TCOOP 2017: 1tuffcall wins one big tournament in Event #62 ($27 NLHE, Turbo)

January 29, 2017

1tuffcall got a massive ROI in Event #62.

A total of 14,003 players signed up for the $27 tournament and 1tuffcall won $81,906.84 for outlasting them all. That’s more than 3,000 times the buy-in. It was a long, multi-day battle though and 1tuffcall also faced a tough final table.

Throughout most of the final table, it looked like MD IACONI was on a path to victory. MD IACONI started the final table with the chip lead, eliminated several players and started the heads-up match with a nearly 4.5-to-1 chip lead. 1tuffcall doubled up a few times to take the lead, but dropped right back down after MD IACONI hit quads.

But 1tuffcall wasn’t about to give up. Our champion went on another double up streak and finished off the final opponent to take down the TCOOP title.

The final table


Seat 1: Grezi – 16,996,556
Seat 2: Mcrizel – 14,478,496
Seat 3: omahahaha88 – 59,909,793
Seat 4: gschge888 – 29,372,799
Seat 5: IVIegahit – 46,564,499
Seat 6: BodogAri – 73,019,989
Seat 7: 1tuffcall – 33,104,360
Seat 8: chipkeeper13 – 54,731,128
Seat 9: MD IACONI – 98,832,380

Our two short stacks doubled up before we got our first elimination. First Grezi doubled to 35.8 million with A♣4♠ against BodogAri’s J♦10♥. Grezi hit an ace on the flop and doubled while Bodog was left with 64.7 million.

chipkeeper13 raised to 5.6 million a few hands later and Mcrizel called from the big blind. The flop came K♠8♥5♦ and Mcrizel moved all-in for 4.6 million. chipkeeper13 called with Q♣J♠ and was drawing slim against Mcrizel’s K♦Q♥. A Q♦ came on the turn to leave chipkeeper13 drawing dead, and Mcrizel doubled to 24.9 million while chipkeeper13 dropped to 44.6 million.

Mcrizel then went all-in again two hands later.

BodogAri raised to 6.4 million from early position and Mcrizel moved all-in for 22.8 million from the button. The blinds called, BodogAri called and turned over K♠10♥ while Mcrizel’s turned over A♣Q♣.

The board ran 3♥8♣7♣J♥9♥ and BodogAri took the pot with a seven-to-jack straight. BodogAri chipped up to 92.0 million while Mcrizel finished 9th and won $6,641.04.

IVIegahit moved all-in for 34.5 million from under the gun a few hands later and gschge888, who had dipped to about 14.5 million, called all-in from the big blind. gschge888 turned over A♦7♣ and IVIegahit tabled K♥K♣.

The board was a lowly 10♥9♦8♥8♠7♠ and IVIegahit chipped up to 33.8 million while gschge888 won $9,316.22 for finishing 8th.

What goes around comes around

There were a few more double ups and BodogAri, who dealt the first elimination, tried to score one too. BodogAri moved all-in for 30.1 million from the small blind and 1tuffcall called from the big blind.

BodogAri turned over A♠6♣ and 1tuffcall showed K♣J♣.

The 7♥6♠4♦ flop paired BodogAri’s six, but a J♥ came on the river to give 1tuffcall the pot. 1tuffcall chipped up to 112.9 million while BodogAri finished 7th and won $13,069.06

It wasn’t an easy time for the early eliminators. BodogAri dealt the first elimination and then busted in 7th. IVIegahit dealt the second and fell in 6th.

IVIegahit moved all-in for 44.5 million that hand and MD IACONI called from the small blind. IVIegahit had A♠9♠ and was up against MD IACONI’s J♦J♥.

The 8♠10♦2♦4♥4♦ board missed both players and MD IACONI’s jacks took down the pot. IVIegahit finished 6th and won $18,333.78.

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More for MD IACONI

There was another double up and another elimination on behalf of MD IACONI.

In that double up, Grezi moved all-in for 68.7 million with A♣5♣ and omahahaha88 called with J♥J♠. The 6♥Q♥4♣Q♣7♣ board gave Grezi a runner-runner flush and the double up.

