TCOOP 2017: Another win for Brazil! Machadada RS victorious in the Saturday Speedway SE Event #58 ($82 NL)

January 29, 2017

As the saying goes, “If you don’t eat yer meat…you can’t have any pudding!” Machadada RS earned enough money on Saturday Night, that the Brazilian can have a feast with various meats and pudding for the whole neighborhood.

Chalk up another victory for Brazil. Machadada RS overcame a heads-up deficit to win TCOOP Event #58 Saturday Speedway SE. This title marked at least 7 TCOOP crowns for Brazil. On the penultimate evening of TCOOP, Brazil moved in front of the Netherlands (6 wins) and Sweden (6 wins) for the country with the most TCOOP wins this series.

TCOOP Event #58 was truly a cosmopolitan affair with eight different countries and five continents represented among the final nine players. The final table also featured Chris Oliver, who was the runner up at the 2011 PCA Main Event in the Bahamas.

2017 TCOOP Event #58 attracted 4,003 total entries with 2,970 runners and additional 1,033 re-entries. The total prize pool of $300,225.00 doubled the $150,000 Guarantee. The top 476 places paid out with $42,932.55 set aside for the champion.

When the final table began, Machadada RS sat in seventh place overall and hovered in the back of the pack with the two shortest stacks. Machadada RS slowly crawled back into contention and won a key coin flip to climb out of the basement. Machadada RS survived an onslaught of eliminations but never held the chip lead until after heads-up began. Machadada RS trailed Australia’s Gymkhana1 over 3-1. They briefly flirted with chopping up the remaining money, but opted to play out to the finish with the original payouts.

Machadada RS worked some Brazilian magic to double up in two key consecutive hands. Machadada RS rocket into the top spot and never looked back. Machadada RS did not waste an opportunity to deliver a knockout blow and put Gymkhana1 away for good. Machadada RS is the newest TCOOP champion and earned a pay day worth nearly $43K.

With 18 to go on the final two tables, Brazil’s Machadada RS led with 5.2M. However, the pack caught up as the bubble approached. Gymkhana chipped up to first place on the final table bubble and took the lead with a stack in excess of 9.2M. With ten to go, CannaGrower1 got it all-in 7♥7♦ against Michael Keys’s A♠8♣. CannaGrower1 got smoked when Micahel Key’s flopped an Ace and turned two pair. CannaGrower1 bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


TCOOP Event #58 – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: adler1270 (3,751,102)
Seat 2: asgaran (2,091,159)
Seat 3: mih.mat (4,532,935)
Seat 4: ImDaNuts (3,961,880)
Seat 5: nana9192 (7,054,028)
Seat 6: Michael Keys (4,737,182)
Seat 7: Gymkhana1 (8,579,216)
Seat 8: kiev545 (2,307,103)
Seat 9: Machadada RS (3,015,395)

The final table commenced during Level 60 with blinds at 120K/240K and a 30K ante. Gymkhana1 sat atop the big stack with 8.5M, while asgaran and kiev545 both held short stacks worth 2M or so.

The most notable player at the final table was ImDaNuts. Chris ‘ImDaNuts’ Oliver is an American pro living in exile in Costa Rica. He won over $10 million combined live/online tournament earnings. Oliver was the runner up at the 2011 PCA Main Event in the Bahamas. His second-place finish was worth $1.8 million. He also crushed the virtual tables for $8.2M. He’s won over $6.5 million under the moniker ImDaNuts. His biggest online score was back in 2012 when he took second in the TCOOP Main Event for $285K. In 2012, he was the runner up in a SCOOP event that netted him $247K. At the 2013 SCOOP, Oliver finished third for a pay day worth nearly $176K. He’s made almost ten final tables in COOP events, but had never stepped into the winner’s circle.

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MOTHER: adler1270 eliminated in 9th place

The final table played out for six total hands before we were treated with fireworks. adler1270 opened to 700,000, Gymkhana1 bombed it all-in for 9,264,216, and adler1270 called all-in for 2,266,102. Gymkhana1 led with J♠J♦, but was racing against adler1270’s A♣Q♦. The board finished up 9♣5♠2♥9♠5♦ and pocket Jacks held up for Gymkhana1, who won the pot with a better two pair. Switzerland’s adler1270 became the first place to bust at the final table. Ninth place paid out $2,861.95.

HEY YOU: Michael Keys eliminated in 8th place

Eight handed did not last long until we saw another exit. Michael Keys opened to 650,000 and Machadada RS smooth-called from the big blind. The flop was 9♦7♥3♦. Machadada RS checked, Michael Keys fired out 790,000, Machadada RS check-raised all-in for 3,485,790, and Michael Keys called all-in for 2,446,787. Michael Keys trailed with 8♠8♥ against Machadada RS against J♥9♥. Machadada RS seized the lead on the flop. The turn was the 4♦ and the river was the K♣. Machadada RS won the pot with a pair of nines. Pocket Ochos were no good for Michael Keys. Chile’s Michael Keys busted in eighth place and took home $4,014.93

IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE: asgaran eliminated in 7th place

If you blinked, you missed this hand. mih.mat limped for 320,000, kiev545 limped for 320,000, asgaran raised all-in for 1,062,318 with K♥Q♥, mih.mat re-shoved for 2,672,935 with A♥A♣, and kiev545 folded. Heads-up. The board ran out 10♦5♦3♥6♥7♦. mih.mat’s pocket Aces held up to win the pot. Canada’s asgaran busted in seventh place, which paid out $5,632.37.


