Super Tuesday Brings Victory for dean23price after Sunday Million Second

March 03, 2010

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It was the second day of March. While some of us wondered how in the name of calendars and clocks we catapulted into the third month of 2010 already, online poker players had their eyes focused appropriately on The Super Tuesday, one of the most exciting poker tournaments of the week.

The no-limit hold’em tournament is a unique event held each Tuesday on PokerStars because of its high stakes, immense prize pool, and star-studded lineup. Its requirement of a $1,000 + $50 buy-in brings some of the greatest online poker players to the virtual felt, though satellites offer players of more modest bankrolls to win their seats at a fraction of the cost. And they all gather for the $250,000 guarantee. This week, a total of 390 players registered, which again surpassed the guarantee by more than a few bucks, as it landed at a solid $390,000. That allowed the last 45 players standing to be paid, but it would be the top seven players walking away with five-figure payouts.

As the tournament found its way to its last two tables, one name stood out as a representative of Team PokerStars Argentina. Veronica “Princesa” Dabul was playing a solid game and looking toward the final table when she faced a few bad beats to relegate her to the sidelines. The first happened when APowers1968 doubled through her with A-Q over Dabul’s A-K. On the very next hand, she put her last 10,807 chips at risk with K♦Q♥Q♣, but what looked like a potential chop went awry when the flop came 4♣2♣J♣. The board finished with A♦10♦ to eliminate Dabul in 18th place with $3,900.00 to show for it.

Veronica Dabul.JPG

Veronica Dabul at the recent LAPT Punta del Este

Play was quick for some time, that was until the actual final table approached and the money jumps became more significant. It ultimately took awhile to get there, but the 11th place elimination of mullaghorn took them to hand-for-hand play, which led to the all-in move from DonkCommited from the big blind. Original raiser dean23price made the call with Q♦Q♠, and DonkCommited showed A♦4♣. The latter took the lead on the 8♦5♥A♥ flop, but the Q♣ on the turn gave dean23price the set. The K♦ on the river ended the hand with DonkCommited out in tenth place with $5,850.00.

Sunday Million second place not good enough for dean23price

With that, the final table was set in the midst of Level 27, with blinds at 1,800 and 3,600 with a 450-chip ante. The starting counts and seat assignments were as follows:

Seat 1: dean23price (625,700 in chips)
Seat 2: jus2awsum (176,095 in chips)
Seat 3: jiacstrap (126,462 in chips)
Seat 4: oncommand (321,675 in chips)
Seat 5: danskemann (74,880 in chips)
Seat 6: JBurleson (88,057 in chips)
Seat 7: LUHMAN (217,750 in chips)
Seat 8: Pokerl)eviL (163,407 in chips)
Seat 9: Siervos (155,974 in chips)

Super Tuesday 03.02.10.JPG

The chip leader coming into the last stage of the tournament was dean23price, and that position was not unfamiliar. Only two evenings prior, dean23price took a significant chip lead to the final table of the Sunday Million and kept it through to heads-up play, where orionrg finally got the best of him and took down the title. Still eyeing the ultimate first place finish, dean23price undoubtedly had a victory in mind in The Super Tuesday.

Extending the lead to more than two-to-one over the rest of the players wasn’t easy, but dean23price made it happen. When short-stacked JBurleson pushed his last 58,157 chips all-in preflop with A♦Q♣, dean23price called with A♥J♥, which didn’t have great odds to win until the flop came J♦3♥9♥. The pair of jacks then held up through the showing of the 4♣ turn and 7♣ river cards. JBurleson exited in ninth place with $6,825.00, and dean23price sat comfortably atop the leaderboard.

Devilish deeds and double-ups

It was bound to happen that someone else would take the reins and gather some momentum at the table. That person happened to be Pokerl)evil, who decided to call the short-stacked all-in of danskemann. In fact, Pokerl)evil reraised all-in to prompt a fold from original raiser oncommand, which worked. Pokerl)evil showed 6♦6♥, which was up against the A♦9♠ of danskemann, and the racewas on until the board brought Q♦2♠K♣K♥4♠. That left danskemann out in eighth place with $9,360.00.

