Super Tuesday: ros1987 goes from outhouse to penthouse

July 20, 2011

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While the 22 remaining players in the WSOP Main Event played their way down to the November Nine inside the Rio’s Amazon Room, 281 players gathered around computer screens across the globe for their own shot at poker fortune. The highest buy-in weekly tournament on PokerStars, this week’s Super Tuesday saw the prize pool nearly double its $150k guarantee, topping out at $281,000. 36 spots paid with first place set to earn $57,464,50– enough to travel to Sin City and play the Main Event for the next five years. Although many members of Team PokerStars Pro are still in the midst of wrapping up their WSOP or taking a well-deserved holiday, Stavros “IDOLLS” Kalfas, Juan Maceiras, Mattias De Muelder, and Fatima Moreira De Melo took a shot, but none of them finished in the money.

With ten players remaining, chipleader xEl_Weakyx took out short stack zwuerbs on a coinflip. With the blinds at 1,200/2,400, xEl_Weakyx opened for 4,800, 810ofclubs flat-called from the small blind, and zwuerbs squeezed all-in from the big blind for his last 35,624. xEl_Weakyx reshoved for more than 435,000 to isolate, chasing away 810ofclubs. Zwuerbs showed pocket sixes, but xEl_Weakyx’s A♥K♣ flopped a king and turned trips to send us to the final table.

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Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: 810ofclubs (147,835 in chips)
Seat 2: Flush_Entity (88,505 in chips)
Seat 3: Gerritss (79,693 in chips)
Seat 4: hp19xx (123,674 in chips)
Seat 5: mfutami (50,644 in chips)
Seat 6: gnat777 (44,919 in chips)
Seat 7: xEl_Weakyx (476,365 in chips)
Seat 8: ros1987 (40,354 in chips)
Seat 9: Ansgar2000 (353,011 in chips)

If you’re looking at this list and experiencing a bit of deja vu, you’re not alone. For the second week in a row the U.K.’s Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis made the Super Tuesday final table, continuing a remarkable month on PokerStars. On July 10, he won both the Sunday 500 and the Bigger $162 for a combined $78,000 and picked up another $11,300 two days later for his sixth-place finish in the Super Tuesday. As the kids like to say, “must be nice.”

Ansgar2000 immediately went on the offensive, tangling with fellow big stack xEl_Weakyx. Following an under-the-gun opening raise to 5,600 from xEl_Weakyx, Ansgar2000 three-bet to 13,565 from middle position and xEl_WeakyX made the call. xEl_Weakyx check-called Ansgar2000’s bets on the next three streets– 11,675 on the A♠5♥2♦ flop, 29,765 when the 9♦ hit the turn and 29,765 on the 7♥ river, the pot swelling to more than 270,000. Ansgar2000 showed A♣9♣ for top two and xEl_Weakyx mucked, surrendering the chip lead to the aggressive German.

Ansgar2000 did not let up on the gas pedal in the least. He picked up pocket aces to take a 104k pot off hp19xx, then made a cold four-bet to 47,465 after Gerritss opened for 6,575, gnat777 flat-called, and xEl_Weakyx squeezed from the button to 18,700. Gerritss shoved for 67,963, gnat77 and xEl_Weakyx folded and Ansgar2000 called, his pocket tens up against Gerritss’ pocket aces. Although the aces held through the turn on the Q♣J♣6♣6♦ board, Ansgar2000 spiked the 10♦ on the river to make a full house and sent Gerritss to the rail in ninth place. Ansgar2000 was up to 763,000 after the hand, good for more than half the chips in play.

Five hands later, Ansgar2000 scored another KO. This time he didn’t have to crack aces, he picked them up himself and opened for 6,880 from the cutoff. Hp19xx looked down at pocket eights in the small blind and shoved for his last 23 big blinds, Ansgar2000 making the call. There was no help for hp19xx on the king-high board and he departed in eighth place, earning $7,025.00 for his troubles.

Haven’t had enough of pocket aces? Only a few minutes later, the rockets were dealt again, this time 810ofclubs finding them in the small blind after xEl_Weakyx opened for 7,200. All the marbles went in preflop, xEl_Weakyx’s pocket kings up against the one hand he didn’t want to see. The board ran out J♠9♣4♣7♦5♣ leaving xEl_Weakyx on 140,000 while 810ofclubs doubled to 230,340.

Mfutami had hardly played a hand or won a pot at the final table, blinding all the way down to 19,294 before he found a hand he wanted to go with. From second position he open-shoved with A♥2♣ only to get called by 810ofclubs in the small blind with a dominating A♠J♠. Although both players flopped top pair, mfutami could not escape his kicker troubles, ending his run in seventh place for $9,835.00.

