Taking an early lead

January 20, 2006

Two of the tournament chip leaders, if not the tournament chip leaders, are sitting two seats away from each other on table 14. One of them you have already heard about – he goes by the name Pagano – but two to his left is Shek Chi Hung, slightly more of an enigma than Luca.

Shek Chi Hung: serving up chips on table 14

I intend to catch up with Shek when I get a chance, mainly to ask him a little bit about himself – then to find out how he calls a 6,000 bet on the river within the first hour of a €4,000 tournament with nothing more than a pair of nines. In an attempt to solve my first problem, I put “Shek Chi Hung” in Google and it seems as though he might own a restaurant in Copenhagen. Knowing the formidable reputation of restauranteurs around the poker table – and coupling that with the Scandinavian influence – we could have ourselves a player.

It might also explain that call. It was top pair, but there are about 130 other players in the room that might have mucked it. They, of course, wouldn’t be sitting behind about 33,000 chips. It was good – the opponent had missed a draw. Luca has his hands full.


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