Super Tuesday: Gambler4444 gets win, chops with Jeff “stinger5158” Rossiter (6/2/15)

June 03, 2015

We’re used to seeing the Australian Jeff Rossiter at final tables, having watched him win the Asia Championship of Poker Warm-Up in 2012, win a couple of other European Poker Tour side events in London and Berlin, and go deep repeatedly on the APPT and EPT over the years. As “stinger5158” on PokerStars he’s made a lot of final tables as well, and was at one again tonight in the $1,050 buy-in Super Tuesday.

In fact, Rossiter would make it all of the way to heads-up where he’d enjoy the chip lead when cutting a deal with Gambler4444 of Austria. But after a brief battle between the two it would be Gambler4444 claiming the victory and a post-deal prize of $89,173.63, with Rossiter earning a cool $82,173.63 for a runner-up finish.


A total of 521 took part in the Super Tuesday this week, building a $521,000 prize pool that bested the event’s $400K guarantee. It would take about six hours for the money bubble to burst at 63 players, and soon after players began cashing it was Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford moving to the top of the counts while Team PokerStars Pro Online member Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen hovered just inside the top 10.

Petersen would stick around for about 45 minutes more before falling in 35th for a $2,865.50 cash. Over the next half-hour Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford would endure a similar slide down the counts to bust in 23rd for $3,126.

Not long after that they were down to 18, with Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson having moved to the top of the leaderboard with two tables left.

Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot (18th), hateblondies (17th), and Matt “ch0ppy” Kay (16th) were the next to fall, earning $4,168 apiece. LuisFigo1014 (15th), Jonathan “OMGjonyctt” Concepcion (14th), and Eddy “eddymaksoud” Maksoud (13th) followed, each picking up $5,210.

Then chikka21 was eliminated in 12th, followed by Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson who fell to finish 11th. Sashuha hit the rail after those two in 10th, with the three of them earning $6,252 each for not quite making the final table.

With nearly nine hours in the books and nine players left with chips, Gambler4444 was the new leader as the remaining players gathered around the last table of the night.


Seat 1: MO G Kush (Canada) — 92,962
Seat 2: Mads “roaden” Knudsen (Denmark) — 179,213
Seat 3: holy h3ll (Israel) — 496,748
Seat 4: BlackFourz (Mexico) — 252,959
Seat 5: Gambler4444 (Austria) — 638,187
Seat 6: Jeff “stinger5158” Rossiter (Australia) — 194,289
Seat 7: Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu (Germany) — 204,736
Seat 8: otitov (Russia) — 195,991
Seat 9: allucan3at (Argentina) — 349,915

About a half-hour into the final table, the blinds were 4,500/9,000 when allucan3at opened with an all-in push for just over 45,000 from middle position, then MO G Kush reraise-shoved from a seat over and everyone else got out of the way.

allucan3at showed 10♦9♠ while MO G Kush turned over A♣8♣. The board came Q♦8♦3♣8♠5♥ — trips for MO G Kush and a ninth-place finish for allucan3at.

Then about 10 minutes later it folded around to MO G Kush who shoved from the small blind for about 86,000 (about nine-and-a-half big blinds) and Mads “roaden” Knudsen called from the big blind. MO G Kush had Q♠J♥ and needed help versus Knudsen’s K♠9♠, but the nine-high board — 5♠7♦8♥8♣9♥ — didn’t bring it and MO G Kush was done in eighth.

The remaining seven all made it into the tournament’s 11th hour, then came a hand in which Jeff “stinger5158” Rossiter min-raised to 28,000 from early position, holy h3ll reraised to almost 81,000 from the small blind, then BlackFourz shoved all in for a little over 100,000 from the big blind. Rossiter then stepped aside, and holy h3ll called.

holy h3ll showed 9♣8♥ while BlackFourz had A♦Q♠. Alas for the latter, the board came 9♥8♠10♠7♥8♦ to make a full house for holy h3ll and knock BlackFourz out in seventh.

