TCOOP 2016: Brazil Wins Another; Thi_cortes binks Hyper-Turbo 10-Stack Event #23 ($215 NL 6-Max)

January 25, 2016

Hyper-Turbos. It’s an instant adrenaline boost, like drinking a double shot of espresso… immediately after you downed a double shot of espresso.

Two-thirds of the field for Event #23 was liquidated in under an hour in this Hyper-Turbo format which included 3-minute levels. It this expedited environment, it took approximately 80 minutes to burst the money bubble, and the final table was set in 2:18. The entire tournament itself was completed in less than three hours, and would have been much faster if it were not for two different (and lengthy) deal discussions.

When the dust settled for this all out sprint for a TCOOP title, it was Thi_cortes from Brazil who stepped off the speedway as the victor in Event #23. Heading into the home stretch of the tournament, Thi_cortes emerged as one of the big stacks and defended the top spot for an impressive amount of time considering the fragility of the lead in the feisty and unpredictable short-handed, hyper-turbo habitat. Thi_cortes began the final table as the chip leader, but coughed it up several times. Even when it got heads-up, Thi_cortes squandered a lead but regained composure in time to launch a come-from-behind counterattack to win TCOOP Event #23.

2016 TCOOP Event #23 $215 NL 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, 10-Stack attracted 2,031 runners. The prize pool for this event was $428,134.80. The highly-popular event crushed the initial 200K Guarantee, which was impressive considering it was a Monday and not the weekend. The top 264 places got a cut of the prize pool with $67,432.48 set aside to the champion.

As the money bubble approached, Team Online Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen was in the Top 100 in chips and pokerjakup, from the Faroe Islands, was the chip leader with a 1.5M stack.

Eventually, mement_mori’s deep run ended in a three-way pot with A♦7♥ against guix2x’s 8♣7♣ and DJeka[MD]’s A♣9♥. Although mement_mori flopped a gutshot straight draw, he never improved and lost to guix2x’s two pair when the board ran out 10♠8♥6♦K♦10♣. Team Online mement_mori went busto in 73rd place, but cashed in another TCOOP event for $856.26.

With 45 to go, Brazil’s guix2x seized the lead and was closing in on 7M…before fellow Brazilian Thi_cortes nudged him out. The top spot was constantly changing on every hand it seemed before Thi_cortes tried to establish some semblance of stability up top for several levels. Thi_crotes became the first player to pass 10M, but Lithuiania’s daysleft7 took over the lead with 16 remaining on the final three tables. With 12 to go, Hungary’s steve3331 took a turn in the hot seat with 15M and Thi_cortes right behind with 13M.

Action was hand for-hand for seven remaining. Duim bubbled off the final table in seventh place with K♣9♣ against Thi_cortes’ A♦Q♥ in a 20M pot. The 6-max final table was set.


TCOOP 2016 – Event #23 Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: DJeka[MD] (19,431,626)
Seat 2: guix2x (12,238,665)
Seat 3: steve3331 (20,837,980)
Seat 4: Ce$ar$pa (6,189,046)
Seat 5: Thi_cortes (28,944,746)
Seat 6: FragdenInder (13,907,937)

The final table kicked off during Level 43 with blinds at 800K/1.6M and a 320K ante. Thi_cortes led with nearly 29M and Ce$ar$pa was the shorty with 6.1M. This was the second final table for DJeka[MD] this TCOOP. Hungary’s steve3331 had over $3M in career online earnings. Cesar “Ce$ar$pa” Garcia final tabled another COOP event…but he was still seeking a first COOP title. Thi_cortes had over $500K in online cashes, but the Brazilian was seeking his first major tournament score.

HOME: guix2x eliminated in 6th place

One orbit passed before we saw the first bustout. Battle of the blinds. Action folded to guix2x in the small blind, who shoved for 13,358,665 with 10♣7♣ and steve3331 called with A♥6♣. The board finished up J♠6♦3♠9♦5♠. steve333 faded a straight draw to win the pot with a pair of sixes. Brazil’s guix2x became the first player to exit the final table. Sixth place paid out $9,033.64.

