Super Tuesday: goddy arthur sinks FireFaux in second for $77K win

December 28, 2016

Another year of weekly high-stakes action came to a close tonight with the final 2016 installment of the Super Tuesday. The field was loaded with accomplished players as usual, chasing one of the most prestigious tournament titles on the weekly PokerStars schedule. When heads-up play rolled around Rohid “FireFaux” Omari was still holding the chip lead he had taken to the final table, but his unheralded Brazilian opponent goddy arthur proved the value of good timing and eventually walked away with the last Super Tuesday title of the year.


This week’s field was up from last week, with 432 players turning out and building a $432,000 prize pool. The top 62 players cashed for at least $2,279.14 after damourinio was eliminated on the bubble five hours into the tournament. Another 90 minutes took the field down to 10 players, but a half-hour of bubble play came and went without a knockout, taking the players to the 8:55 p.m. ET break with the final table lineup still in question.

Another seven minutes passed after the break before WCOOP 2016 High Roller champ Phil “Grindation” McAllister min-raised on the button with A♥ J♠ and called all-in for 805K after FireFaux jammed from the small blind with K♠ Q♠. The J♣ 8♥ K♣ 5♦ K♦ board made three kings for FireFaux and sent Grindation the rail in 10th, setting up this week’s Super Tuesday final table:

Seat 1: Dmitriy “yurasov1990” Yurasov (1,853,618 in chips)
Seat 2: Kory “s00tedj0kers” Kilpatrick (214,229 in chips)
Seat 3: Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil (1,601,857 in chips)
Seat 4: Pimmss (1,221,721 in chips)
Seat 5: staanemer (651,723 in chips)
Seat 6: yutida (641,920 in chips)
Seat 7: Rohid “FireFaux” Omari (2,447,386 in chips)
Seat 8: degsy69 (1,269,003 in chips)
Seat 9: goddy arthur (898,543 in chips)

Super Tuesday 12-27-16 ft.jpg

The final table started with a game of short-stack musical chairs. Kory “s00tedj0kers” Kilpatrick, a two-time Super Tuesday finalist with SCOOP and WCOOP final table appearances in 2016, had just five big blinds’ worth of chips to start, but he doubled with 8♦ 8♥ in the big blind against three-time Super Tuesday finalist Dmitriy “yurasov1990” Yurasov’s J♦ 5♠ to move out of the basement. The new occupant, SCOOP 2015 finalist and MicroMillions II champion staanemer, then doubled with 10♣ 10♥ against goddy arthur’s 8♣ 8♦. And a few hands later goddy arthur’s Q♣ Q♥ held up against two-time Super Tuesday finalist Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil’s A♥ Q♠ to avoid elimination, and then yutida’s J♣ J♥ held up against staanemer’s A♣ 10♣.

staanemer tried a few hands later to replicate the other short stacks’ success, opening all-in for 491K in middle position with A♠ Q♦, and ended up heads-up with yurasov1990, who isolated with 9♦ 9♠ in the small blind. staanemer hit top pair on the 3♣ A♣ 9♥ flop, but yurasov1990 made middle set. The 4♠ turn and 7♥ river did nothing to bail staanemer out, and the German player left in ninth.

The next time he was on the button, takechip was dealt 4♠ 4♥ and opened all-in for 806K. Pimmss, a past Sunday Million finalist with three previous Super Tuesday final table appearances, folded in the small blind but yutida called with J♣ J♦ and 191K in chips left behind. The 6♦ 7♣ 3♦ flop gave takechip a gutshot draw to go with the two fours in the deck as outs, but the 9♣ and K♥ hit the turn and river and takechip left in eighth.

Three hands later the action folded around to the button and two-time WCOOP finalist and 2015 Tournament Leader Board contender Rohid “FireFaux” Omari, who had the players in both blinds covered, raised all-in with K♠ 8♠. degsy69 thought for a bit before calling with 10♣ 10♦, and goddy arthur folded 8♣ 8♦ face-up to leave the other two players heads-up. The flop of the 2♥ A♠ K♦ 4♠ 5♥ board did all the work, giving FireFaux a pair of kings to sink degsy69 in seventh.

Super Tuesday 12-27-16 ft six-handed.jpg

The most extreme short stacks had been knocked out now, leaving two players under 20 big blinds each, two more players just above 20 big blinds, and FireFaux with 100 big blinds. Ten minutes of small-pot poker passed before Pimmss left the first category, doubling to 1.7M with A♦ Q♥ after three-betting all-in over the top of yurasov1990’s 105K-chip opening bet with A♥ 10♣. The kickers played when both players improved to a pair of sevens on the 2♠ 5♥ 9♠ 7♦ 7♣ board, leaving yurasov1990 with 785K in chips.

