Super Tuesday 5/1/12: I’amSound goes wire to wire, wins $87,506

May 01, 2012

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Being the first Tuesday in May, this edition of the PokerStars Super Tuesday will attempt to channel the spirit of a certain horserace running on the first Saturday in May. This week’s a field of 456 nominees, each putting up $1,050 dollars, create a purse of $456,000 to be passed out among the top 54 finishers with the winner expecting to earn over $87,000. Several notable players made the final table, but only one was the leader as Stefan “I’amSound” Huber never lost his chip lead to win in dominating fashion.

Fortunately, no players were harmed in the running of this tournament, although there may have been some crushing of souls.

Cashing contenders and Team PokerStars players

Popular selections such as Felipe “Improved” Montenengro (29th), TJ “1BigAceHole” Ulmer (33rd), Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald (43rd), Pascal “Pass_72” Lefrancois (45th), Chris “Moorman1” Moorman and Fabian “fabstinho” Quoss (50th) visited the pay window, but not collecting a desired final table seat.

Players sponsored by PokerStars had trouble making the money. Two players cashed as Team PokerStars Online players Diego “vgreen22” Brunelli (38th) and Anders “Donald” Berg (46th, below) earned a few bucks. They fared better than
Kevin “WizardOfAhhs” Thurman, Toni Judet, Andre Akkari, and Javier ‘El_Cañonero’ Dominguez as the red spade logo couldn’t guarantee a money-earning position.


Danijelamik late scratch, out in 10th place ($5,928.00)

There were ten hopefuls jockeying for a spot at the final table, but only nine seats available as hand-for-hand play began, taking just one hand. The blinds were at 2,000/4,000 with an ante of 500 as Stefan “I’amSound” Huber opened with a min-raise holding A♠K♠. In the big blind, danijelamik moved in from the big blind with 6♣6♠, and it appeared to be a head-bobbing finish. However, the flop was K♥8♣2♣ as I’amSound moved clear. That lead was extended with the 5♥ turn and A♣ river sending danijelamik off to the paddock just short of making the final table.

Here’s how the field was positioned when the final table starting gate was released:

5-1-2012 Super Tuesday final table.JPG

Seat 1: pokerpro_kk1 (248,563 in chips)
Seat 2: RLOG (267,958 in chips)
Seat 3: tonkaaaa (350,306 in chips)
Seat 4: UT99PL/YER (208,086 in chips)
Seat 5: Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski (154,864 in chips)
Seat 6: Don Marato (330,073 in chips)
Seat 7: Stefan “I’am_Sound” Huber (408,176 in chips)
Seat 8: Greg” gregior” Howard (110,916 in chips)
Seat 9: Marvin “Ron Jovi 7” Rettenmaier (201,058 in chips)

Several known players and some outsiders looking for a major score, how will it turn out?

Tonkaaaa starts fast, falls back to 9th ($7,569.60)

Starting the final table second in chips, tonkaaaa surely expected to be around a while and finish in the trifecta. Sometimes, you lose the irons and drift to the back. It also doesn’t help when you lose coinflips, which is what happened to tonkaaaa. Losing most of their chips when RLOG’s A-K outflopped their queens, tonkaaaa tried to get them back a few hands later against I’amSound. The blinds were now 2,400/4,800 with an ante of 600 as tonkaaaa min-raised to 4,800 with A♥J♥. Holding 2♠2♥, I’amSound re-raised to put tonkaaaa all-in, calling with their remaining 122,000 chips. Another neck-and-neck battle was quickly dashed on the flop: J♣3♥2♦, giving I’amSound a set versions tonkaaaa’s top-top. The turn was the 8♣, ending any drama leaving the record to show the 4♦ fell on the river.

Gregior’s ticket cancelled in 8th ($10,260.00)

Greg “gregior” Howard was a long shot to win tonight’s Super Tuesday, starting last in chips. Finding A♥J♥ on the button and a raise from p0cket00 was worthy of going all-in for their last 121,000 chips. The problem was p0cket00 had the better hand, calling with A♦K♦. The board ran out 4♥2♦2♣9♦ 3♣, meaning Howard would have to wait a little longer to claim a 2nd Super Tuesday title (his first win was back in 2008).