Chris Oliver at the 2011 PCA Main Event

BRING THE BOYS BACK HOME: ImDaNuts eliminated in 6th place

The final six did not stay a six pack before a short stack bowed out. kiev545 opened to 750,000 with A♦7♦ and ImDaNuts called all-in for 338,936 with J♦5♠. kiev545 hit the flop with two pair. That held up when the board finished up A♠K♦7♠5♦Q♥. kiev545 won the pot with Aces up. ImDaNuts a.k.a. Chris Oliver busted in sixth place, which paid out $7,901.38.

VERA: mih.mat eliminated in 5th place

Two hands later, another bustout. mih.mat open-shoved for 3,400,253 with 2♠2♣ and Gymkhana1 got it all-in with A♥Q♦. Coin flip. The borad finished up Q♣6♦6♥9♥7♠. Gymkhana1 won the pot with two pair — Queens and sixes. Romania’s mih.mat was picked off in fifth place. mih-mat earned a payday worth $11,084.48.

NOBODY’S HOME: nana9192 eliminated in 4th place

Another quick-fire bustout. That marked the second consecutive elimination and third inside of four hands. nana9192 open-shoved for 4,151,028, Gymkhana1 re-shoved for 22,585,571 and everyone else bailed. Gymkhana1 led with A♦ versus nana9192’s A♠K♥. The board ran out Q♠9♥2♠9♦8♣. Gymkhana1 won the pot with two pair. Aces held up. Big Slick was no good for Vietnam’s nana9192, who was dunzo in fourth place, which paid out $15,549.91.

With three remaining, Gymkhana1 led with 27.5M. Machadada RS was second with 9.7M and kiev545 was last with 2.8M.

COMFORTABLY NUMB: kiev545 eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed lasted only 5 hands. Gymkhana1 min-raised to 720,000 and kiev545 called. The flop was 5♠4♠3♦. Gymkhana1 fired out 787,500, kiev545 shoved all-in for 4,561,648, and Gymkhana1 called.

Gymkhana1: 7♠5♣
kiev545: Q♣2♥

The turn was the 6♣ and the river was the 10♥. Both players turned a straight. Gymkhana1 dragged the pot with a higher seven-high straight. kiev545’s six-hight straight was no good. The Aussie was knocked out in third place, which paid out $21,814.19.

HEADS-UP: Machadada RS (Brazil) vs. Gymkhana1(Australia)
Seat 7: Gymkhana1 (30,727,423)
Seat 9: Machadada RS (9,302,577)


The final two paused action to discuss a deal. Gymkhana1 led with 31.4M to 8.6M. Any deal had to leave $6.004.50 on the table for first place. The numbers were not floated before both players decided that was enough incentive to keep playing with the original payouts in place. No deal. Play resumed.

ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL: Gymkhana1 eliminated in 2nd place; Machadada RS wins Event #58!

Gymkhana1 was unable to manipulate a 3-1 edge. Gymkhana1 missed two huge chances to pick off Machadada RS. Instead, Machadada RS doubled up on consecutive hands as momentum swung the Brazilian’s way.

On the first hand, Machadada RS doubled up with A♠J♠ against Gymkhana1’s Q♦9♠. Machadada RS flopped a pair of Aces to stave off elimination. On the very next hand, Gymkhana1 missed another crucial opportunity to end the tournament. Instead, Machadada RS doubled up once again and seized the lead. Gymkhana1 bluffed at a pot with Q♣J♠ on a board of 5♠2♦2♥4♣5♦. Machadada RS snap-called on the river with J♦5♥ for a rivered full house. Machadada RS doubled up to 20.4M and escaped potential disaster. Machadada RS surged into the lead. Gymkhana1 never recovered.

Going into the final hand, Machadada RS opened up a lead 33.1M to 6.8M. Machadada RS limped, Gymkhana1 bombed it all-in for 6,822,542 and Machadada RS insta-called with pocket Queens.

Gymkhana1: 10♠9♥
Machadada RS: Q♣Q♠

The board ran out A♠6♣3♠J♣2♦. Machadada RS’s pocket Queens held up to win the pot. Gymkhana1 headed to the virtual rail in second place. Gymkhana1 earned a runner-up score worth $30,602.08.

Congrats to Brazil’s Machadada RS for winning the Saturday Speedway Special Edition and TCOOP Event #58. First place paid out $42,932.55. This marks at least seven TCOOPs for Brazil this series. Vamo!!!!


TCOOP-58 ($82 NL Hold’em [Saturday Speedway SE]) results
Total entries: 4,003 (2,970 entries; 1,033 re-entries)
Prize pool: $300,225.00
Places paid: 476

1. Machadada RS (Brazil) $42,932.55
2. Gymkhana1 (Australia) $30,602.08
3. kiev545 (Australia) $21,814.19
4. nana9192 (Vietnam) $15,549.91
5. mih.mat (Romania) $11,084.48
6. Chris ‘ImDaNuts’ Oliver (Costa Rica) $7,901.38
7. asgaran (Canada) $5,632.37
8. Michael Keys (Chile) $4,014.93
9. adler1270 (Switzerland) $2,861.95

Visit the TCOOP home page for a schedule of remaining events and find out who is in contention for Player of the Series.

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars.


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