Sunday Million win for Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson, big scores for “ImDaNuts”, “RuinF”, “Tomatee” and Schemion

February 10, 2020inPoker

In our review of the weekend’s action, Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson adds a Sunday Million victory to over $9 million in online cashes, the Bounty Builder Series brings more crazy knockout action and pros Prebben “prebz” Stokkan and Ole “wizowizo” Schemion rule the High Roller Club. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

  • Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson wins Sunday Million
  • Christopher “ImDaNuts” Oliver and Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira among those to claim Bounty Builder Series titles
  • Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez earns over $100k in bounties in a single tournament
  • Prebben “prebz” Stokkan and Ole “wizowizo” Schemion hit big in High Roller Club

Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson wins Sunday Million
Jeppsson already has more than $9 million in online cashes to his name, including two WCOOP titles and a SCOOP Main Event final table. This weekend, he has added another huge win to his poker resume. The much loved Swedish pro has only gone and won the Sunday Million! He earned $111,769 after a flawless performance.

Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson: Finally snags the Sunday Million

“EricBolis”, who has made numerous SCOOP and WCOOP final tables, came second for $81,103. EricBolis used a bit of nifty play to navigate his way to the top spots, including a hand in which he checked quad jacks on the river to induce a bluff. Great stuff!

“f1oba” had the chip lead early on during final table play, eventually finishing in fourth place for $42,712. Shortly after, “seegul65” came third for $58,856.

Previous Sunday Million winner “pyszalek” from Poland was knocked out early by Jeppsson in a standard A-A vs Q-Q clash, while 2012 SCOOP Main Event winner “Suarez_bg” didn’t have much of a stack to make an impact with.

Here are the full final table results:

Pos Player Country Prize
1 eisenhower1 Sweden $111,769.63
2 EricBolis Brazil $81,103.38
3 seegul65 UK $58,856.74
4 F1oba Brazil $42,712.43
5 Scouse_AA UK $30,996.53
6 Melo Jr Brazil $22,494.27
7 pyszalek Poland $16,324.21
8 suarez_BG Bulgaria $11,846.57
9 yehpoyi888 Taiwan $8,597.00

“ImDaNuts”, “RuiNF” and “Tomatee” among those to claim Bounty Builder Series titles
The Bounty Builder Series offered 23 scrappy progressive knockout tournaments this weekend, some with huge guarantees.

Chris “ImDaNuts” Oliver

Christopher “ImDaNuts” Oliver continued his rampage. He came first in the $1,050 Bounty Builder Series #77 event for $15,941, plus $20,398 in bounties. Romanian player “RAAR1010” came second for $15,941 in prizes and a further $7,429 in bounties.

Multi-time ‘COOP winner Rui RuiNF” Ferreira, the Portuguese player based in the Netherlands, had a busy weekend. He won the $109 Bounty Builder Series #78 for $20,959, as well as scoring an additional $16,006 in bounties. So far during the series, Ferreira has racked up more than $55k in cashes and 129 knockouts. He’s also a feature name in the High Roller Club results this weekend.

Event #89 made for a very high stakes rumble. The $5,200 High Roller reached a prize pool of over $700k, leading to some of the maddest bounty hunting anyone has ever seen.

SCOOP winner Francisco “Tomatee” Benitez emerged as the eventual winner, earning $65,634 for his hard work. This (literally) wasn’t the half of it though, as Benitez also earned an incredible $101,972 in knockouts. He eventually beat top ranked pro Niklas “Lena900” Åstedt heads-up to claim the final bounty bonus.

Åstedt wasn’t the only threat to watch out for. The final table was full of big name regs, including Tomi “elmerixx” Brook, Sunday Million 10th Anniversary winner “a.urli”, and two time Sunday Million winner Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy.

“mypokerf” from Russia took the first-place prize of $53k in the $530 Bounty Builder #90, plus $33,203 in bounties. Other major series titles went to “guisazan” from Brazil, “tcblade” from Thailand, “nadalon” from Mexico and “OpenOren” from Russia.

