Team PokerStars Pro Victoria Coren to marry David Mitchell

March 21, 2012


It was 2005 when someone led me into an audio booth in a London television studio. I was due to sit down next to James Hartigan to provide some color commentary for the World Cup of Poker II. While I waited my turn, I stared at the back of a woman’s head as she analyzed the on-going game. What I thought as I listened to her voice is as clear in my head seven years later as it was that day:

“I would pay good money to listen to that woman read the telephone directory,” I thought.

I didn’t care what she looked like. She could’ve looked like Shrek after a bad night at the pub, and her voice alone would’ve made up for any physical abnormality. And then she turned around and I saw someone who looked like this:


And so, I was smitten. Yes, ma’am. A man who has been happily married since the time before PokerStars even existed was smitten with Victoria Coren.

So, imagine the collective gasp across the people of my ilk today when they learned Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren is getting married to well-known British actor David Mitchell. My e-mail box filled up this morning.

“There is many a British gentleman who cried a little bit into his cup of tea this morning,” said one.

Another e-mail only bore the link to news with the subject line, “Oh, sigh.”

Because it’s our job here at the PokerStars Blog, we are forced to report this news.

Coren said simply via Twitter, “I’m very happy.”

Vicky, we are happy for you, too, even if it means we henceforth must beat down our smitten hearts and turn you over to your true love.

So, congratulations to Vicky and David on their impending nuptials.

And, for what it’s worth, I’d still probably pay to listen to you read the phone book. Please don’t tell David.


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