Minutes later gnat777 made a stand with Q♦J♣, three-bet shoving for 25 big blinds over 810ofclubs’ 7,500 opening raise. However, once again 810ofclubs had a monster hand, his Q♠Q♥ crushing the queen-jack on a nine-high board to send gnat777 to the rail in sixth. Only a few hands later 810ofclubs took another scalp, short-stacked Flush_Entity committing his last 17 big blinds preflop with pocket sixes. 810ofclubs called with A♥K♠, flopped a king and turned trips for good measure, spelling Flush_Entity’s elimination. Four hands after that, onetime chip leader xEl_Weakyx open-shoved for his last 21 big blinds from the small blind with Q♥10♦, but ran headlong into ros1987’s A♠Q♦ in the big blind. Ros1987 flopped an ace, the board running out A♦5♦8♥J♠4♣ to send xEl_Weakyx home in fourth place.

Although at one point it looked like Ansgar2000 would run away with this thing, he bluffed off almost 100,000 in chips to 810ofclubs in this hand, leaving them only 50,000 apart:

After giving up that pot, Ansgar2000 ran into even more trouble, doubling up ros1987. The two got their money in on a 5♦3♣2♠ flop, ros1987 with A♣A♠ for the overpair and wheel draw while Ansgar2000 showed 4♣4♦ for an open-ended straight draw. The turn and river bricked for Ansgar2000, falling the K♥ and the 7♥ to double ros1987’s stack to 500,000. The hand put all three remaining players relatively even in chips, Ansgar2000 with 443,000, 810ofclubs with 461,000 and ros1987 on half a million after entering the final table as the shortest stack.

If this final table had one game-changing pot, well this was it. See if you can follow this action. With the blinds up to 2,800/5,600, 810ofclubs was the initial raiser, opening to 11,200 on the button. Ros1987 smooth-called from the small blind and Ansgar2000 three-bet to 35,465 from the big blind. 810ofclubs came over the top for 68,200, ros1987 got out of the way and Ansgar2000 called. The flop was 9♠6♥2♣ and Ansgar2000 led out for 53,065. 810ofclubs raised to 111,700 and Ansgar2000 called. The turn paired the board with the 9♦ and Ansgar2000 fired again, making a small bet of 55,785 into the 350k+ pot. 810ofclubs made the call and they went to the river, which fell the A♣. Ansgar2000 pulled the trigger one more time, betting 137,645. 810ofclubs almost immediately raised all-in for 220,369 total and Ansgar2000 snap-folded, electing to save his last 107,000 while 810ofclubs raked in the 760,000 pot. On the very next deal, Ansgar shoved from the small blind with A♥10♣ and 810ofclubs called from the big blind with K♣9♣. A king hit the flop and Ansgar2000 could not catch an ace, departing in third for a $31,753 score.

810ofclubs held a 2 to 1 chip lead over ros1987 as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 1: 810ofclubs (951,048 in chips)
Seat 8: ros1987 (453,952 in chips)

After about twenty minutes of small pots, a preflop raising war broke out that ended with ros1987 five-bet shoving for 514,657 with pocket jacks. 810ofclubs made the call with A♣Q♠, over a million in chips going to the winner of this race. This time, the jacks held and the counts were reversed, ros1987 taking a huge lead while 810ofclubs slipped to 375,000.

The stacks were evened up again, however when ros1987 bluffed right into 810ofclubs’ trips in this 743k pot:

810ofclubs was one card away from shipping the win, only to have a two-outer drag the already-lengthy heads-up match out even further. Ros1987 four-bet shoved for his last 330,000 with pocket threes and 810ofclubs called with A♣10♦. 810ofclubs flopped an ace and turned a ten, but ros1987 pulled out a miracle, spiking his two-outer on the river when the 3♠ fell to make him a set. The counts were relatively even once again, but these two didn’t waste much time getting their stacks back in the middle. Ten hands later ros1987 four-bet shoved again, this time with A♠9♣ and 810ofclubs made the call with pocket nines. The flop came down A♦7♣10♠, ros1987 taking the lead as he paired his ace. 810ofclubs got a sweat on the turn when the 8♥ fell, giving him an open-ended straight draw, but he couldn’t pull the rabbit out of the hat this time. The river was the Q♠ and after entering the final table with only 17 big blinds, ros1987 came away with the win, adding $57,464.50 to his bankroll. For his runner-up finish, 810ofclubs collected $42,150.

Super Tuesday results for 7/19/11

1. ros1987 (Ireland) $57,464.50
2. 810ofclubs (United Kingdom) $42,150.00
3. Ansgar2000 (Germany) $31,753.00
4. xEl_Weakyx (Spain) $23,885.00
5. Flush_Entity (Canada) $16,298.00
6. gnat777 (Ukraine) $12,645.00
7. mfutami (Brazil) $9,835.00
8. hp19xx (Germany) $7,025.00
9. Gerritss (Netherlands) $5,339.00


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