Team Online and your part in the Ninth Anniversary Sunday Million

March 05, 2015

If you were on twitter earlier you might have noticed something a bit weird. Members of Team Online were all over it, racing each other to give away large chunks of their winnings–albeit notional winnings. They were apparently unable to restrain themselves, promising to give away anything they won in the ninth anniversary $9 million guaranteed Sunday Million, now a little more than a week away.

See what I mean?

Then I noticed the email. Because it seems Team Online are going big on the Ninth Anniversary event with a special promotion that could make you a fortune.

What’s involved? Let me check.

In the course of the anniversary celebrations you can win up to a 10 per cent stake in one of 14 members of Team Pro Online who’ll be playing the event, hoping to take the top share of what will be an enormous prize pool.

All you have to do is pick a player (they’re listed below), enter that player’s PokerStars UserID as a star code, and sit tight. You can only do this once mind. This is strictly a one player to a player deal.

On making your choice you’ll be debited $11 and credited with a ticket for the same amount into the super satellite that takes place ahead of the Sunday Million at 14:20 ET on March 15. They’ll be 1,000 seats guaranteed to it’s a great opportunity to play in one of the online highlights of the year. Seriously, it’s not to be missed.

What’s more, and here’s where the contest element kicks in, you’ll get a ticket to the all-in shootout specific to the Team Member you selected. That’s what those tweets were about, because the prizes in the all-in shootout are pieces of that Team Online Pro’s action.

Still with me? Great.

So, if you win the all-in shootout for example, you’ll earn ten per cent of your Pro. Then all you have to do is hope to high-jiggedy that they do well, because should they win the Sunday Million, you could be in line for a big payday.


And hey, let’s not forget your own prospects when you qualify in the satellite. Don’t hurry to discount the dream scenario: you win it, beating the Team Online Pro you picked heads-up.

Getting back to reality for a second, here are all the details you’ll need, with a finishing place in the all-in shootout giving the following percentages.

First: 10%
Second: 8%
Third: 6%
Fourth: 3%
Fifth to eighth: 1%

And more importantly, the Star codes of the Team Members you can choose from.

Talonchick — @talonchick
nkeyno — @key_poker
GodlikeRoy — @roybhasin
Frosty012 — @frosty012
Xflixx — @xflixx
Frenchdawg — @MarcAndre_Fdawg
Katerina289 — @Katerina0289
LadyMace86 — @LadyMaCe86
Pessagno — @CaioPessagno
DaWarsaw — @DaWarsaw
Innerpsy — @innerpsy
Acoimbra — @andrebcoimbra
LukaSteel — @CoreySteel_
mement_mori — @mickeydp

How to enter a star code:

PS7: “Tools” -> “Star Codes”
PS6: “Account” -> “Enter Star Code”
iOS: ‘More’ → ‘Settings and tools’ → ‘Account’ → ‘Enter Star Code…’
Android: ‘Settings and tools’ → ‘Account’ → ‘Enter Star Code…’

Oh, and whether or not to qualify in the satellite, or if you win the shootout, if your Team Online Pro lasts longest on Sunday March 15, you’ll get your $11 back.

So get your selection made and clear your diary for a week Sunday. And good luck.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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