TCOOP 2017: pistecaloze runs through the final table in Event #50 ($215 NLHE Turbo, Ante Up, Prog. KO)

January 27, 2017

pistecaloze didn’t just win Event #50, our Dutch champion demolished it.

At the final table, pistecaloze eliminated every player except for one. pistecaloze finished the tournament with $8,085.89 in bounties while the closest contender, kuka1101 finished with $2,617.18. Aside from taking the largest portion of the bounty prize pool, pistecaloze won $17,264.42 for taking down the tournament.

A total of 1,061 players signed up for the $215 Ante Up Progressive KO (50%) tournament and they played down to a champion in just under eight hours.

The final table itself only lasted 33 minutes thanks to pistecaloze’s rampage.

The final table


Seat 1: jnfpoker – 541,856
Seat 2: NeedBeat – 1,661,275
Seat 3: 1stefanos1 – 1,516,351
Seat 4: 17neffetS_BR – 1,394,915
Seat 5: pistecaloze – 1,962,536
Seat 6: B1GF1SH89 – 282,226
Seat 7: Makuherra – 1,628,200
Seat 8: Craton76 – 799,346
Seat 9: jdtjpoker – 823,295

A few of our short stacks doubled up early on.

First Craton76 doubled to 1.78 million with A♥9♣ against Makuherra’s 9♠5♥. Then B1GF1SH89 doubled to 464,447 against pistecaloze’s K♥9♦.

Then pistecaloze got involved in another all-in with a different result. It would mark the dawn of the era of pistecaloze.

pistecaloze raised to 185,420 from middle position and jnfpoker called all-in for 176,826 from the small blind. jnfpoker turned over A♥4♥ and pistecaloze showed a dominating A♣Q♠. The 6♥Q♦4♠ flop paired both players, but pistecaloze’s queens were in the lead. A 6♣ came on the turn and a 2♥ completed the board.

jnfpoker won $1,438.66 for finishing 9th while pistecaloze chipped up to 2.89 million.

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Another double and bust for pistecaloze

Then B1GF1SH89 doubled up to 928,904 with A♥J♥ against pistecaloze’s 9♣4♠ the very next hand. pistecaloze dropped to 2.56 million but scored another elimination a few hands later.

pistecaloze raised to 168,756 and NeedBeat moved all-in for 1.03 million. pistecaloze called and we had another showdown. NeedBeat turned over K♠10♣ while pistecaloze tabled A♠K♦.

The board ran J♥3♦Q♠6♦4♦ and NeedBeat won $1,962.70 for finishing 8th while pistecaloze took an even larger lead with 4.08 million.

Another two for pistecaloze

pistecaloze’s reign of terror continued.

17neffetS_BR moved all-in for 576,923 from the button a few hands later and pistecaloze re-raised to 1.15 million from the small blind. The rest of the table folded and pistecaloze showed A♣Q♥ for a flip against 17neffetS_BR’s 6♣6♦.

The 8♦3♦3♥Q♦4♣ board brought pistecaloze a pair of queens and the elimination.

17neffetS_BR won $2,677.63 for the 7th place finish and pistecaloze’s stack grew to 5.16 million.

It only took another four hands for pistecaloze to knock out another player. pistecaloze raised to 185,000 from under the gun and jdtjpoker almost went all-in for 502,265 from the small blind. The bet left jdtjpoker with 3. Yes, 3.

pistecaloze raised and jdtjpoker called all-in.

jdtjpoker: A♥5♦
pistecaloze: A♣9♣

The board ran 9♦J♣4♥J♥8♣ and pistecaloze took another one out. jdtjpoker won $3,653.00 for the 6th place finish while pistecaloze went up to 6.21 million.

A rest

pistecaloze then doubled up a pair of players and someone else had the gall to eliminate a player from the final table.

It was 1stefanos1, who had coincidentally just doubled up through pistecaloze and then through Craton76. In that double up, 1stefanos1 had A♥J♥ and hit a flush on the flop against Craton76’s 7♣7♦ to leave Craton76 with just 108,433.

Craton76 moved all-in the following hand and 1stefanos1 re-raised all-in for 3.17 million from the small blind. The rest of the players folded and Craton76 showed Q♥7♣ to 1stefanos1’s A♣10♠.

1stefanos1 paired on the 10♦5♣9♣2♦6♣ board and became the only other player to score an elimination at the final table. Craton76 won $4,983.65 for finishing 5th while 1stefanos1’s stack grew to 3.56 million.

Back at it

That was enough of a rest for pistecaloze.

Our champion eliminated the next player the very next hand. pistecaloze moved all-in for 5.46 million from the small blind and B1GF1SH89 called all-in for 107,703 from the big blind.

pistecaloze: A♠K♥
B1GF1SH89: 9♥9♦

The board ran 5♣A♦3♥8♠2♠ and B1GF1SH89 won $6,799.01 for the 4th place finish while pistecaloze’s lead grew to 5.84 million.

pistecaloze already had a large lead, but turned it into a massive one after knocking out 1stefanos1.

pistecaloze raised to 138,450 from the button that hand and 1stefanos1 called from the big blind.

pistecaloze bet 254,545 on the K♠3♦A♣ flop and 1stefanos1 raised to 509,090. pistecaloze three-bet to 795,546 and 1stefanos1 called.

1stefanos1 checked when the 3♠ came on the turn and pistecaloze bet 489,457. 1stefanos1 called and a 6♦ completed the board. 1stefanos1 checked again and pistecaloze moved all-in.

1stefanos1 showed K♣J♥ for a pair of kings, but pistecaloze turned over A♠Q♦ for aces. 1stefanos1 got a $9,275.64 payday for finishing 3rd while pistecaloze started the heads-up match with a massive lead.

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pistecaloze – 8,344,524
Makuherra – 2,265,476

pistecaloze had a nearly four-to-one lead and the match didn’t last very long. pistecaloze raised to 109,457 and Makuherra re-raised to 488,371. pistecaloze moved all-in and Makuherra called.

pistecaloze: K♣J♥
Makuherra: A♦9♣

The final board of the tournament ran 4♥7♠10♦K♦3♣ and things were done. Makuherra won $12,654.40 for finishing 2nd while pistecaloze won the title and $17,264.42.

TCOOP-50 ($215 NL Hold’em, Turbo, Ante Up, Progressive KO) results
Entrants: 1,061
Total prize pool: $212,200.00
Places paid: 134

1. pistecaloze (Netherlands) $17,264.42 + 8,085.89 in bounties
2. Makuherra (Finland) $12,654.40 + $1,824.99 in bounties
3. 1stefanos1 (Romania) + $2,404.29 in bounties
4. B1GF1SH89 (Germany) + $1,146.87 in bounties
5. Craton76 (India) $4,983.56 + $2,464.84 in bounties
6. jdtjpoker (Mexico) $3,653.00 + $2,018.74 in bounties
7. 17neffetS_BR (Brazil) $2,677.63 + $1,451.56 in bounties
8. NeedBeat (Estonia) $1,962.70 + $2,353.90 in bounties
9. jnfpoker (Canada) $1,438.66 + $1,548.82 in bounties

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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