TCOOP 2015: Nr1InEurope is the funk master in Event #26 ($27 Stud)

January 27, 2015

James Brown is regarded as the Godfather of Soul. Seven-card Stud mirrors James Brown because when you get down to it, Stud is really the soul of poker. When you think about it, the “Poker Godfather of Soul” has a nice ring to it. Tonight, the hardest-working poker player in TCOOP was Ireland’s Nr1InEurope. Despite trailing 2-1 in chips with two to go, Nr1InEurope rallied to come from behind and overtake Camooon. It only took six hands to seize the lead, but on the seventh hand, Nr1InEurope delivered the knockout blow to become the newest TCOOP champion.

TCOOP Event #26 $27 Stud attracted 1,558 runners. This Stud event was a rare overlay in TCOOP, so the $50,000 Guarantee kicked in. The top 208 places paid out with $8,750.00 originally set aside to the champion.

With two tables to go and 18 players remaining in the hunt for the Stud title, the U.K.’s roscopiko and Russia’s tram-vai were vying for the top spot and both closing in on 1M in chips. With nine remaining, action went hand-for-hand. Nr1InEurope woke up with wired Aces and successfully picked off flong78. Alas, flong78 bubbled off the final table in ninth place, and Nr1InEurope advanced to the final eight as the chip leader.


TCOOP Event #26 – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: nherrego (645,444)
Seat 2: Nr1InEurope (2,258,941)
Seat 3: Pauli elTopo (552,856)
Seat 4: Camooon (1,406,808)
Seat 5: tram-vai (779,078)
Seat 6: Copie1690 (784,611)
Seat 7: Campucaa (764,198)
Seat 8: npomocc (598,064)

The final table commenced during Level 37 with stakes at 120K/240K and a 24K ante. On the final table bubble, Nr1InEurope surged to over 2.2M to take over the lead. Meanwhile, Pauli elTopo and npomocc were both holding onto short stacks. This final table had several players who made previous COOP final tables. For example… tram-vai took sixth in a 2011 WCOOP event, Copie1690 final tabled a 2010 SCOOP, and Pauli elTopo narrowly missed a TCOOP victory last year with a runner-up finish in Event #40 HORSE. In addition, Moldova’s npomocc won a SCOOP in 2011 and was seeking a second COOP title.

NIGHT TRAIN: Pauli elTopo eliminated in 8th place

The final table was seated for less than a full orbit before we saw one of the shorties make an exit. Betting was capped pre-flop when Pauli elTopo four-bet shoved for 628,856 with only 7♥ showing. Big-stacked Nr1InEurope called with 9♠. By seventh street, both players tabled:

Nr1InEurope: 9♦4♥9♠4♣A♥6♦6♠
Pauli elTopo: 10♠7♣7♥3♠K♠9♣5♣

Pauli elTopo had a pair of sevens on third street, but never improved. Nr1InEurope won the pot with two pair — nines and sixes. Germany’s Pauli elTopo became the first player knocked out at the final table. Eighth place paid out $500.00.

I GOT YOU (I FEEL GOOD): npomocc eliminated in 7th place

Another short stack bit the dust. Betting was capped on third street when npomocc four-bet shoved for 541,994 with K♣, and Copie1690 called with J♣ showing. By seventh street, both players tabled:

Copie1690: Q♦Q♠J♣J♦2♦5♥5♣
npomocc: 10♠K♦K♣5♠6♦4♦9♥

On third street, npomocc appeared to be in good shape with a pair of Kings versus Queens, but Copie1690 picked up two pair on fourth street… which held up to win the pot. For a seventh-place finish, Moldova’s npomocc took home $1,000.00.

MAKE IT FUNKY: nherrego eliminated in 6th place

The war of attrition continued when another short stack was sent to the rail. Belgium’s nherrego was all-in on third street for 157,444. The hand started out as a three-way with Copie1690 and Nr1InEurope, but Nr1InEurope bailed on fourth street. By the river, Copie1690 had taken out nherrego and won both the main pot and side pot with a pair of Queens versus nherrego’s paid of fours…

Copie1690: 9♣Q♦Q♣5♥10♦A♣K♠
nherrego: 4♥A♠K♣6♣8♣4♣5♦

For a sixth-place performance, nherrego earned $1,500.00. With five remaining, Copie1690 and Nr1InEurope were neck-and-neck with 2.4M, and tram-vai was treading water with 420K.

SUPER BAD: tram-vai eliminated in 5th place

Another short stack was cannibalized by the big stacks. On third street, tram-vai three-bet shoved for 294,028 with 5♥ showing and Campucaa called with 9♣. By seventh street, Campucaa emerged as the winner…

tram-vai: Q♣K♦5♥7♦8♣3♠J♣
Campucaa: 8♥Q♥9♣10♠9♥8♠2♠

tram-vai failed to improve beyond King-high and lost to Campucca’s two pair — nines and eights. Russia’s tram-vai busted in fifth place, which paid out $2,500.00.


