Sunday Million: Gambler4444 rolls the right combination in $158K victory

July 02, 2012

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“Know when to hold em, know when to fold em” part of the famous Kenny Rogers song “The Gambler”. Tonight’s journey for Gambler4444 to the $1,000,000 guarantee Sunday Million title was less about “reading people’s faces” and more about knowing “they were out of aces”. Nearing the late registration closure there was a chance PokerStars was going to make good on the $1 million guarantee, but enough gamblers tonight found their $215 seats to produce a $1,016,000 prize pool and $158,932.88 going out to our champion.

Nine hours into tournament we would squish the tables from three to two as the players clung to shortened stacks against the rising blinds. With the blinds at 40K/80K ante 8K the players would only hold an average of 30 big blinds.

VIP Supernova Gambler4444 found a fortunate turn card for a big pot after mcleb1987 and xbet_kiddi shoved in front of the chip leader. With the blinds at 50K/100K ante 10K mcleb1987 pushed all-in with A♦Q♠, xbet_kiddi followed quickly with big slick A♣K♦, and Gambler4444 covered both and reshoved with pocket tens 10♦10♥. both mcleb1987 and xbet_kiddi would pair their kickers on the flop 7♦Q♥K♣ but Gambler4444 found a ten on the turn 10♠ and survived the A♠ river taking down the 3.1 million chip pot to grow the leading stack to over nine million.

btvedt (16th place, $2997.20) and punter23 (15th place, $4,521.20) would drop out just before another raise in the blinds to 65K/130K ante 13K as the players took a quick five minute snooze. Gambler4444 would double up sonmonedas and slide a few chips to new chip leader Momess just before the break as Momess sported the first eight figure stack.

mandza17 would run into blumenkind53’s aces leaving quickly after the break in 14th place ($4,521.20). Chengueee’s big slick would send phantoem’s A♥J♣ home in 13th place ($4,521.20) when the board ran 9♣3♠8♠6♣10♥ as the blinds moved up again to 80K/160K ante 16K and Momess spread the wealth a bit as the stacks evened out more on both tables of six players each.

Momess’ freefall was complete as a three-way all-in between the Canadian, AceKicker_19, and RebuyShark broke out. 9.7 million chips in the middle as Momess turned up pocket jacks J♥J♦ leading AceKicker_19’s pocket tens 10♥10♦ and racing against RebuyShark’s big slick A♠K♥. Ace on the flop Q♥ 5♣ A♦ 2♥ 9♦ and RebuyShark took a huge bite out of the tournament population setting up hand-for-hand play.

Gambler4444 would go on an absolute tear on Table 328 winning the table’s last eight hands including taking out klauniq on the bubble. After a min-raise from the hijack seat, Gambler4444 would call klauniq’s 1.9 million chip button shove holding pocket queens Q♦Q♥. klauniq turned up A♠J♥ and whiffed on the flop 4♣7♣9♥ but found a lovely A♦ on the turn. However, the river card felt bad for Gambler4444 and laid out the two-outer Q♠ to ship the 4.2 million chip pot and send klauniq home in tenth place ($6,045.20).


Seat 1: Typical Flop (4260168 in chips)
Seat 2: Gambler4444 (13988843 in chips)
Seat 3: RebuyShark (14544133 in chips)
Seat 4: tkcasino007 (1477733 in chips)
Seat 5: rogI_MS (1819579 in chips)
Seat 6: blumenkind53 (5524108 in chips)
Seat 7: 01Genesis (2439744 in chips)
Seat 8: Chengueee (3110388 in chips)
Seat 9: sonmonedas (3635304 in chips)

Secret agent captured

tkcasino007 was backed into a corner with one bullet left holding just 597,733 chips and open shoved from middle position as 01Genesis made the call out of the small blind holding pocket jacks J♣J♥. tkcasino007’s 8♠K♣ would wide of the mark when the A♦ 8♥ J♦ Q♦ Q♣ board failed to hit the short-stack’s hand hard enough finishing in ninth place ($8,128.00).

Unkind to those in need

rogl_MS holding onto a stack under one million chips with the blinds at 150K/300K ante 30K and was desperate need for a chip infusion. Holding Q♣J♥ rogl_MS found a spot to open shove from the button. However, blumendkind53 was not feeling very charitable in the small blind and made the call with K♥9♣. Both players watched the 2♦ A♥ 2♠ 5♠ 10♠ board miss both players meaning blumenkind53’s kings would steal from the poor and give to the rich as rogl_MS took home eighth place cash ($12,700.00).

