Tap Out or Bluff: Round 2

April 17, 2019inPoker

It’s the second day of Tap Out or Bluff. This is the contest in which you can win a trip to UFC 237 in Rio, Brazil, for the UFC experience of a lifetime.

We introduced how the contest works yesterday, but here’s a quick recap on how to play.

Today and tomorrow, we’ll be posting a Tap Out or Bluff video on social media (Twitter and Facebook in layman’s terms).

Each features a hand of poker with the action paused at the appropriate moment. What you then have to do is guess what happens next.

Will the player involved Tap Out (fold)? Or Bluff?

When you’ve decided, post your answer “Tap Out” or “Bluff” on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #UFCPokerStars, and including your [Stars ID].

We’ll reveal the answer tomorrow.

If you get it right, you’ll win a ticket to this Sunday’s UFC Social Media Freeroll.

The winner of that will win flights, accommodation, and tickets to both the weigh in and UFC 237 itself.

That’s not all we’re giving away.

They’ll be plenty of other cash prizes in the freeroll itself, as well as random Spin & Go tickets to those who guessed correctly.

And if you get it wrong this time around you have one more chance to enter tomorrow. So, check back then for another shot.

Here’s today’s Tap Out or Bluff hand. Good luck.



As always there are Terms and Conditions to remember. You can find those by clicking here.



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