Grezi chipped up to 145.5 million while omahahaha88 dropped to 39.7 million. Then omahahaha88 dropped to 0 a few hands later.

omahahaha88 moved all-in for 37.8 million from under the gun and MD IACONI rejammed from the small blind. The big blind folded and MD IACONI showed a dominating A♦Q♠ to omahahaha88’s K♥Q♣.

omahahaha88 took the lead on the K♠8♣6♦ flop, but an A♣ came on the turn to give it back to MD IACONI. A 9♥ completed the board and MD IACONI chipped up to 145.5 million while omahahaha88 won $25,719.43 for finishing 5th.

Another dip and a bust for MD IACONI

MD IACONI then lost an all-in and doubled 1tuffcall up. MD IACONI’s A♥5♦ was dominated by 1tuffcall’s A♦6♥ and 1tuffcall hit a 6♦ on the river.

1tuffcall doubled to 79.3 million while MD IACONI dropped to 132.1 million. But MD IACONI back to eliminating the very next hand.

MD IACONI raised to 12 million from under the gun and chipkeeper13 moved all-in for 101.1 million. MD IACONI called with J♣J♠ and was flipping against chipkeeper13’s A♥K♦.

MD IACONI hit quads on the 9♥2♥J♥Q♦J♦ board and took a large lead with 238.4 million while chipkeeper13 was eliminated in 4th and won $36,080.29.


The final three players decided to make a deal.


1tuffcall – 90,994,960
MD IACONI – 219,892,592
Grezi – 116,122,448

Those numbers got plugged into the PokerStars Supercomputer and players were guaranteed the following:

1tuffcall: $60,940.84
Grezi: $63,792.21
MD IACONI: $75,567.62

Left for 1st: $20,966.00

1tuffcall dropped a bit further after the deal, but scored a double up to get back into the game. 1tuffcall moved all-in with 4♥4♠ and MD IACONI called with Q♣J♠. 1tuffcall hit a set of fours and doubled to 113.0 million while MD IACONI dropped to 208.9 million.

Then MD IACONI won the next all-in.

MD IACONI called from the small blind and Grezi moved all-in for 115.2 million. MD IACONI called and showed K♣Q♣ and Grezi tabled A♦9♣. The board ran Q♠8♦10♥9♠J♣ and MD IACONI hit a straight. Grezi won the agreed-upon $63,792.21 while MD IACONI took a massive lead.


MD IACONI – 350,015,040
1tuffcall – 76,994,960

1tuffcall scored two double ups early on to take the lead, but then our champion ran into quads.

MD IACONI raised to 16.3 million that hand and 1tuffcall called. The flop came 4♣5♥4♠ and MD IACONI bet 11.3 million. 1tuffcall moved all-in for 230 million and MD IACONI called all-in. 1tuffcall turned over 7♦5♥ for a pair of fives, but MD IACONI had flopped quad fours with 4♥4♦. 1tuffcall needed running fives, but the turn and river brought a J♦ and an A♦ instead.

1tuffcall dropped to 68.2 million while MD IACONI doubled to 358.8 million.

MD IACONI then moved all-in with 6♣9♠ and 1tuffcall called with K♦Q♠. 1tuffcall flopped a straight on the 10♦9♣J♠2♣3♠ board and doubled to 127.7 million.

1tuffcall raised to 16.0 million a few hands later and MD IACONI moved all-in for 257.4 million. 1tuffcall called with 10♦10♥ and MD IACONI showed 8♣6♣. The board ran J♥A♦3♦5♦8♦ and 1tuffcall doubled to 337.3 million while MD IACONI dropped to 89.7 million.

It all ended the following hand.

MD IACONI moved all-in with A♣J♣ and 1tuffcall called with K♠Q♦. 1tuffcall hit a king on the K♦9♥2♣9♦6♥ board and took down the tournament.

MD IACONI won $75,567.62 for finishing 2nd while 1tuffcall took the title and $81,906.84.

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TCOOP-62 ($27 NL Hold’em, Turbo) results
Entrants: 14,003
Total prize pool: $1,048,309.55
Places paid: 6,083

1. 1tuffcall (Canada) $81,906.84*
2. MD IACONI (Moldova) $75,567.62*
3. Grezi (Germany) $63,792.21*
4. chipkeeper13 (Greece) $36,080.29
5. omahahaha88 (Netherlands) $25,719.43
6. IVIegahit (Norway) $18,333.78
7. BodogAri (Canada) $13,069.06
8. gschge888 (Germany) $13,069.06
9. Mcrizel (Brazil) $6,641.04

*Denotes a three-way deal that left $20,966 for 1st.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PoekrStars Blog.


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