Just four hands later holy h3ll was raising 2x to 28,000 from UTG, Gambler4444 three-bet to 72,445 from one seat over, then otitov pushed fo 206,852 from the small blind. It folded all the way back to Gambler4444 who called and showed A♣6♣ while otitov had 9♣9♦. The 5♠7♥A♠ flop then hit Gambler4444, and after the 6♦ turn and 6♠ river otitov was done in sixth.

A little while after that Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu open-shoved for just over 260,000 (about 16 BBs) from the button with 6♥6♦ and holy h3ll called from the big blind with A♥J♣. A flop of K♠A♦9♠ paired holy h3ll’s ace, then the turn brought the J♠ and river the 8♥ to send Neu railward in fifth.


Matthias “goodvibe1” Neu
At the start of four-handed play it was Jeff “stinger5158” Rossiter leading with about 1.08 million, with holy h3ll next with about 678,000, Mads “roaden” Knudsen third with just over 519,000, and Gambler4444 last with almost exactly 332,000.

That group battled onward, then with the blinds up to 9,000/18,000 it was Knudsen raising to 39,600 from the small blind, holy h3ll three-betting to 106,785 from the big blind, Knudsen raising back making it 173,970 to go, holy h3ll shoving for 531,065 total, and Knudsen calling for just a little less.

roaden: A♦10♠
holy h3ll: A♥J♣

holy h3ll had Knudsen pipped, then the 3♥J♠2♣ flop made life worse for roaden. The K♦ turn and 5♥ river sealed it, and Knudsen was out in fourth.

A little later, though, holy h3ll was the short stack with just over 305,000, and a hand came up in which holy h3ll shoved that stack — then about 15 BBs’ worth — all in from the button with K♣5♦ and Jeff “stinger5158” Rossiter called from the big blind with A♦6♠. The board came 8♦4♠3♣3♥9♥, and holy h3ll’s Super Tuesday ended with a third-place finish.

The final pair played one small-pot hand, then stopped the proceedings to discuss a possible deal with Jeff “stinger5158” Rossiter in front with about 1.41 million to Gambler4444’s almost 1.19 million.


Jeff “stinger5158” Rossiter
They quickly agreed to an “ICM”-based chop — leaving $8K for which to play — and play resumed.

After a short while Gambler4444 drew nearly even with Rossiter, then a big preflop all-in situation saw Gambler4444 doubling up with 10♣10♠ versus Rossiter’s 5♦5♣ to take a commanding lead.

Then, almost 11 hours and 20 minutes after the tournament had begun, the final hand took place.

With the blinds at 12,500/25,000, Jeff “stinger5158” Rossiter open-pushed his last 86,038 from the button and Gambler4444 called. Rossiter had the edge with A♥4♠ versus Gambler4444’s Q♠6♠, but the flop brought a queen — coming 7♥3♥Q♣ — and Rossiter was suddenly drawing thin.

The turn was the K♥ and river the 8♣ and it was all over — Gambler4444 had won.

Congratulations to Gambler4444 for earning this week’s Super Tuesday title, and kudos as well to Jeff “stinger5158” Rossiter for making it to the heads-up deal to ensure himself a handsome payday as well.

6/2/15 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 521
Prize pool: $521,000.00
Places paid: 63

1. Gambler4444 (Austria) — $89,173.63*
2. Jeff “stinger5158” Rossiter (Australia) — $82,173.63*
3. holy h3ll (Israel) — $53,402.50
4. roaden (Denmark) — $40,638.00
5. goodvibe1 (Germany) — $28,655.00
6. otitov (Russia) — $22,142.50
7. BlackFourz (Mexico) — $16,932.50
8. MO G Kush (Canada) — $11,722.50
9. allucan3at (Argentina) — $8,648.60

*= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $8,000 in play for the winner

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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