TCOOP 2017: vip25459 takes the title, Boeree finishes 5th in Event #25 ($700 NLHE Turbo, Prog. KO 50%)

January 22, 2017

Event #25 was a wild free-for-all with ever-growing targets and more than $1 million in prize money. A total of 1,733 players signed up for the $700 progressive knockout NLHE tournament and the entire $1,142,445 prize pool was collected and distributed in just six hours

Bounties and blinds kept rising and vip25459 was the only player left standing after the madness ended. vip25459 won the largest portion of both prize pools. Our champion won $87,078.33 for taking down the tournament and racked up $43,957.11 in bounties.

While vip25459 ended the tournament with the bounty lead, the Kazhakh player didn’t start the final table with the bounty lead or the chip lead. In fact, vip25459 hung back a bit at the final table, but then charged into the lead and busted four players in a row to take down the tournament.

The final table


The frenzy only picked up when players got down to the final table.

great dant busted out dpeters17 before the host was finished introducing players to the final table.

dpeters17 got the briefest of glimpses of the final table before a flashy orange K.O. ended it. dpeters17 became the first final table elimination and won $6,598.18 for finishing 9th.

Then Liv Boeree dealt a beat three hands later.

The Team Pro moved all-in from under the gun and shahter98 called all-in from her left. The rest of the table folded and shahter98 showed a dominating A♥K♣ to Boeree’s A♠9♥.

But the 6♥3♠9♦A♦7♦ board fell in Boeree’s favor and she doubled up to 2.3 million. shahter98 on the other hand finished 8th and won $9,230.04.

No slowing down

Chips kept flying back and forth and we lost another player after a small flurry of double ups.

Juliane was up to 1.9 million after having doubled up and moved all-in from under the gun. Action folded to the big blind and kleath called. kleath turned over 9♣9♠ while Juliane turned over A♣K♦.

The 9♥5♦7♦J♣4♦ board brought no ace or king, but it did bring a third 9 for kleath. Juliane won $12,718.78 for finishing 7th while kleath’s lead grew to 6.1 million.

But kleath lost that lead a few hands later. Boeree moved all-in with A♣Q♠ and kleath called with J♠J♦. The 8♣A♥8♠A♦10♣ board filled Boeree up and she took the lead with 7.5 million while kleath dropped to 2.7 million.

Up and down for Boeree

That lead dipped after Boeree doubled up a pair of players. First she moved all-in from under the gun with 10♦9♣ and WayneDaBang called with 5♥5♠. WayneDaBang hit a third five and doubled up to 2.1 million.

Then kleath moved all-in for 1.7 million from the button the following hand and Boeree called from the big blind. Boeree turned over Q♣6♥ while kleath showed A♦K♠. The lowly 5♣4♣9♣4♥5♦ board missed both players and kleath doubled to 3.7 million.

Another one down

Then the next hand brought our next elimination. Boeree and kleath sat that one out, but WayneDaBang jumped back into the frenzy with an under-the-gun all-in for 2.1 million. nadalon called all-in for 1.8 million and the rest of the table folded.

nadalon turned over A♥K♦ while WayneDaBang showed a dominated K♥th]. Once again, the dominated hand came out ahead. The board ran 5♥7♥8♣J♥Q♦ and WayneDaBang hit a flush. nadalon won $17,562.26 for finishing 6th while the WayneDaBang chipped up to 4.4 million.

Boeree busts


Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree

Then Boeree lost a pair of all-ins and her tournament life to vip25459.

vip25459 moved all-in for 1.7 million from under the gun and Boeree re-shoved for 4.7 million from the cutoff The rest of the table folded and we had another flip. vip25459 turned over A♦8♥ and Boeree tabled 5♣5♠.

The 9♥J♦9♠J♣7♥ board counterfeited Boeree’s pocket fives and vip25459 doubled to 3.9 million while Boeree dropped to 3.0 million.

Boeree then moved all-in from under the gun a few minutes later and vip25459 called from the big blind. Boeree showed A♥J♥, but it was no match for a dominated A♣2♦.

vip25459 hit two-pair on the flop of a 2♠9♣A♠4♣5♦ board and Boeree was out in 5th. Boeree won $24,150 while vip25459 chipped up to 5.2 million.

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The rise of vip25459

That was vip25459’s first elimination at the final table, but it was just the start. vip25459 took out every player after that.

First vip25459 took the lead and brought the tournament down to three players with a pair of queens. vip25459 raised to 560,000 from under the gun and WayneDaBang moved all-in 3.0 million from the small blind.

vip25459 turned over Q♠Q♣ and WayneDaBang showed A♠8♠. The Q♦J♠3♠3♦2♠ board hit both players incredibly hard, but WayneDaBang’s nut flush couldn’t top vip25459’s full house.

WayneDaBang won $33,279.49 for the 4th place finish while vip25459 took the lead with 7.8 million.

vip25459’s then got another pocket pair and another elimination. vip25459’s lead was up to 9.2 million and all those chips went all-in from the small blind. great dant called from the big blind and showed K♥4♠ to vip25459’s 6♠6♥. vip25459 didn’t hit a full house this time, but our champ did hit a set on the 6♦J♥10♥A♣K♣ board.

great dant won $45,858.49 for finishing 3rd while the tournament went heads-up.



vip25459 – 12,720,632
kleath – 4,609,638

kleath put up a fight.

First kleath evened things out with a double up. vip25459 raised to 720,000 and kleath moved all-in for 5.0 million. vip25459 called and showed A♠Q♥ to kleath’sQ♠J♣. vip25459 should’ve known better than to call with a dominating hand in this tournament.

The 3♣J♥5♥7♥Q♣ board brought kleath two pairs and the double up. vip25459 dropped to 7.2 million while kleath took the lead with 10.1 million.

But that lead was short-lived. vip25459 won back-to-back all-ins and took down the title.

vip25459 moved all-in for 7.2 million with K♥J♠ and kleath called with A♠4♥. The river of the 8♥7♠4♠Q♥J♣ board gave vip25459 the double up and 14.6 million while kleath dropped to 2.8 million.

vip25459 moved all-in with K♥9♦ the following hand and kleath called with A♦K♣. In a testament to the tournament, the dominated hand fell again.

The final board of the tournament read J♥7♦9♥3♥6♥ and vip25459 took it down. kleath won $63,192.07 for the 2nd place finish while vip25459 took the title and $87,078.33.

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TCOOP-25 ($700 NL Hold’em Turbo, Progressive KO 50%) results
Entrants: 1,733
Total prize pool: $1,152,445
Places paid: 197

1. vip25459 (Kazakhstan) $87,078.33 + $43,957.11 in bounties
2. kleath (Malta) $63,192.07 + $18,061.32 in bounties
3. great dant (Brazil) $45,858.49 + $16,633.93 in bounties
4. WayneDaBang (Netherlands) $33,279.49 + $15,270.18 in bounties
5. Liv Boeree (United Kingdom) $24,150.86 + $12,949.21 in bounties
6. nadalon (Mexico) $17,526.26 + $1,745.61 in bounties
7. Juliane (Denmark) $12,718.78 + $2,743.10 in bounties
8. shahter98 (Russia) $9,230.04 + $6,348.62 in bounties
9. dpeters17 (Canada) $6,698.18 + $6,946.08 in bounties


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