TCOOP 2017: maxv2 earns the max, wins $489K in $1,000 NLHE Main Event (#63)

January 29, 2017

A theme running through Turbo Championship of Online Poker is efficiency. The events get done ASAP, or PDQ if you prefer. And with big fields the winners recognize big paydays, too — big returns for their investments and what is usually an impressive hourly rate as well.

This year’s Main Event, a $1,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournament, well supported that theme. It took just six hours and 44 minutes to complete, with the winner — maxv2 of Costa Rica — earning an incredible $489,075.72 first prize after winning outright with no final-table deal having been made.

That’s better than 489 times the buy-in, and more than $72K per hour. In other words, maxv2 made the maximum out of this Sunday.


There was a whopping $2.5 million guarantee attached to the event, but once late registration concluded that mark had been eclipsed and then some. A total of 3,583 entries (including 530 re-entries) helped build a massive $3,412,377.54 prize pool with 395 places paid.

At the moment late regging ended, the field had already been reduced by more than half with the player named AAA.III.DDD. sitting atop the counts as the first to have spun the starting stack of 100,000 up over 1 million.

Within a half-hour the field had already been cut down under 1,000 as AAA.III.DDD. slipped from the top 20 and shahter98 moved up into the top spot, having cruised up over 2 million.  

By the tournament’s three-hour mark just 649 remained, with Cinguzis the new chip leader. Less than 45 minutes after that the money bubble had burst, and with 395 players left v0vapr0 had moved into first position with a stack approaching 4 million. 

At the four-hour mark just 196 remained. navebit83 was the frontrunner with over 7 million, and would still be on top with nearly 20 million about a half-hour after that as the field shrunk to less than 100. 

By the five-hour break just 39 remained, led by dartazzzz with almost 30 million, then a half-hour later just 18 were left gathered around the last two tables. 

Of the former leaders, shahter98 had missed the cash while AAA.III.DDD. (379th, $2,690.31) and navebit83 (21st, $12,985.12) both made the money. Meanwhile Cinguzis, v0vapr0 and dartazzzz were all still in the mix, while danh’s89 was in front with just under 50 million.

Manni1822 (18th) next fell, earning $12,985.12, then DeviesPro (17th), sauce3000 (16th), _qpuni$her_ (15th), and cantbeat (14th) followed to pick up $18,059.66 apiece. acemaKerface (13th), MrJovelli (12th), dartazzzz (11th), and laguna364 (10th) were then successively eliminated, cashing for $25,117.48 each.

The tournament was a little over six hours old, and with danh’s89 still leading with nearly 65 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas (Hungary) — 24,258,229 
Seat 2: Cinguzis (Latvia) — 48,094,624 
Seat 3: Varosky (United Kingdom) — 35,587,400 
Seat 4: danh’s89 (Malta) — 64,981,065 
Seat 5: (Germany) — 40,110,588 
Seat 6: Timonpoika (Finland) — 36,178,189 
Seat 7: v0vapr0 (Russia) — 55,696,880 
Seat 8: maxv2 (Costa Rica) — 24,989,550 
Seat 9: AzEsmTzar (Russia) — 28,403,475 

Varosky skedaddles in ninth

On the fifth hand of the final table, the blinds were 1.25M/2.5M when Varosky open-raised all in for 30,274,900 from the hijack seat and Timonpoika reraise-shoved from the small blind to isolate. 

Varoskyhad picked up an ace with A♥4♥ while Timonpoika had a big pocket pair with Q♥Q♠. The A♦9♣6♦ flop looked great to Varosky, as did the 4♣ turn card to make him two pair. But the Q♦ fell on the river to make a set for Timonpoika, and Varosky was out in ninth.

Cinguzis extinguished in eighth

Just two hands later, Cinguzis open-shoved from early position for 51,219,624 (a little over 20 big blinds), leader danh’s89 reraise-pushed from the next seat, and everyone else folded.

Cinguzis had drawn J♠J♥ but unforunately had run into danh’s89’s A♣A♥, and five cards later — 7♥10♥2♣3♦Q♠ — Cinguzis was on the rail in eighth.

omaha4rollz rolls out in seventh

Soon the blinds were 1.5M/3M when it folded around to Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas in the small blind who raised all in for 18,320,729 and danh’s89 called from the big blind. 