Typical Flop gets what was ordered

Small pair losing to two over cards again? Let us watch the tape of Typical Flop versus Gambler4444 as the two go all-in preflop for a 5.8 million chip pot:

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Pocket treys 3♦3♣ probably will not become Typical Flop’s favorite hand after Gambler4444’s J♦A♣ found two pair 8♣ 4♥ J♣ Q♥ A♠ and dashed the dreams of winning the Sunday Million after Typical Flop collected seventh place ($22,860.00) cash.

Things getting a little pushy-shovey in here

Several all-ins with the short stacks managing to stay alive could go down during the 150K/300K ante 30K level but only one casualty would happen before the blinds moved up to 200K/400K ante 40K. Chengueee clinging to just 1.1 million would open shove from the cutoff seat as it folded to RebuyShark in the big blind. Holding 16 million in chips RebuyShark could afford to call with 9♠8♦ as Chengueee turnedup a medium-ace 7♣A♦. A nine nor an eight made it to the board, but four spades did Q♠ 4♣ 3♠ J♠ 4♠ to give RebuyShark the 2.6 million chip pot and knock out Chengueee in sixth place ($33,020.00).

Earning the gambler nickname

You do not get called a gambler sitting around waiting for aces or betting on the sure thing. Being called a gambler is something that is earned tossing limes for cash, opposite handed arm-wrestling, or betting on the color of the next car to turn around a corner, all prop bets that may earn you the cred to be called a gambler. Gambler4444 made it this far in the tournament by taking risk including a gut call with the blinds at 200K/400K ante 40K after sonmonedas open shoved from the small blind for 4.1 million and making a call for almost half his chips holding 9♣K♠. sonmonedas turned over the bluff 5♠3♥ and the board 8♣ Q♠ J♠ 6♣ K♣ turned up nothing for sonmonedas as the Argentinean took $43,180.00 in fifth place.

End of the beginning

Genesis may mark the beginning of the bible but 01Genesis needed more than a few prayers answered to get back into this tournament. With the blinds at 250K/500K ante 50K 01Genesis held 4.6 million chips while the other three had no less than 9.5 million. In the cutoff, 01Genesis was able to open shove with J♦K♠ as it folded around to blumenkind53 in the big blind who made the call with pocket nines 9♣9♥. 01Genesis would go to the river with a gutshot straight draw to go with the overcards but blanked 5♥ Q♣ 3♣ A♦ 6♠ shipping the 9.7 million chip pot to blumenkind53 as 01Genesis ended the chapter receiving $57,404.00 in fourth place.

Money gets bigger, bustouts go faster?

With a $75K difference between third and first, logic would be that the players would take less risk of busting out. However just four hands would tell the remainder of tonight’s tale of the Sunday Million champ. First, with the blinds moving up to 300K/600K ante 60K Gambler4444 would min-raise from the button as blumenkind53 shoved from the big blind for 6.6 million. Back to Gambler4444 now holding 29 million in chips, made the call with J♥K♣. blumenkind53’s K♦10♥ needed some help on the 8♠ 5♣ 9♦ 9♠ K♠ board that never got close as Gambler4444 raked in the 13.8 million chip pot. For the effort, blumenkind53 received $83,820.00 in third place and the full $158K first prize still on the board.

After two walks in the blinds, RebuyShark would limp in from the button as Gambler4444 holding a 36.1 million to 14.6 million chip lead made it 1.78 million to go. For the rest of the hand, you will need to click play below:

RSS readers please click through to view video

Gambler4444 would bet 1.87 million as RebuyShark shoved for 12.7 million. Holding top pair K♥Q♣ Gambler4444 made the call as RebuyShark also turned up top pair but with a nine kicker Q♦9♣. The turn and river did not allow RebuyShark to swim upstream Q♠ J♠ 3♦ 2♥ 6♥ as our runner-up took home $118,364.00. Gambler4444 however would end up with the mother lode taking down this week’s Sunday Million for the full $158,932.88!

This was not Gambler4444’s first shot at the Sunday Million crown, making the final table in January while placing fourth for $75K

Players entered: 5,080
Places paid: 765
Prize pool: $1,016,000.00

$1,000,000 guaranteed Sunday Million results (07-01-12):
1. Gambler4444 (Germany) $158,932.88
2. RebuyShark (Austria) $118,364.00
3. blumenkind53 (Germany) $83,820.00
4. 01Genesis (Australia) $57,404.00
5. sonmonedas (Argentina) $43,180.00
6. Chengueee (Uruguay) $33,020.00
7. Typical Flop (United Kingdom) $22,860.00
8. rogI_MS (Brazil) $12,700.00
9. tkcasino007 (Germany) $8,128.00


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