EPT9 Sanremo: Dinner date with Jude Ainsworth

October 07, 2012


The cream is rising to the top today at EPT Sanremo, with a number of the game’s biggest names starting to make their presence felt on the leader board.

Pius Heinz and Nacho Barbero lead the Team PokerStars Pro charge, but Jude Ainsworth is another of the red spades still looking healthy as fewer than 200 players remain.

One of the down-sides to being a PokerStars Pro (What? There are down-sides?) is that sometimes you can’t even enjoy your dinner without being interrupted by microphone-wielding reporters.

Still, when it’s Lynn Gilmartin doing the interrupting, it’s not so bad. She has a post-prandial chat with Ainsworth in the video below.

Ainsworth is having a pretty good EPT Sanremo so far, and cashed the €300 turbo yesterday. A deep main event run might be just the ticket, though.


Jude Ainsworth: the look of a man who’s had his dinner interrupted


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