The DAILY SCOOP (feat. The Plan)

May 20, 2019inPoker

There are only 8 days left of SCOOP. So how does a player like you get the most out of them?

By you, I mean the type of player at the lower end of the bankroll spectrum, but the upper end when it comes to ambition.

Well, it turns out there’s a lot you can do.

Even a player on a small budget can squeeze every dollar out of SCOOP before the curtain drops a week today.

We’ve even done the calculations for you.

The plan below means you can play a SCOOP event every day, with guarantees adding up to more than $700K. And all for less than $50.

Oh, and only one brave adventure into the land of Pot-Limit Omaha.

That’s eight chances to win.

Eight titles up for grabs.

Endless hours of drama, tension, excitement, and fun.

If you’re in, here’s how your week will shape up.



That gets you through Omaha Day. Then it’s Hold’em all the way to the finish line…


All of that adds up to a not unreasonable $49.50.

And for hold’em players, experience of Pot-Limit Omaha. Surviving that is the type of thing Kipling would have written poems about.

Moving on, that’s just one way through the last eight days of SCOOP.

The full SCOOP schedule will give you some other options, especially if your have a little more flexibility in your bankroll. Yes, you can buy your way out of Omaha if you want to.



PokerStars staff

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