Super Tuesday: bauruzito chops heads-up with AdvancedFear, books $59K win

March 29, 2017

Brazil’s Renato “bauruzito” Valentim has a long and successful track record playing tournaments here at PokerStars. With more than $1.8 million in cashes over the last five years, including dozens of victories and a SCOOP-Medium win in 2016. Scattered among that record are a handful of cashes in the Super Tuesday, tops among them a seventh-place finish in December 2016. Tonight he topped not just those previous Super Tuesday cashes but all those years of previous results as well, chopping the money heads-up for more than $59,000 and earning a major title to go with it.


Renato “bauruzito” Valentim, this week’s Super Tuesday champ

This week’s Super Tuesday drew a field of 375 players, good for a $375,000 prize pool. It took just under six hours of play to reach the money when Sweden’s olala no busted in 54th place. Team Online’s Jaime “jaimestaples” Staples Twitch-streamed his way to a cash in 41st place, while last week’s champion Ivan Banic grabbed 33rd. Last week’s final table bubble man, Guntis “poker@luffyD” Aleskins, lasted to 16th, while March 7th finalist Kenny “SpaceyFCB” Hallaert held out to 13th.

The last player to go before the big money was another familiar face from recent Super Tuesdays. MuckCallOK, the eighth-place finisher in last week’s tournament (and a past Sunday Warm-Up champ), limped from the small blind with Q♣ Q♠ and then called all-in for 460K more after past WCOOP and TCOOP finalist Mads “MadsMP” Pedersen shoved in the big blind with A♠ J♣. The queens were sunk after the board came A♣ 8♣ 6♠ 5♥ 5♦, ending MuckCallOK’s run in 10th place and setting up this week’s final nine:

Seat 1: AdvancedFear (1,323,530 in chips)
Seat 2: Erland (386,336 in chips)
Seat 3: gottogive (535,904 in chips)
Seat 4: Renato “bauruzito” Valentim (1,229,879 in chips)
Seat 5: Mads “MadsMP” Pedersen (2,432,230 in chips)
Seat 6: kelseth (871,781 in chips)
Seat 7: Stivi Ger (983,348 in chips)
Seat 8: ramminn (967,122 in chips)
Seat 9: antispeed (644,870 in chips)

Super Tuesday 3-28-17 ft.jpg

The two-hour final table kicked off with Erland, a Sunday Million finalist way back in 2006, opening all-in for 383K in middle position with A♠ 10♠. The lone caller was bauruzito, who had A♥ Q♥ in the hole. The board ran out 8♠ 3♥ Q♦ 3♦ J♦, bauruzito’s pair of queens took the 835K-chip pot, and Erland became the table’s first casualty in ninth.

bauruzito maintained the momentum from that win, taking down five of the next seven pots to climb into second place with just over 2M chips. Another quarter-million found their way to the Brazilian before the break at the end of the hour, good for second place after a half-hour of play.

Three minutes after the break ended, past Super Tuesday finalist ramminn opened in the hijack seat with a min-raise to 70K, and only bauruzito called in the big blind. The Brazilian check-called 82K on the K♣ A♦ 5♠ flop, then led with an all-in bet when the 4♠ came on the turn. ramminn called all-in for 383K with K♦ Q♥ for a pair of kings and needed some help from the deck. The Q♠ made two pair for ramminn, but it also gave bauruzito a spade flush and the pot, sending ramminn to the rail in eighth.

Just three hands later Stivi Ger, who won the Super Tuesday heads-up against Fabrizio “SixthSenSe19” Gonzalez in November 2016, was in the small blind with J♦ 8♠ and opened the action all-in on a steal. In the big blind was antispeed, a WCOOP 2016 Thursday Thrill Special Edition winner who finished third in the Super Tuesday in 2016, who called and had the lead with A♣ 5♠. Then the J♣ 8♣ 6♣ flop came, making jacks and eights for Stivi Ger but leaving the rest of the clubs in the deck as outs for antispeed to make a flush. The 6♥ turn and 3♥ river didn’t do the trick, though, and antispeed left in seventh.

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The action folded to the small blind on the next hand, and AdvancedFear opened the action all-in with A♦ 6♣. gottogive called for 509K total in the big blind with A♠ 9♥ and immediately fell behind when AdvancdFear made a pair of sixes on the 5♠ 6♥ 2♠ flop. The Q♥ turn and J♦ river gave AdvancedFear the 1.04M-chip pot and left gottogive on the outside in sixth.