UT99PL/YER mad at Marvin, dispatched in 7th ($14,820.00)

Marvin “Ron Jovi 7” Rettenamier already earned a hefty score in a side event during the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo and was hoping to add an online score to his quest for cash. His stack enjoyed a healthy boost after eliminating UT99PL/ER. Play was now at 2,800/5,600 with a 700 ante as I’amSound limped, Rettenamier re-raised to 12,680. UT99PL/YER cold four-bet shoved for over 171,000 with 6♦6♣. I’amSound folded, but Rettenmaier couldn’t find a fold when he held K♣K♠. It was a match race between a champion racehorse and a bottom-level claimer as the board runs out 9♥ 7♦ 3♥ 5♥ Q♣ leaving six runners to pick from to determine a winner.

No tomorrow for Don Morato, out in 6th ($19,380.00)

Stefan “I’amSound” Huber moved out to a widening lead as the other five players held back hoping for a stumble. But a pair of river cards in big spots would turn this competition from a competition into a near-walkover in spectacular fashion. The blinds were now 3,200/6,400 with an 800 ante as Don Morato took their shot at overtaking the leader.

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The dreaded counterfeit moves Huber to over one million chips, almost as many as the other four players combined.

Rettenmaier steaming after Huber rivers again, finishing 5th ($25,536.00)

More fun on the river for Huber, as he flushes away Marvin “Ron Jovi 7” Rettenmaier’s chance for a live/online double this week. The blinds were now 3,600/7,200 with a 900 ante as this hand played out:

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The chip counts would be as follows going into the last half of the tournament:

RLOG: 317,905
pokerpro_kk1: 165,787
p0cket00: 144,515

The standings would give you the impression Stefan “I’amSound” Huber was moving like a tremendous machine, like Secretariat. Would someone make a Silky Sullivan-type comeback from the clouds to overtake Huber?

Pokerpro_kk1 rolled by RLOG, to the rail in 4th ($36,480.00)

While Huber was padding his stack, the other three were battling for the minor placings. Blinds are now 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante as pokerpro_kk1 min-raised as RLOG set the Brazilian all in for their last 162,000 chips. Cards were on their backs as pokerpro_kk1 held the lead with A♠10♣ against RLOG’s K♦8♦. The door card on the flop was the K♠, followed by the 10♥ and 9♣ giving both players a pair. The 7♥ turn and river helped neither player, which was fine for RLOG, establishing a solid second place with three players left.

I’amSound silences RLOG in 3rd ($47,880.00)

The odds gave the appearance it would be I’amSound and RLOG in the exacta, but p0cket00, a winner of the first Super Tuesday of 2011, had other ideas. P0cket00 was able to double through I’amSound, then eventually took 2nd place from RLOG with pocket queens v. A-8. Holding less than 20 big blinds at 4,500/9,000 with a 1,125 ante, that wouldn’t stop a five-bet raising war on the flop versus I’amSound in RLOG’s final hand:

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P0cket00 humbled by Huber, runner-up for $64,980.00

No need to extend the drama, Stefan “I’amSound” Huber held an over 6-1 heads-up lead and wasn’t easing down as the wire approached. Sebastian “p0cket00” Sigorski would only win two hands in their battle, with the final hand starting with the deficit now 10-1 in favor of Huber. A min-raise from the small blind by Huber induced a shove for the last 193,000 chips in the stack of Sigorski, none too pleased to see their J♥10♥ dominated by Huber’s A♠J♦. The flop came A♥K♥7♦, giving Sigorski a flush draw, a straight draw and a royal flush draw. The K♦ was the right color, if players were using a two-color deck, but the K♠ on the river gave Huber an unnecessary full house, which was good for a boost of their account by $87,506.40. Sigorski “settles” for $64,980.00 for the second place finish.

Congrats to Stefan Huber, winning tonight’s Super Tuesday like a front-runner should.

May 1, 2012 Super Tuesday final table results:

1st: Stefan “I’amSound” Huber – $87,506.40
2nd: Sebastian “p0cket00” Sigorski – $64,980.00
3rd: RLOG – $47,880.00
4th: pokerpro_kk1 – $36,480.00
5th: Marvin “Ron Jovi 7” Rettenmaier – $25,536.00
6th: Don Marato – $19,380.00
7th: UT99PL/YER – $14,820.00
8th: Greg “gregior” Howard – $10,260.00
9th: tonkaaa – $7,569.60

A note for Super Tuesday fans: the tournament will not be held for the next two weeks as the SCOOP tournament series will take over in its place. Forty tournaments, each with three separate buy-ins, will give players plenty to chew on from May 6th through May 20th.


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