The next few rounds consisted of two of the short stacks making their moves and doubling up. Siervos doubled through LUHMAN, and jus2awsum did the same through oncommand. Both remained short as compared to the rest of the field, but they were far from out…

The name says it all

The next to move all-in from jiacstrap, who pushed for his last 101,212 with pocket kings. But Luhman looked down at pocket aces from the big blind and called. The board brought nothing of significance with 7♦4♥9♥Q♣Q♠, and jiacstrap was eliminated in seventh place with $13,260.00.

Beyond the million mark

With six players left, dean23price stayed in a dominant chip position and continued to aggressively use that lead to intimidate the shorter stacks.

The next key hand started innocently enough with Siervos raising and dean23price calling to see a 8♦5♥4♣ flop. But that prompted a bet from Siervos and much raising and reraising until Siervos finally called all-in for his last 81,720 chips with pocket queens. However, that overpair was no good against the pocket fives of dean23price that turned into a set on the flop. The rest of the board came 10♥K♠, and Siervos was gone in sixth place with $17,160.00.

Not long after, Pokerl)evil was able to double through LUHMAN with A-J over A-5, which put the latter player in a must-move position. Several hands later, LUHMAN pushed with 89,044 chips and pocket threes, and dean23price was there holding K♥Q♠. The board came 7♣9♣Q♥A♦2♣, and the flopped pair of queens was good enough to eliminate LUHMAN from the tournament in fifth place, which was worth $22,230.00 in prize money.

And that was when dean23price soared beyond the million-chip mark. And with a subsequent 200K-pot from jus2awsum, the stacks grew. In addition, the lead that dean23price held over the other three players was significant, as each of them possessed less than 300,000 in chips.

The command post

Fairly quiet until this point, it seemed time for oncommand to…well…take command. The first opportunity came when the short-stacked Pokerl)evil made a preflop reraise, so oncommand pushed all-in. Pokerl)evil called for his tournament life with A♦Q♣, and oncommand showed the pocket fours. The 8♣3♣4♦ flop gave oncommand the set, and the 7♥ turn and 8♠ river made that into a full house. Pokerl)evil was eliminated in fourth place with $32,175.00.

A short time later, oncommand got involved with jus2awsum to see a flop of 5♥5♠2♠. jus2awsum bet, but oncommand check-raised, and the two went back and forth until oncommand put his opponent to the ultimate test by pushing all-in. jus2awsum called for his tournament life with 6♠6♦, and the overpair was good against the 8♥7♥ of oncommand. But wait, there was a 7♦ on the turn to give oncommand the better two pair, and the Q♦ on the river ended the pain for jus2awsum, who took home $42,900.00 for the third place finish.

Only a win will do

Seat 1: dean23price (1,262,082 in chips)
Seat 4: oncommand (687,918 in chips)

Over the course of the first 13 hands, oncommand had nearly evened the chip stacks, climbing to almost 900,000 and chipping dean23price down to just a bit more than 1 million.

Add another few hands and some serious aggression on the part of oncommand, and the lead changed. dean23price lost the lead to his opponent.

But that didn’t last long. The thought of another deep run that resulted in a second place finish likely prompted the following hand.

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With that double-up, dean23price propelled himself back to a solid lead, while oncommand was relegated to a stack consisting of little more than 160,000 in chips.

It was only a short time before oncommand decided to push all-in for 150,346, and it was done with Q♥8♠. The call from dean23price came holding A♥5♣, and the board brought nothing of significance with its 3♣K♥6♥3♦10♠. That left oncommand with a second place finish and $56,550.00.

No more second places for dean23price. Only days after finishing second in the Sunday Million, dean23price claimed a prestigious victory in The Super Tuesday and was awarded $75,465.00 for it.

Super Tuesday Results for 03/02/10:

1st place: dean23price ($75,465.00)
2nd place: oncommand ($56,550.00)
3rd place: jus2awsum ($42,900.00)
4th place: Pokerl)evil ($32,175.00)
5th place: LUHMAN ($22,230.00)
6th place: Siervos ($17,160.00)
7th place: jiacstrap ($13,260.00)
8th place: danskemann ($9,360.00)
9th place: JBurleson ($6,825.00)

Tuesdays are fast becoming a must-play night for online poker on PokerStars. In addition to The Super Tuesday, Team Pro Tuesdays bring some of the world’s greatest players to the felt for the Outlast the Pro tournaments.


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