Just four hands later, AdvancedFear scored another knockout, this time from the big blind. kelseth opened the action for 80K on the button, which Stivi Ger, who held A♠ 8♣ in the small blind, responded to with an all-in bet of 1.2M. AdvancedFear re-raised to 2M, which chased off kelseth to leave the U.K. player heads-up with A♥ Q♦ and the advantage. Both players made a pair of aces on the J♠ 4♣ 7♥ A♣ 5♦ board, so AdvancedFear’s queen kicker broke the tie to claim the 2.5M-chip pot, bouncing Stivi Ger in fifth.

Super Tuesday 3-28-17 ft four-handed.jpg

After that brisk 10-minute stretch of knockouts took the table from eight players to four, AdvancedFear had the edge at 3.35M chips with the blinds and antes now up to 25K/50K/5K. bauruzito (2.67M) and MadsMP (2.63M) were both just under 12 big blinds behind, and kelseth was hanging on with 711K.

AdvancedFear took down two more big pots in the next 20 minutes – one for 1.32M without showdown on the river of a J♦ 6♣ 2♠ Q♥ 3♠ board, the other for 1.57M after flopping trip jacks with A♥ J♥. That was the only notable action before MadsMP got all-in with K♦ 10♥ in the big blind and beat AdvancedFear’s button-raising 10♠ 9♦ for 1.7M. Then kelseth picked up A♥ 3♣ on the button and jammed for 611K, which bauruzito called with A♦ 4♥ in the big blind. Both made two pair with a king kicker on the 5♠ 4♦ 5♦ 3♠ K♦ board, but bauruzito’s fives and fours took the pot to eliminate kelseth in fourth.

Ten minutes later the 12:55 a.m. ET break loomed when MadsMP opened for 126K with A♠ 5♠ on the button. AdvancedFear re-raised to 330K on the button, a bet MadsMP called to bring a 7♠ 3♣ 5♦ flop. AdvancedFear led for 240K and then called when MadsMP jammed for 1.08M, turning over 10♥ 10♠. MadsMP’s flopped pair of fives didn’t improve after the 4♥ turn or Q♠ river, knocking him out in third.

Super Tuesday 3-28-17 ft hu.jpg

That win gave AdvancedFear the edge with 6.45M chips to bauruzito’s 2.91M as heads-up play began. bauruzito was up for discussing numbers, but AdvancedFear wasn’t interested. After a half-hour of small pots and climbing blinds and antes, though, bauruzito had edged in front by a few big blinds, making a prospective deal more attractive. After 15 minutes of haggling they agreed to give AdvancedFear $6,500 more than bauruzito – the exact amount left on the table for the winner. It was a fitting agreement after the back and forth of a half-hour of small pots with the Super Tuesday title hanging in the balance, and it got the game back underway.

bauruzito got a boost on the first hand back after jamming all-in from the big blind over the top of AdvancedFear’s 2.1M-chip button raise. AdvancedFear folded with 2.35M chips behind, then raised the button again two hands later for 2.1M again. bauruzito raised all-in and AdvancedFear folded again, leaving 73K to work with. The U.K. player doubled up twice before getting all-in with J♠ 5♦ against bauruzito’s 6♥ 3♣. The river of the 9♦ K♠ 2♦ A♥ 3♠ board gave bauruzito the pair of treys that brought this tournament to its end.

The extra $6,500 on the table gave bauruzito a total prize of $59,505.34 – exactly the same as what AdvancedFear took as the runner-up. That’s almost triple bauruzito’s previous best score at PokerStars, an impressive feat for a player with a list of past cashes already totaling $1.8 million. Congratulations to both players on the chop and to bauruzito for grabbing a big title to go with that big resume!

3/28/17 Super Tuesday ($1,050 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 375
Total prize pool: $375,000
Places paid: 53

1. Renato “bauruzito” Valentim (Brazil) $59,505.34*
2. AdvancedFear (United Kingdom) $59,505.34*
3. Mads “MadsMP” Pedersen (Denmark) $36,999.93
4. kelseth (Netherlands) $27,168.82
5. Stivi Ger (Russia) $19,949.88
6. gottogive (Canada) $14,649.07
7. antispeed (Lebanon) $10,756.68
8. ramminn (Iceland) $7,898.58
9. Erland (Denmark) $5,799.86
* – denotes results of a heads-up deal leaving $6,500 for the winner

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Jason Kirk is a Freelance Contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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