The EPT Prague Festival starts this weekend

December 05, 2014

If you’re not going to the EPT Prague Festival, hate the thought of missing out and want to get as close to the experience as you can without being there, allow us to provide a few practical hints on how to create a samizdat version at home, wherever that may be.

First, open all the windows. Or better still, go outside. Leave your coat behind as it’ll only stop you feeling the benefit. Now wait until you can’t feel your hands and feet. Don’t get any ideas; you’re not ready to go back inside yet. That’s just the goodness getting through to your bones. Wait until you can’t feel your thighs or your face. That’s when, if you physically can, you may make your way back inside. Congratulations, you’ve “arrived in Prague”.


If it helps, this is what you’re trying to recreate

At this point you should feel a warm buzz in your joints as your muscles defrost and you regain the ability to talk, albeit in a kind of incoherent moan. This is your cue to turn the thermostat up to full blast, heat up some goulash, and mull some wine on the stove while you’re at it. Ideally you want the place to be unbearably hot. The walls should be sweating. Now eat your goulash, drink your wine, and tune into the PokerStars Blog for live coverage of everything coming out of the EPT Prague Festival.

I know, it’s hardly the same thing, but such is the popularity of this event that I have no trouble sympathizing with those not able to make the trip themselves. It is quite simply one of the most wonderful stops on the tour–for the food, the atmosphere, the snow, and of course the poker. That’s why we’ll be brings live coverage, features and interviews from the tournament floor itself from the very start, interspersed with irreverence and a second helping of local hospitality.

It all starts this weekend when the Eureka Poker Tour main event begins in the Czech capital. Then on Monday, the Super High Rollers take their seats for a three day contest, a warm-up act in more ways than one before the Main Event itself kicks off on Thursday, with all the trimmings. That means a live feed from EPT Live starting on Day 2 (Saturday). Four days later we’ll have a winner, and possibly frostbite.

That then is your next two weeks sorted, although in between all of that are a few distractions that you may be interested in.


Let us know if you manage to recreate this scene where you live

This weekend the usual Sunday Majors will be taking place, providing adequate funds to the winners to make their own way to Prague. The December Festival is also in full swing, featuring Spin & Gos with prizes to make your eyes water, as well as milestone hands. What’s more, our $5 million guaranteed Knockout week begins on Monday. Find out all the details of how you could be winning big on the December Festival homepage.

For now, good luck to everyone this weekend.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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