Sunday Million: kosilikO KOs way to win, nice payday for Petrov

November 20, 2019inPoker

With more than 10,000 entries and seven figures’ worth of prize money up for grabs, it was yet another exciting Sunday Million last weekend.

After nearly 15 hours’ worth poker it was “kosilikO” of tiny Belarus who overcame a big deficit at the time a four-handed deal was made to win the title and more than $79K. Here’s the story of how kosilikO did it, told with a little help from fourth-place finisher Yordan Petrov who enjoyed a nice $55K payday himself.

To be precise, there were 10,348 entries in this week’s Milly, comprised of 7,165 uniques and 3,183 re-entries. That big field created a $1,034,800 prize pool with the top 1,826 places paid.

It took about 12-and-a-half hours for the field to be winnowed down to the final nine, by which point both Team PokerStars Pro Ramon Colillas (425th, $365.80) and PokerStars Team Online’s Felix “xflixx” Schneiders (1,514th, $182.64) were among those making the money.

Ramon Colillas and Felix Schneiders

“fornado” of Lithuania enjoyed a healthy chip advantage to start the final table, stacking more than 30 million when no one else had as much as half of that. And the fornado tornado continued to rip through the event, as several minutes into the final table he was taking out the U.K. pro Luke “Bit2Easy” Reeves.

Luke “Bit2Easy” Reeves

Following a 3♦3♠J♠ flop, two players checked to Reeves who bet, then fornado check-raised to scatter the player in between. With A♠10♠ and a flush draw Reeves then reraise-shoved his remaining stack, and fornado called with 6♥3♥ for trips. The turn and river blanked and Reeves was out in ninth.

About a half-hour later “YOLOBETS” of Morocco had the misfortune of getting pocket queens on the same hand Brazil’s “GOIANOVERDE” was dealt pocket aces, and soon YOLOBETS was done in eighth. Just a few hands after that a super short “AdrianS_2506” of Germany followed in seventh after his pocket tens failed to hold against the ace-queen of the UK’s “IAMtheSELF.”

However IAMtheSELF was the next one to fall short on chips, and after getting pocket sixes IAMtheSELF reraised all in and was called by fornado who had ace-jack. IAMtheSELF survived that one, but on the next hand was all in again with A♣9♥ and fornado was calling once more, this time with A♥10♥. The board came all blanks, and IAMtheSELF was done in sixth.

Yordan Petrov — or, if you please, “YordanPetrov” — next busted “iBreakU_U” in fifth. Petrov open-pushed from the button with J♣8♣ and was called from the big blind by a short-stacked iBreakU_U who had A♣4♣, and after the 4♦K♦5♥ flop and 10♠ turn, it looked as though five-handed play would likely continue.

Then came the river… the 8♦! A better pair for Petrov, and they were down to four. “gg ul,” typed Petrov as others also congratulated iBreakU_U on his run.

They pushed onward another half-hour before everyone finally agreed to a deal. At that point GOIANOVERDE enjoyed a big lead with over 61 million, with fornado next with 19 million, kosilikO third with a little under 13 million, and Petrov fourth with 10 million.

It had been a great day of poker for the 27-year-old Petrov, who after the deal had guaranteed himself his biggest cash in nearly a decade of playing poker.

Yordan Petrov

“Most of the time I was the short stack,” he told us, alluding to how his day went leading up to the final table. “I was running good,” though, he adds. “I won a lot of all-ins preflop.”

Alas for Petrov, he wouldn’t win his next one.

“I busted just after we made a deal,” he explains. “I went all-in from the small blind for around 10 big blinds with A♥10♦, and the big blind called me with K♦7♦ and hit the K.”

That was kosilikO, knocking out Petrov in just the second hand post-deal. Even so, as often happens after players enjoy deep runs such as this one, Petrov not only earned a nice payday but picked up some added motivation, too, going forward.

“This is my biggest score so far and hopefully I will improve it and get a bigger one in the near future,” says Petrov.

Winning Petrov’s chips was the first stage of kosilikO’s comeback. After that he knocked out fornado in third when the latter open-jammed from the small blind with Q♦6♦, kosilikO called from the big blind with A♣5♣, and the board brought an ace and no help for fornado.

GOIANOVERDE was still in front to start heads-up with 67 million versus kosilikO’s 36 million. Their duel would last 20 minutes, the first half of which saw GOIANOVERDE chip away at kosilikO’s stack, then after that kosilikO fought back to even things up and then take the lead.

Finally kosilikO was up over 82 million and GOIANOVERDE down to 21 million when the former raised with K♠7♠, the latter jammed with A♣10♥, and kosilikO called. The board came J♥Q♦3♥7♥6♠, that seven on the turn sealing it and kosilikO had won.

Congratulations to kosilikO and all of the final four making it to the final table deal and ensuring themselves nice paydays.

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