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I CAN CHANGE: Ce$ar$pa eliminated in 5th place

Big-stacked steve3331 min-raised to 4M with A♠7♥ and Ce$ar$pa called all-in for 989,046 with 8♣2♥. The board ran out 5♦5♥3♣4♦9♥. Ce$ar$pa turned a straight draw, but never got there on the river. Ce$ar$pa failed to double up and was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $16,055.05.


With four to go, action was paused to discuss a deal. steve3331 led with 39.5M followed by Thi_cortes (35.5M), FragdenInder (13.7M), and DJeka[MD] (12.9M). They had to leave $4,000 on the table for first place, but the initial deal numbers were floated:

steve3331 ($50,731.79)
Thi_cortes ($49,402.71)
FragdenInder ($38,217.16)
DJeka[MD] ($37,466.19)

Three players quickly agreed to the deal, but chip leader steve3331 needed a little while longer to think about it. Considering the hyper-turbo format, any elongated deal discussion would eclipse the total time it took to play out the actual final table. After several minutes, steve3331 asked for $54K or $4K more which was quickly shot down. The other players counter-offered him only $1,440 more, but steve3331 took a long time to respond…but finally declined. Without a deal in place, action resumed. The negotiations took over 18 minutes…which in hyper-turbo times seemed like an eternity.

POW POW: FragdenInder eliminated in 4th place

Thi_cortes bombed it all-in for 32,064,746 with 7♥6♣ but FragdenInder called all-in for 19,787,937 with A♦Q♠. A seven on the turn sunk FragdenInder’s hopes of a TCOOP title. The board ran out K♣4♠2♥7♦9♠ and Thi_cortes came from behind to win the pot with a pair of sevens. Austria’s FragdenInder busted in fourth place, which paid out $24,617.75.

With three to go, Thi_cortes led with 55.4M.

DANCE YOURSELF CLEAN: steve3331 eliminated in 3rd place

After falling on hard times, short-stacked steve3331 open-shoved for 5,800,813 with 8♣7♥ and DJeka[MD] called with A♠J♦. The board ran out 9♦6♠2♥J♥A♦ and steve3331 failed to improve. Hungary’s steve3331 busted in third place, which paid out $37,461.79.

HEADS-UP: Thi_cortes (Brazil) vs. DJeka[MD] (Moldova)
Seat 1: DJeka[MD] (35,597,317)
Seat 5: Thi_cortes (65,952,683)

With two to go, Thi_cortes held nearly a 2-1 edge. But then again, it was a hyper-turbo event, so the two decided to look at a money chop.


The final two discussed a deal in one of the fastest negotiations in the history of online poker. DJeka[MD] trailed with 37.3M against Thi_cortes’ 64.2M. They had to leave $4,000 on the table, but the numbers were floated: Thi_cortes $58,604.86 and DJeka[MD] $55,133.45. With a deal locked in place, action resumed.

YOU WANTED A HIT: DJeka[MD] eliminated in second place; Thi_cortes wins Event #23

Thi_cortes won a couple of key hands in heads-up. On the first one, Thi_cortes avoided an elimination by doubling up with Q♦J♦ versus DJeka[MD]’s A♦4♥. That hand put Thi_cortes into the lead and momentum had shifted.

On the final hand… Thi_cortes min-raised to 20M and DJeka[MD] called all-in for 11,028,536.

DJeka[MD]: Q♠4♠
Thi_cortes: A♦3♠

The board ran out A♣J♠2♥J♣8♠. Thi_cortes won the pot with Aces up and sent DJeka[MD] to the rail in second place.

For a runner-up performance, DJeka[MD] earned $55,133.45.

Congrats to Brazil’s Thi_cortes for winning Event #23. First place paid out $62,604.86.

TCOOP-23 ($215 NL Hold’em, 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, 10-Stack) results
Entrants: 2,031
Total prize pool: $428,134.80
Places paid: 264

1. Thi_cortes (Brazil) $64,604.86 *
2. DJeka[MD] (Moldova) $55,133.45 *
3. steve3331 (Hungary) $37,461.79
4. FragdenInder (Austria) $24,617.75
5. Ce$ar$pa (United Kingdom) $16,055.05
6. guix2x (Brazil) $9,033.64

* Reflects the results of a 2-way deal that left $4,000 for the winner

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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