Here are the top ten Bounty Builder Series results:

Tournament Player Country Prize Bounty
Event #89: $5,200 High Roller Tomatee Uruguay $65,634 $101,972
Event #90: $530 NLHE mypokerf Russia $53,808 $33,203
Event #93: $1,050 NLHE 6-Max nadalon Mexico $32,065 $30,105
Event #91: $55 NLHE guisazan Brazil $36,910 $15,364
Event #92: $215 NLHE Turbo tcblade Thailand $27,176 $18,538
Event #94: $109 NLHE 6-Max OpenOren Russia $26,380 $18,342
Event #88: $109 NLHE Turbo Chmuri7 Poland $22,888 $15,372
Event #87: $215 NLHE gettingpwned Bulgaria $21,950 $18,840
Event #78: $109 NLHE RuiNF Netherlands $20,959 $16,006
Event #77: $1,050 NLHE ImDaNuts Costa Rica $15,941 $20,398

Sunday majors for “naitsirhc90” and “iamivar”

For those who didn’t want to get involved with the almighty scrap of the Bounty Builder Series, the weekend majors still provided lots in the way of poker action.

In the Sunday Warm-Up, Costa Rica’s “naitsirhc90” came first for $24,941. “Patosplayer” from Brazil came second for $18k, and WCOOP winner “MiracleQ” from Russia finished third for $13,134.

Brazilian player “Di Aranha_j8” went to bed happy after winning $15,903 in the $11 buy-in Sunday Storm.

The $215 Sunday Supersonic raised up the poker heat towards the end of the night as always. High rolling reg “iamivar” from Sweden was this weekend’s winner, earning $20,270. Winter Series champ “rojorulez” came second for $14k, while Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov, who has over $4.5 million in cashes, finished third for $10k.

High Roller Club

We were treated to amazing poker in the High Roller Club this weekend, with lots of familiar faces finding their flow and hitting the big time.

Strong weekend for Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov

Along with his Supersonic third place finish, Filatov came first in the $1,050 Daily Warm-Up on Saturday for $18,983.

Team PokerStars pro Lex Veldhuis has been hitting frequent final tables of late. He finished second in the Saturday HRC $530 Bounty Builder for $11,321, plus a decent bounty haul. It was Estonian player “A144” who managed to best him to take the top prize.

Niklas “Lena900” Åstedt came first in the $530 Daily Supersonic on Saturday to add $10,796 to his weekend total, which would go on to include his Bounty Builder Series victory.

Jerry “Perrymejsen” Ödeen, from Sweden, fought his heart out in the new $530 Sunday Marathon tournament to claim top prize of $20,036. Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira was there again on the final table, this time coming fourth for $9,030. “Sektor17” from Finland finished second, while the UK’s Sam “SamSquid” Grafton came third.

WCOOP winner Prebben “prebz” Stokkan had an astounding weekend, almost making a mockery of the HRC by hitting high notes in two major events. Stokkan beat fellow UK pro Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford heads-up in the HRC Sunday Warm-Up, earning $31,485.

Stokken also came third in the $2,100 Sunday HR for an additional $18,786. Joao “Naza114” Ferreira came first in the HR tournament for $40,075, with Connor “blanconegro” Drinan second for $27,438.

Ole “wizowizo” Schemion: Another stellar weekend

It was great to see the return of Ole “wizowizo” Schemion to final tables after his huge Winter Series Main Event win.

This weekend, Schemion won the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic for $28,573.

Rui “RuiNF” Ferreira showed his face here again to take third place and another $16,881, with second place “YRWTHMELTHR” earning $21,962.

Here are the top High Roller Club results:

Tournament Player Country Prize
$2,100 Sunday HR Naza114 UK $40,075
$1,050 Sunday Warm-Up prebz UK $31,485
$1,050 Sunday Supersonic wizowizo Austria $28,573
$1,050 Daily Warm-Up NL_Profit Russia $18,983
$530 Sunday Marathon Perrymejsen Sweden $20,036


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