Bujtas — in fact the only player among the final nine who re-entered the event — had Q♠4♠ and needed to improve against the A♣8♥ of danh’s89. The board didn’t provide any such improvement, though, coming 2♥10♠6♦K♣K♥ to end the run of Bujtas in seventh.

It was a nice payday nonetheless for Bujtas, better than the one he earned at EPT12 Malta for winning a PLO side event.


Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas

AzEsmTzar zapped in sixth

Shortly after that hand AzEsmTzar was open-pushing from under the gun for 16,090,975 (a little over 4.5 BBs) and got one caller in v0vapr0 in the small blind.

AzEsmTzar held K♦Q♠ but was dominated by v0vapr0’s A♥Q♥. The community cards came 7♣4♦J♠7♦3♦, and AzEsmTzar was done in sixth. curbed in fifth

Next it was shoving from UTG for 51,626,176 (almost 15 BBs) and v0vapr0 was again the one calling, this time from the button. had a nice starting hand with A♠K♣, but v0vapr0 had a better one with A♣A♥. The board came 6♠4♦2♣K♦6♦, giving a pair but it wasn’t enough to avoid a fifth-place finish.

danh’s89 eighty-sixed in fourth

There was some chatbox talk about possibly discussing a deal, but the remaining four nonethless continued playing. They battled onward another eight minutes, with danh’s89 becoming the short stack and v0vapr0 moving up into the chip lead with more than 172 million.

danh’s89 had suffered a setback after a confrontation with eventual winner maxv2 — in retrospect a key hand, as it turned out.

maxv2 had been all in with 3♥3♣ versus danh’s89’s 7♥7♠, and after a 6♦8♦2♠ flop maxv2 appeared on the verge of being eliminated. But the turn brought the 3♦ to put maxv2 in front, and after the 8♣ river maxv2 had doubled while danh’s89 had fallen back.

Then with the blinds at 2.5M/5M, danh’s89 raised to 15 million from under the gun, Timonpoika reraise-pushed for 48,249,489 from the button, and after the blinds got out danh’s89 called with the 27,118,058 left behind.

Timonpoika had 10♠10♣ and danh’s89 A♣7♦. The board came 8♠Q♠2♣, then K♦, then 10♦, making a set for Timonpoika and leaving danh’s89 unimproved to go out in fourth.

v0vapr0 vanquished in third

There was nearly $1.1 million left to be divided among the last three spots. Play continued onward with a possible deal again being brought up, but nothing was pursued and the tournament was never paused. 

The blinds increased again to 3M/6M with maxv2 pushing out into the chip lead. Then v0vapr0 open-shoved for 91,016,706 from the small blind with A♥4♣ and maxv2 called from the big blind with A♦Q♦.

The board missed both players, coming J♠8♥6♣2♥7♣, and v0vapr0 was cashing for more than a quarter million dollars in third.

maxv2 takes out Timonpoika, wins Main Event

With that pot maxv2 had a big edge to start heads-up play with 265,383,382 versus Timonpoika’s 92,916,618. Timonpoika had just collected a TCOOP title a couple of days ago in Event #52 ($700 NLHE, Prog. KO), but would need to pick up some hands to catch up to maxv2.

They played five small hands with little change to the stacks, then came one that saw Timonpoika min-raise from the button to 12 million, maxv2 reraise all in, and Timonpoika call all in with the 73,416,618 left behind.

maxv2: 6♥6♠
Timonpoika: A♠Q♦

Timonpoika had two live cards, but neither the 9♣J♦4♦ flop nor the 7♣ turn hit either of them. Then came the river… the 6♦! maxv2 improved further to a set to win the last pot of the night, claiming every last one of the 358,300,000 chips in play to win.

Congratulations to maxv2 for outlasting everyone to earn close to half a million dollars from a $1K investment — in less than seven hours — and the 2017 TCOOP Main Event title!

TCOOP-63 ($1,000 NL Hold’em Main Event) results
Total entries: 3,583 (3,053 entries, 530 re-entries)
Prize pool: $3,412,377.54
Places paid: 395

1. maxv2 (Costa Rica) $489,075.72
2. Timonpoika (Finland) $351,648.23
3. v0vapr0 (Russia) $252,837.72
4. danh’s89 (Malta) $181,792.36
5. (Germany) $130,710.43
6. AzEsmTzar (Russia) $93,981.65
7. Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas (Hungary) $67,573.60
8. Cinguzis (Latvia) $48,585.77
9. Varosky(United Kingdom) $34,933.53

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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