Sunday Warm-Up: A smurfalicious $92K win for smurfen22

October 13, 2013

After reading the title, please do not blame the author if the Smurfs theme song starts dancing through your head. Tonight’s $500,000 guaranteed Sunday Warm-Up saw Norway’s smurfen22 take a smurftacular $92,821.80 away after chopping up the funds three-way with SCOOP champ OverTheTop43 and BitterAce12. Read on and hopefully the “la la la-la la la” in your head will go away before trying to get to sleep.

Team Pro Christian “el grillo” de León recently made day two finishing in 48th place of the LAPT Panama main event tonight he would bank a small amount in a lot less time in 402nd place ($323.38). Expected father-to-be Team Pro Jake Cody added some funds for the future child’s college fund in 194th place ($562.40).

Big_Nemo, the little fish that’s not fish here at PokerStars, as one wrist holds a 2011 WCOOP bracelet and the other a SCOOP watch also won in 2011 rolled into the ninth hour of play with 16 other players looking for a Sunday Major title.

It would take all the way until the 80K/160K ante 16K level before the wall to the final table was finally broken and Big_Nemo would swim closer to adding that Sunday Major title. On the final table bubble shortstacked mni128 would push from the cutoff seat for 576,417 as YaaGy on the button re-shoved for 1.77 million holding pocket jacks J♠J♦. Despite hitting top pair on the flop with big slick K♦A♦, mni128 would exit the tournament in tenth place courtesy of the jack sitting next to the king 6♠ K♠ J♥ 7♣ 4♦ starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: smurfen22 (5056076 in chips)
Seat 2: Farzinem (7662508 in chips)
Seat 3: YaaGy (2671053 in chips)
Seat 4: pokie75 (1904006 in chips)
Seat 5: BitterAce12 (2606857 in chips)
Seat 6: OverTheTop43 (2149524 in chips)
Seat 7: Jysky11 (1028400 in chips)
Seat 8: Big_Nemo (2036620 in chips)
Seat 9: gena1987vx (10034956 in chips)

Sky has a limit

Just a few minutes into the final table with the blinds moving up to 100K/200K ante 20K smurfen22 would raise it up from middle position to 555,000 as it folded around to Jysky11 sitting in the big blind with just 796,800 total itching to put the small stack in play with K♥Q♦. Back to smurfen22 with A♥10♣ putting in the extra 241,800 and watching the board fall with an ace 7♥ A♦ K♠ 4♠ 3♠ to claim the 1.87 million chip pot as Jysky11 took home $5,624.00 in ninth place. This would be another Sunday Major final table for Jysky11 who chopped up the Sunday Million back in March 2011 earning $124K in fourth place.

A little bit pokey

Two minutes later with the blinds holding at 100K/200K ante 20K Farzinem would min-raise from the cutoff seat as pokie75 made it 1.19 million from the small blind after shoving all-in with a decent ace Q♦A♥. Farzinem’s ace however was a bit more polished K♥A♠ quickly calling with big slick. Both players would miss their kickers on the 2♠ 9♠ 10♠ 5♠ J♣ board, luckily for Farzinem the ace of spades resided with that hand for the nut flush as pokie75 took $8,787.50 in eighth place.

Rapid pace continues

Farzinem was not done knocking people off the final table as six hands later the Iranian would claim this large 6.05 million chip pot below:

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Just as the blinds moved up to 125K/250K ante 25K YaaGy’s K♦Q♣ would river a king, but still not enough to beat Farzinem’s flopped pair of aces A♦8♦ on the A♠ 3♣ 10♦ 9♠ K♠ to take away seventh place cash ($15,817.50).

A smurfen good time

Well into the 125K/250K ante 25K blind level gena1987vx tried to find a good spot to improve a rapidly diminishing chip stack. Shoving 1.97 million with pocket treys 3♣3♥ from the first position was one way to do so. But, smurfen22’s queens Q♦Q♥ in the hijack seat had a different idea and called the shove. Everyone else went back to watching their regularly scheduled programming as the K♦ 9♦ 4♦ 8♠ 8♣ board put away gena1987vx in sixth place ($22,847.50).

