a different restaurant to have dinner.

This was right before the party was about to start, and Luisa asked me if I’d like to go to dinner at an Italian restaurant down the road with Roger and Joan. Now I knew Luisa was speaking on behalf of Joan who was newly single and who obviously was interested in me. She was on Dynasty at the time, which was one of the most popular shows on television. For an up-and-coming actor like myself, it was a situation where it probably wouldn’t be bad to mix and mingle with someone like her.

The problem was, it would have been out of line for me to skip out on the black tie party, since my friends had to go to some trouble to get me invited to it, so I had to decline the invitation to go along. But Joan asked me if I’d like to go with them to another party the next night at a nearby ski chalet, and I said absolutely. They said they’d come pick me up at my hotel, and so we parted and I attended the black tie party that night as planned.

It was the next day that Roger Moore came to my hotel to pick me up. He actually came in and went to the desk to ask for me. I went with them and we had a wonderful time.

When I got back from the party, everyone who worked in the hotel wanted my autograph! After all, James Bond had come to ask for me… so I must be famous! I’ll admit I got a kick out that, because I’ve always been a James Bond fan.

Actually, there’s some follow-up to the story with Joan Collins. No, we never had any romance or anything, but we remained friends, and in fact at the time she invited me to contact her when in was in L.A. and she said she’d introduce me to the Dynasty producers. I did follow up, and while I was really too young at the time to be on that show, I very much appreciated her helping me out.

We kept in touch after that as well. In fact, one time when she was in New York later on she invited me to another event of hers — she was debuting a new perfume, and Donald Trump was hosting the event. She was always very nice to me.

All of that was back in the 1980s, but many years later — in 2005 — there was a big premiere in New York for the film Memoirs of a Geisha. I was good friends with one of the producers, and so I was invited to a private screening and it just so happened Joan was there with her new husband. I went and said hello to her and asked if she remembered me, and she said she did.

I was there with a friend of mine, and we had some drinks from the limo ride over. Joan asked about whether or not they were serving at the showing, and they weren’t, but I offered to have the driver come back around with some drinks for her and her husband. She said not to bother, but I called anyway and as the movie started I delivered a couple of drinks to them.

As she thanked me for going to the extra effort, I told her how much I appreciated her helping me back when I was a fledgling actor. It was nice after all those years to have a chance to let her know how grateful I was for her kindness.

So that’s the story of the time James Bond came looking for me!

Did Roger Moore ask for “Brown… Chad Brown?” I can’t say for sure, but I’d like to think he did.

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