TCOOP 2017: Kosei “shinbunshi” Ichinose triumphs in Event #53 ($215 H.O.R.S.E.)

January 28, 2017

A busy schedule of TCOOP events got going early Saturday as players saddled up for some mixed-game fun in Event #53, a H.O.R.S.E. tournament in which the games rotated between limit hold’em, Omaha hi/lo, razz, seven-card stud, and seven-card stud hi/lo.

The players got busy quickly, too, needing just five-and-a-half hours to determine a winner — Japan’s Kosei “shinbunshi” Ichinose who made off with $13,673.75 for the victory.


Kosei “shinbunshi” Ichinose

This $215 buy-in event sported a $25K guarantee, but with 374 total entries (including 79 re-entries) the prize pool came within one entry of tripling that, topping off at $74,800. The top 47 finishers got to split the money and after just over three-and-a-half hours the bubble burst with Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara sitting with the chip lead.

About 40 minutes later Kihara was still in but short with 16 players left, with Kosei “shinbunshi” Ichinose of having taken over the chip lead. 

Soon Zebhardy (16th) went out, earning $799.63, followed by Ti0373 (15th), Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara (14th), and redeste (13th), and Diamond8 (12th) each of whom picked up $991.57. @tetaschell (11th) and zilbeee (10th) were next to go, taking away $1,229.57 each, then recusant_89 followed (ninth) to earn $1,554.52.

The final table was underway, with ASIAAN having elevated to the top spot.


Seat 1: korjae (Canada) — 417,998
Seat 2: Kosei “shinbunshi” Ichinose (Japan) — 367,507
Seat 3: ASIAAN (Netherlands) — 642,859
Seat 4: Gigaloff (Russia) — 507,528
Seat 5: DON CASTI (Chile) — 451,561
Seat 6: Andrew “UlDuffer” Sweeney (Ireland) — 403,055
Seat 7: Pokergenii (Netherlands) — 459,948
Seat 8: Gambler4444 (Austria) — 489,544 

About 15 minutes after the final table began, they were playing seven-card stud when the first knockout occurred.

The limits were 50,000/100,000, and betting on third street saw Gigaloff and Gambler4444 going back and forth until Gigaloff put in a fourth bet and Gambler4444 called all in for not quite 200,000 total. Ultimately Gambler4444 would draw a pair of kings with (5♥Q♥) / K♥K♦9♠A♠ / (J♥) while Gigaloff would make a better two pair with (Q♦2♠) / Q♣9♦2♥7♥ / (4♣), ending Gambler4444’s run in eighth.

A short while later they’d moved on to seven-card stud hi/lo when Andrew “UlDuffer” Sweeney paid the bring-in with the 5♦ showing, korjae raised (to 60,000) with the A♠ up, Sweeney reraised, korjae reraised back to go all in for just over 151,000 and Sweeney called with just a little less behind. Here’s how the subsequent deal went:

UlDuffer: (5♥7♦) / 5♦6♥7♥9♦ / (2♣)
korjae (8♦2♠) / A♠4♠5♠10♥ / (Q♠)

Sweeney had two pair by fifth street but made no low. Meanwhile korjae rivered a flush for the high and made an 8-5-4-2-A for the low to scoop and knock Sweeney out in seventh.

A little over an orbit later they were playing limit hold’em when a short-stacked DON CASTI was all in from the big blind and Pokergenii raised from early position to scatter everyone else. DON CASTI had J♠8♥ while Pokergenii showed 6♥6♣, and five cards later — Q♠8♦2♣A♥6♦ — Pokergenii had a set and DON CASTI was on the rail in sixth.

Five players were still alive as the tournament crossed the five-hour mark, then a couple of minutes later ASIAAN, having become short-stacked, was almost all in before the flop during the Omaha hi/lo round versus both PokerGenii and korjae. After the first three cards came 9♦10♦2♠, it checked to ASIAAN who put the last few chips in and both opponents called, then they checked down the 7♣ turn and 10♥ river. 

No low hand was possible and when Pokergenii showed A♥8♠6♣4♥ first for a ten-high straight the other two mucked with ASIAAN exiting in fifth.

Five hands later the limits were 100,000/200,000 and the game was razz when Kosei “shinbunshi” Ichinose opened with a nine showing, Pokergenii raised with a deuce as a door card, and Ichinose called. Ichinose would lead with bets on each of the next three streets with Pokergenii calling each time, calling all in on sixth street. 

By then Ichinose had (A-4) / 9-3-8-A showing for a nine-low while Pokergenii had (7-5) / 2-T-8-Q for a ten-low. Ichinose got a king on seventh while Pokergenii could only pick up a pairing eight, and Pokergenii fell in fourth.

Just two hands later, third-street betting (in razz again) saw Gigaloff all in for almost 300,000 (three small bets) versus korjae. By the end Gigaloff had (7-8) / T-A-J-K / (A) for a jack-low while korjae managed to draw (9-A) / 6-2-8-9 / (5) for an eight to knock Gigaloff out in third.

With that pot Ichinose had a big chip edge to start heads-up play with 2,876,804 to korjae’s 863,196. The pair battled for a while with korjae all in on multiple occasions and surviving, then with the chips almost the same as when they began heads-up they decided to pause things to talk about a possible deal.

“ICM”-based numbers were provided, ensuring Ichinose $11,630.59, korjae $10,569.85, and leaving another $1,496 (the required minimum of 2 percent of the prize pool) to the side for which to play. korjae noted how the scheduled payout for second place was $10,022.69 and so decided against the deal, and play soon resumed.

It would only take one more hand for the tournament to be decided.

The game was limit hold’em, and Ichinose opened from the button with a raise to 400,000. korjae — who already has won a SCOOP before — three-bet to 600,000, Ichinose called, and the flop came 6♠K♦7♠. korjae led for 200,000, Ichinose raised, and korjae called all in with the 149,568 left behind.

korjae: 8♥3♥
shinbunshi: 10♥7♥

Ichinose had a leading pair of sevens, and after the 9♥ turn and 8♦ river had improved to a straight to win the final hand and a TCOOP title.
Congratulations to Kosei “shinbunshi” Ichinose who collects a nice $13,673.75 first prize for taking down Event #53.


Kosei “shinbunshi” Ichinose

TCOOP-53 ($215 H.O.R.S.E.) results
Total entries: 374 (295 entries, 79 re-entries)
Prize pool: $74,800
Places paid: 47

1. Kosei “shinbunshi” Ichinose (Japan) $13,673.75
2. korjae (Canada) $10,022.69
3. Gigaloff (Russia) $7,346.60
4. Pokergenii (Netherlands) $5,385.04
5. ASIAAN (Netherlands) $3,947.22
6. DON CASTI (Chile) $2,893.30
7. Andrew “UlDuffer” Sweeney (Ireland) $2,120.78
8. Gambler4444 (Austria) $1,554.52

There’s just one day left in this year’s Turbo Championship of Online Poker. It’s a big one, though, highlighted by the $1,000 NL Hold’em Main Event and its huge $2.5 million guarantee (Event #63). Visit the TCOOP home page for the complete skinny.

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