TCOOP 2017: Anywhat beat any and all challengers in Event #54 ($215 PLO, Heads-Up, Turbo)

January 28, 2017

Only nine heads-up PLO matches stood between any player and victory in Event #54.

It doesn’t sound like an easy feat and it wasn’t. Only one player out of the 350 that signed up for $215 tournament was able to do so. After nearly eight hours of heads up madness, Anywhat took down the title and $13,613.50 after striking a deal in the final match.

A total of 32 players got a slice of the $70,000 prize pool. Players that made it to round 5 would get a mincash of $770 while advancing to the next round guaranteed a payday of $1,470.00.

After that, the final eight made the payjump to $2,730.00.

Round of 8

Two of our matches lasted just three hands and finished a few seconds apart from each other.

PokerLoans1 was the first to go. Ahhh Is It? raised to 150 that hand, PokerLoans1 re-raised to 450 and Ahhh Is It? four-bet to 1,350. PokerLoans1 called and the flop came 5♣J♥Q♠. Ahhh Is It? bet 2,700 and PokerLoans moved all-in for 7,996.

Ahhh Is It? called with A♥A♠J♣8♠ while PokerLoans1 turned over J♠10♥9♣8♣. It was almost a perfect flip, but then an A♦ came on the turn to put Ahhh Is It? in the lead. A 6♥ on the river sealed the deal.

PokerLoans1 won $2,730 for finishing 8th while Ahhh Is It? became the first player to go on to the semifinals.

Anywhat then joined those ranks a few seconds later. Anywhat had raised to 150 and vessarn three-bet to 450. Anywhat called and the flop came J♦10♥3♠. vessarn bet 550 and Anywhat raised to 2,100. vessarn re-raised to 7,200 and Anywhat moved all-in. vessarn called and turned over A♣Q♣8♦5♥ to Anywhat’s J♥4♥10♦2♠.

A J♠ came on the turn to fill Anywhat up and a Q♦ completed the board. vessarn won $2,730.00 for finishing 7th and Anywhat went on to the next round.


The other two matches went on a lot longer.

ujhcrbq battled Mr.Andersen5 for nearly 45 minutes. The two players traded small pots and the lead bounced back-and-forth for a while until Mr.Andersen5 started pulling away.

Mr.Andersen5 won two pots worth about 2,400 each on the river. The first went to showdown while the seconded ended with ujhcrbq folding to the river bet.

ujhcrbq then dipped a bit further before moving all-in.

Mr.Andersen5 raised to 600 that hand and ujhcrbq made it 1,800. Mr.Andersen5 re-raised to 5,400 and ujhcrbq called all-in.

ujhcrbq turned over Q♦Q♥10♥3♥ while Mr.Andersen5 showed A♠A♦7♦6♣. The board ran 3♠2♠J♦6♥2♦ and Mr.Andersen5 passed on to the semifinals.

ujhcrbq won $2,730.00 for finishing 6th.

MadsMP was the last player to go.

karolukas263 called from the small blind about 10 minutes after ujhcrbq’s elimination and MadsMP raised to 3,000. karolukas263 called and MadsMP moved all-in for 4,232 after the 6♠5♣2♣ flop hit the board.

karolukas263 called and turned over A♠J♦7♣6♣ while MadsMP showed J♠9♣8♥7♥. karolukas263’s sixes were in the lead and were still the best hand after the Q♥ and 3♠ completed the board.

MadsMP won $2,730.00 for finishing 5th while karolukas263 won the last spot to the final four.



Ahhh Is It? and Anywhat both finished their quarterfinals opponent in three hands, but battled a bit longer in the semifinal.

It was still the first match to end though.

Ahhh Is It? had a small lead for most of the match while Anywhat would fight to take it back for a hand or two. Then it looked like Anywhat was starting to run away with the lead until Ahhh Is It? doubled up.

Ahhh Is It? was down to 5,383 and raised to 1,500 from the button. Anywhat called and the flop came 7♦9♣7♠. Ahhh Is It? bet 1,000 when checked to and Anywhat called. A 7♥ came on the turn and both players checked. A K♠ completed the board and Anywhat bet 5,000. Ahhh Is It? called all-in and took down the pot with K♥J♣3♠J♠ to Anywhat’s A♣9♥3♥2♠.

