Sunday Warm-Up: Coldblooded Killer_ooooo claims $122K after chop

December 21, 2014

Unlike last week, there would not be a member of the November Nine sitting at the final table. However, the champion had to beat a 17% larger field as 3,562 players poured into the $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up I. The “I” symbolizing the special “Double Vision Sunday” promotion running side-by-side with a second Sunday Warm-Up (6-Max).


After 11 and a half hours it would come down to two Israelis, GamadGADOL and Killer_ooooo playing for the title. Killer_ooooo had other big final tables at SCOOP and the Sunday Million but no wins. That changed with Killer_ooooo’s victory tonight earning $122,621.41.

Read below for Killer_ooooo’s road to the win.

Hand-for-hand play would start after Dick_Fosbury, a player with two Sunday Warm-Up final tables, busted in 11th place ($5,214.76) near the nine hour mark.

It was a tense 15 minutes for the remaining ten players as the blinds moved up to 65K/130K ante 13K. Shortstacked Bulat.alt open shoved 2.02 million from the small blind holding just 7♥9♣, however GamadGADOL was waiting in the big blind with A♥10♠ to make the call. An ace in the door A♦ 3♣ J♦ J♣ Q♠ sent Bulat.alt home in tenth place ($5,214.76) starting up the final table below:


Seat 1: scrubbyz (4975472 in chips)
Seat 2: CHIPFLOW (1549180 in chips)
Seat 3: sonajero (2664158 in chips)
Seat 4: gordijú (4669652 in chips)
Seat 5: Killer_ooooo (4335632 in chips)
Seat 6: GamadGADOL (6825316 in chips)
Seat 7: Merceko (4427624 in chips)
Seat 8: Nuazo (4122180 in chips)
Seat 9: robbancs214 (2050786 in chips)

Was it something I said?

Three hands into the final table robbancs214 tried to welcome everyone to the final table. A standard “gl everybody” was quickly followed by a raise, then a three-bet, then one shove, another shove, and a call for good measure. Nuazo covered all of the bets holding big slick A♦K♦, as CHIPFLOW showed Q♣A♠, making sonajero’s ladies Q♥Q♦ look even better.

However, the queens perished on the flop 9♣ 4♦ K♠ 7♥ 4♥ as Nuazo scooped up the massive seven million chip pot and the chip lead while CHIPFLOW ($6,938.77 – ninth place) and sonajero ($10,080.46 – eighth place) both exited the tournament.

During the tenth hourly break in this part of the world, ESPN showed a replay of the October APAC World Series of Poker high-roller event featuring Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel. Just as the dealer started up the 11th hour of play in the Warm-Up, Duhamel’s run ended in fourth place ($145,003) with his pocket nines falling to Jesse Sylvia’s set of queens turning the TV back to football.

Back to the present, Merceko’s stack would take a huge hit after the break. The Saturday Splash champ once turned a $2.22 entry into $17K, but tonight Merceko would take a little less home claiming seventh place ($14,661.19).

Five minutes later the chip leader wanted more face-time on the blog and got it. With the blinds up to 125K/250K ante 25K Nuazo would call the 2.59 million chip shove by gordijú holding K♥A♥ in the big blind. Gordijú’s small ace 5♥A♦ would flop a wheel draw 3♦ 7♥ 2♠ K♣ J♠ but no more taking away $21,315.00 in sixth place.

Two hands later Supernova VIP scrubbyz, who has been playing at PokerStars at least since the 2007 WCOOP, would take most of robbancs214’s chips after winning a preflop flip. After robbancs214’s big slick failed to overtake scrubbyz’s pocket treys, the rest of the stack would slide over to Killer_ooooo on the next hand ending robbancs214’s final table experience in fifth place ($30,989.40).

Playing Let’s Make a Deal

15 minutes before the 11th hour of play, Nuazo’s chip lead was trimmed after doubling up Killer_ooooo opening up dialog for a chop of the remaining prize pool.

scrubbyz: lotta sheckels going to Israel

An apt comment considering both GamadGADOL and Killer_ooooo would be taking home at least $45K tonight if there’s no deal

However when GamadGADOL wanted a little more…

scrubbyz: nobody is giving u a dollar
scrubbyz: or a sheckel

After a few minutes GamadGADOL backed away from needing more but it was too late as the cards went back in the air and $138,585.63 still sitting up top for our winner.

Role reversals

Twenty minutes after the broken deal talks GamadGADOL was the player on the move. GamadGADOL would chip up to over 15 million as Nuazo’s tournament took a nose dive. Searching for chips, Nuazo would shove 6.5 million from the small blind holding 8♦10♣ as scrubbyz made the call for 5.5 million from the big blind with pocket fours 4♠4♦. The open-ender did not get there A♥ 3♦ 9♥ J♣ J♥ and Nuazo would exit on the next hand in fourth place ($45,066.42).

Caught red handed

As the blinds moved up to 250K/500K ante 50K, scrubbyz would try to steal from the small blind holding 5♠4♠. Killer_ooooo was not buying it and made the call with 6♠A♥. Only one spade on the Q♦ 2♠ 8♣ 10♣ 7♦ board sent 11 million tournament chips to Killer_ooooo and $65,533.67 to scrubbyz in third place.

Mazel Tov!

Guess all the sheckels are going to Israel anyway. After the busted chop talks earlier, the two Israeli players, would quickly hash out the deal below locking up six-figures for both of them and leaving $10K to play for:

Killer_ooooo: $112,621.41
GamadGADOL: $111,269.09

Despite starting off nearly even in chips, heads-up play would only last until the next blind level. 17 minutes from the six-figure chop Killer_ooooo would break away from GamadGADOL opening up a 24.4 million to 11.2 million chip lead.

With the blinds up to 300K/600K ante 60K GamadGADOL would shove over the top of Killer_ooooo’s min-raise holding pocket fives 5♣5♥. Killer_ooooo took a stab at the win making the call with K♣J♣. A king laying face up on the K♦ Q♠ A♦ 6♥ 2♣ board meant Killer_ooooo was going home with an extra $10K as the Sunday Warm-Up Champion!

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up results (12-21-14):

Entrants: 3,562
Places Paid: 441
Prize Pool: $712,400.00

(* denotes part of two-way deal)

1. Killer_ooooo (Israel) *$122,621.41
2. GamadGADOL (Israel) *$111,229.09
3. scrubbyz (Canada) $65,533.67
4. Nuazo (Germany) $45,066.42
5. robbancs214 (Hungary) $30,989.40
6. gordijú (United Kingdom) $21,315.00
7. Merceko (Lithuania) $14,661.19
8. sonajero (Uruguay) $10,080.46
9. CHIPFLOW (Japan) $6,938.77

David Aydt is a freelance contributor


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