No Sunday Major addition

Big_Nemo tried. Ten and a half hours of work grinding towards another major title but fell a little short of the goal. With the blinds moving up to 150K/300K ante 30K BitterAce12 min-raised from the cutoff as Big_Nemo took a shot with Q♥K♣ and shoved for 1.79 million from the small blind. King-queen would once again be up against an ace as BitterAce12 showed J♠A♥ and once again the ace would overrule a rivered king 8♦ 8♠ A♦ J♦ K♦ earning Big_Nemo $29,877.50 in fifth place.


A childhood Sunday morning cartoon or the hit movie with a second edition currently in theaters starring Neil Patrick Harris, the little blue Smurfs always seemed one step ahead of the evil wizard Gargamel. smurfen22 seemed to be one-step ahead of the competition tonight as just two hands after Big_Nemo left, the Norwegian would knock the table down to three. Farzinem tried to shove 2.38 milllion holding A♦3♣ from the button after a raise from smurfen22. smurfen22 with 10 million in chips took a gamble on Q♣J♣ and the board rewarded the face cards with a rivered straight K♦ A♠ 7♦ 4♥ 10♠ sending Fariznem off in fourth place ($40,422.50) and starting up the chop talks below.

Bumpy but gets there

Like a 15 year old reliable truck that burns too much oil and has a headlight taped on, the negotiation looked a little ugly but got to the destination shown below leaving $10,000.00 on the table for tonight’s champ:

OverTheTop43 (Germany): $85,600.85
smurfen22 (Norway): $82,821.80
BitterAce12 (Poland): $72,196.85

Good thing BitterAce12 made a deal

Just a four hands after the deal was struck, BitterAce12 would strike out netting the Polish player an extra $15K thanks to chopping up the cash. With the blinds still at 150K/300K ante 30K smurfen22 would min-raise from the button as BitterAce12 three-bet to 1.37 million. smurfen22 made the call as both would check out the 10♥6♥9♦ flop. BitterAce12 made it 1.3 million as smurfen22 shoved for 11.6 million. Holding middle pair Q♣9♣ BitterAce12 made the correct call as smurfen22 showed the bluff J♠7♠. After the turned 5♠ 14.2 million chips looked to be going to BitterAce12 but the J♣ river had other ideas shipping $72,196.85 to BitterAce12 in third place.

A smurfalicious win

20 minute battle would break out between smurfen22 holding a 20.3 million to 14.7 million chip advantage over OverTheTop43 who has Sunday Warm-Up final table experience and not to mention a SCOOP victory from Event #29-H this year. Watch or no watch, smurfen22 would grind OverTheTop43 down to just 6.4 million chips and blinds at 200K/400K ante 40K until the SCOOP champ had enough and shoved from the button. Check the video below for smurfen22’s Sunday Warm-Up victory hand:

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OverTheTop43’s 5♣7♣ was no match for smurfen22’s K♥J♣ as the only club came on the 9♥ J♠ 10♥ 2♥ K♣ river to claim this week’s Sunday Warm-Up title!

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results (10/13/13):

Players entered: 3,515
Places paid: 540
Prizepool: $703,000.00

(* denotes part of three-way deal)

1. smurfen22 (Norway) *$92,821.80
2. OverTheTop43 (Germany) *$85,600.85
3. BitterAce12 (Poland) *$72,196.85
4. Farzinem (Iran) $40,422.50
5. Big_Nemo (Canada) $29,877.50
6. gena1987vx (Russia) $22,847.50
7. YaaGy (United Kingdom) $15,817.50
8. pokie75 (Netherlands) $8,787.50
9. Jysky11 (Finland) $5,624.00

David Aydt is a freelance contributor


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