The hand put Ahhh Is It? up to 11,266 while Anywhat dropped to 8,734. But then Anywhat scored a double up a few hands later. Ahhh Is It? called from the button and Anywhat raised to 1,500. Ahhh Is It? made it 4,500 and Anywhat moved all-in for 7,734.

Ahhh Is It? called and showed A♦A♠7♠3♦ to Anywhat’s Q♠Q♥7♥3♠. Ahhh Is It? had aces, but Anywhat hit a set on the 4♦5♠Q♣ flop and a full house when the 5♣ came on the turn.

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Ahhh Is It? needed an ace on the river, but it brought a 2♠ instead. Anywhat doubled to 15,468 while Ahhh Is It? dipped to 4,532.

All those chips went in the following hand. Ahhh Is It? and Anywhat went all-in on a 2♦K♦A♣ flop and tabled their hands.

Ahhh Is It?: K♠J♥9♠9♦
Anywhat: K♣J♠4♠3♠

Both players had a pair of kings and a 2♥ came on the turn to chop the pot, but a 3♥ fell on the river to give Anywhat kings and threes.

Anywhat advanced to the final while Ahhh Is It? won $4,900.00 for finishing 4th.

The other match didn’t have any double ups and ended three minutes after Ahhh Is It?’s elimination.

karolukas263 started off the match with a slight lead, but it dipped as the match went on. karolukas263 claw back into the lead for a bit but spent most if it fluctuating between 6,000 and 9,000.

The blinds kept rising and karolukas263 kept dipping.

karolukas263 had been chipped down to 2,451 and went all-in preflop. Mr.Andersen5 called with Q♦9♦7♥6♦ while karolukas263 showed Q♣8♣5♥4♠.

The board ran 3♠K♦A♦J♦5♦ and Mr.Andersen5 took it down with a flush. karolukas263 won $4,900.00 for finishing 3rd while Mr.Andersen5 went on to the final.

The final match


Mr.Andersen5 – 10,000
Anywhat – 10,000

Just like every other match, players started with 10,000 chips. But this one was different, it was the last one.

Players decided to cut a deal early in the match and opted for an almost even split. Mr.Andersen5 was guaranteed $11,586.50 and Anywhat got $11,613.50 in the deal while $2,000 was left for the eventual champion.

The match didn’t last too much longer after players struck a deal.

Mr.Andersen5 called from the small blind and Anywhat raised to 300. Mr.Andersen5 called and the flop came 7♥3♣J♠. Anywhat bet 400, Mr.Andersen5 called and a Q♦ came on the turn. Mr.Andersen5 bet 1,200 and Anywhat raised to 5,000 and Mr.Andersen5 moved all-in for 7,792.

Anywhat called and turnd over Q♣J♣9♦9♠ to Mr.Andersen5’s 9♥7♠7♦3♠.

Mr.Andersen5 had a set of 7s while Anywhat was looking at queens and jacks. Mr.Andersen5 was a big favorite to win the hand, but a Q♥ came on the river to fill both players up.

Anywhat’s queens full of jacks was better than Mr.Andersen5’s sevens full of queens and the tournament came to an end.

Mr.Andersen5 won the agreed-upon $11,586.50 while Anywhat took the title and $13,613.50.

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TCOOP-54 ($215 PL Omaha, Turbo, Heads-Up) results
Entrants: 350
Total prize pool: $70,000
Places paid: 32

1. Anywhat (Austria) $13,613.50*
2. Mr.Andersen5 (Russia) $11,586.50*
3. karolukas263 (Lithuania) $4,900.00
4. Ahhh ls lt? (United Kingdom) $4,900.00
5. MadsMP (Denmark) $2,730.00
6. ujhcrbq (Russia) $2,730.00
7. vessarn (Sweden) $2,730.00
8. PokerLoans1 (Argentina) $2,730.00

*Denotes a two-way deal that left $2,000 for 1st place.


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