With four remaining, action was paused to discuss a deal. The top three stacks — Nr1InEurope, Copie1690, Campucaa — and all had roughly 2.1M each, while Camooon was technically last with 1.4M. Chip chop numbers were floated. Campucaa wanted a little more money (approximately $100 from each player) and explained, “Sorry mate, otherwise I can’t deal. Have to feed my children. They want to go to McDonald’s tomorrow, you know.” Everyone agreed to the terms of a deal that left $1,000 on the table for first place plus… Campucaa ($5,754.31), Copie1690 ($5,728.23), Camooon ($5,057.45), and Nr1InEurope ($5,710.01). With a chop in place and McD’s on the agenda for Campucaa, action resumed.

COLD SWEAT: Campucaa eliminated in 4th place

Betting was capped on third street. Campucaa was all-in for 218,616 with J♠ against Nr1InEurope’s 6♦. By the river, both players tabled…

Nr1InEurope: A♥A♦6♦8♠K♦6♣8♣
Campucaa: 4♣Q♦J♠Q♣J♦6♥9♣

Campucaa was ahead on fifth street with two pair — Queens and Jacks. However, Nr1InEurope rivered a superior two pair, the legendary Dead Man’s Hand — Aces and Eights — to win the pot. For a fourth-place exit, Campucaa collected $5,754.31.

THE PAYBACK: Copie1690 eliminated in 3rd place

The fireworks occurred on fifth street with almost 3M in the pot. Copie1690 was ahead with (X-X)/K♣5♠3♦ versus Camooon’s (X-X)/10♦6♣7♦. Copie1690 moved all-in for 648,985 and Camooon called. At showdown…

Camooon: 10♥3♥10♦6♣7♦9♠K♠
Copie1690: A♠10♣K♣5♠3♦6♦4♦

Copie1690 failed to improve beyond a high-card Ace and Camooon dragged the pot with a pair of tens. For a third-place finish, Copie1690 earned $5,728.23.

HEADS-UP: Nr1InEurope (Ireland) vs. Camooon (Russia)
Seat 2: Nr1InEurope (2,339,783)
Seat 4: Camooon (5,450,217)

Camooon held over a 2-1 advantage, but Nr1InEurope won five out of the first six hands of heads-up play to take a slim lead. On the seventh hand… it was all over.

PAPA’S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG: Camooon eliminated in 2nd place; Nr1InEurope wins TCOOP Event #26!

On the seventh hand of heads-up, Nr1InEurope held a slight chip lead. On third street, Nr1InEurope had the bring in for 120,000 with 10♦ versus Camooon’s Q♥. Camooon raised to 400,000, Nr1InEurope re-raised to 800,000, and Camooon called.

On fourth street, Nr1InEurope trailed with (X-X)/10♦Q♣ against Camooon’s (X-X)/Q♥A♥. Camooon check-called 400,000.

On fifth street, Camooon’s (X-X)/Q♥A♥4♦ was ahead of Nr1InEurope’s [(X-X)/10♦Q♣5♣. Camooon checked, Nr1InEurope fired out 800,000, Camooon check-raised to 1.6M, and Nr1InEurope called.

On sixth street, Camooon’s (X-X)/Q♥A♥4♦J♣ was still ahead of Nr1InEurope’s [(X-X)/10♦Q♣5♣K♥. Camooon led out for 800,000, Nr1InEurope shoved for 1,219,783, and Camooon called all-in for 10,217. Camooon was ahead with a pair of Aces versus Queens, but Nr1InEurope held an open-ended straight draw.

By seventh street…

Nr1InEurope: Q♦J♦10♦Q♣5♣K♥A♣
Camooon: A♦8♣Q♥A♥4♦J♣9♦

Nr1InEurope rivered a Broadway straight to win the pot and ship the tournament.

For a tough runner-up performance, Camooon earned $5,057.45.

Congrats to Ireland’s Nr1InEurope for winning TCOOP Event #26. First place in this Stud event paid out $6,710.01.

TCOOP-26 $27 Stud (Turbo)
Entrants: 1,558
Prize Pool: $50,000.00
Places Paid: 208

1. Nr1InEurope (Ireland) $6,710.01 **
2. Camooon (Russia) $5,057.45 **
3. Copie1690 (United Kingdom) $5,728.23 **
4. Campucaa (Netherlands) $5,754.31 **
5. tram-vai (Russia) $2,500.00
6. nherrego (Belgium) $1,500.00
7. npomocc (Moldova) $1,000.00
8. Pauli elTopo (Germany) $500.00

** Denotes a deal among the final four players

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Pauly McGuire is an author and freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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