An orbit later yurasov1990 called with A♦ 6♥ in the big blind after goddy arthur jammed in the small blind with A♠ 9♦. Neither player improved when the board came Q♥ 8♦ 5♣ 2♦ 7♥, giving goddy arthur the double to 1.4M and leaving yurasov1990 with just over one big blind’s worth of chips. That went in from the small blind on the next hand, but yurasov1990 mucked when goddy arthur showed down a winner, departing in sixth.

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goddy arthur survived a race with FireFaux two orbits later, doubling to 2.9M chips with A♠ K♥ after making two pair against FireFaux’s set of tens with 10♦ 10♣ on the A♣ K♠ 10♥ flop and then turning kings full of aces with the K♣. The 2♠ river made it official,leaving FireFaux in the lead and moving goddy arthur into second place.

Two hands later yutida called in the small blind with 8♣ 8♦ after s00tedj0kers jammed for 738K in the cutoff seat. His 2♦ 2♥ couldn’t find another deuce for a set on the J♦ 4♥ 5♠ 5♣ Q♦, knocking s00tedj0kers out in fifth.

Two orbits after that, with nobody holding less than 33 big blinds, FireFaux opened the action with a raise to 150K on the button and Pimmss called in the big blind, bringing a 6♠ 4♣ 6♦ flop. Pimmss checked and then raised to 361K after FireFaux bet 132K. FireFaux called that bet and another 362K on the 10♦ turn, bringing the 8♠ on the river. Pimmss dipped into the time bank for a bit before opening the action with an all-in bet of 1.1M. FireFaux quickly called and showed 6♣ 5♥ for three of a kind. Pimmss had A♣ 4♠ for two pair, sixes and fours, and left the tournament in fourth.

FireFaux now had a firm lead with 5.9M chips against yutida and goddy arthur, who both had less than 2.8M. Within a few hands those two would collide before the flop, with goddy arthur raising to 150K in the small blind with K♦ K♠ and then calling with yutida shoved for 2.2M with A♦ 10♥. The board came 7♣ J♣ 6♠ 9♣ 7♦, the kings held up, and yutida departed in third.

Super Tuesday 12-27-16 ft hu.jpg

That pot gave goddy arthur 4.9M chips, about 15 big blinds back from FireFaux, close enough for the two players to agree to talk over a deal. Between waiting for a translator to help the two players communicate and deal talks that eventually fell through, almost half an hour passed before they got back to the game. Almost immediately, goddy arthur began winning small pots without showdown and moved into a 10-big-blind lead – and when finally forced to show down a hand, it was runner-runner two pair with K♦ 7♠ in a min-raised pot.

That 1.1M-chip pot expanded goddy arthur’s lead to nearly 30 big blinds, but it was the last one the Brazilian player would win for the next six minutes. FireFaux went on a tear, winning the next 15 pots consecutively, including one worth 1.3M with K♥ K♣ when goddy arthur missed a double-gutshot draw but made enough of a hand – a pair of sevens with 7♥ 6♥ – to call one more bet on the turn.

goddy arthur stopped the bleeding with 2.9M chips left, though, and was back up to 3.7M when a decisive hand came about. The Brazilian player opened the action for 175K on the button, holding J♠ 8♦, and made it three bets all-in when FireFaux re-raised to 560K. FireFaux called with A♥ 10♠ and 3.2M chip left behind, a cushion which looked like unlikely to come into play after the K♥ 2♣ 6♦ flop and K♣ turn. But the J♣ river gave goddy arthur a pair of jacks and the 7.5M-chip pot, turning the game around in a flash.

FireFaux picked up about 10 big blinds over the next 18 hands before finding an optimal spot to get back in the game. Dealt A♥ A♠ on the button, FireFaux limped for 70K and then called when goddy arthur shoved all-in with K♣ 2♣. Already an underdog, goddy arthur fell further behind when the Q♥ J♦ A♦ flop gave FireFaux top set. The 7♣ turn had FireFaux on the verge of doubling back into the chip lead, but the 10♥ on the river made a Broadway straight for goddy arthur. The aces were sunk, and the tournament was complete.

The final Super Tuesday of 2016 ended with a bang, giving Rohid “FireFaux” Omari a $56,808 runner-up prize for a strong performance. Meanwhile, goddy arthur took down $77,501.16 and the coveted title of Super Tuesday champion for the win. Congratulations to both players for outlasting another tough field!

12/27/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 432
Total prize pool: $432,000
Places paid: 62

1. goddy arthur (Brazil) $77,501.16
2. Rohid “FireFaux” Omari (Canada) $56,808
3. yutida (Japan) $41,640.09
4. Pimmss (Netherlands) $30,522.05
5. Kory “s00tedj0kers” Kilpatrick (Costa Rica) $22,372.58
6. Dmitriy “yurasov1990” Yurasov (Belarus) $16,399.02
7. degsy69 (United Kingdom) $12,020.44
8. takechip (Canada) $8,810.94
9. staanemer (Germany) $6,458.35

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Jason Kirk is a Freelance Contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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