Take flight with the latest throwable on PokerStars

November 02, 2020inPoker

You can pick up the latest throwable from today.

Interestingly this is one of those throwable you could recreate in real life too, if you wanted. Because it is a paper airplane, thrown directly into the face of your opponent.

And it’s about as easy to get your hands on as it is to make.

How do you get hold of this new throwable?


All you need to do is play 25 hands of 6+ poker.

That’s it.

25 hands of 6+ and the new throwable will appear along with all the others you’ve collected so far.

The new paper airplane throwable available from today

You can find plenty of 6+ games, at all levels of buy-in, in the PokerStars lobby.

And remember, if the idea of this is so dreadful you want to scream, you can turn off throwables in your settings. No one will ever know.



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