Sunday Million: Dimitri005 earns $132K after four-way deal (8-27-17)

August 28, 2017

Last week Dimitri005 turned a $59 investment into more than $6,500 as the runner-up in a $59 tournament here at PokerStars. It was the largest of a dozen or so four-figure cashes for the player from the Czech Republic over the last three years, and the second this month. Tonight Dimitri005 eclipsed that accomplishment in a big way by seizing the chip lead on the bubble of the final table, scoring the biggest share of a four-way deal, and then fighting for nearly half an hour heads-up to earn this week’s Sunday Million title and more than $132,000.

After a few weeks of half-price action, the Sunday Million returned to its normal $215 buy-in for this lone week before WCOOP 2017 gets underway. Dimitri005 plugged along for the first 11 and a half hours with a roughly average stack before flopping a set with 10♣ 10♥ on the final table bubble in a pot against past Sunday Warm-Up and SCOOP-High finalist Wh0AndBeni, whose A♠ Q♣ had made top pair on the 10♦ 5♣ Q♠ flop. The Czech player remained in the lead until Wh0AndBeni’s Q♣ Q♦ held up against TDO6H20G’s 5♣ 5♠ to set this lineup:


Seat 1: Wh0AndBeni (9,756,955 in chips)
Seat 2: j8_diego (3,514,657 in chips)
Seat 3: Akyllas1 (7,128,090 in chips)
Seat 4: Sox[tyol] (6,808,960 in chips)
Seat 5: Mr.Andersen5 (1,825,716 in chips)
Seat 6: yhsimplicio (8,159,953 in chips)
Seat 7: Dimitri005 (11,771,825 in chips)
Seat 8: WiNNiNG@TpT (582,060 in chips)
Seat 9: leomobarak (6,381,784 in chips)

WiNNiNG@TpT had been folding hands since well before the final table bubble popped, whittling the player from Taiwan’s stack down to less than three big blinds by the time TDO6H20G bowed out in 10th place. WiNNiNG@TpT was in the big blind for the first hand of the final and ended up calling a re-raise all-in for 562,060 chips with 8♣ 8♥. Past MicroMillions finalist Sox[tyol], who had made it 1.12 million chips to go after Wh0AndBeni opened for 420,000, made top pair with A♦ K♥ on the J♦ K♠ 3♣ and checked behind, looking to lure Wh0AndBeni in but the latter folded to a half-pot bet on the 9♦ turn. The kings held up on the 5♣ river and WiNNiNG@TpT was out in ninth.

Three hands later Wh0AndBeni opened the action for 420,000 chips on the button with 8♦ 8♥ and called for another 3.07 million when j8_diego jammed with A♣ J♦ in the small blind. Wh0AndBeni surged into the lead after winning with eights and fours on the 4♥ 9♣ 3♣ 4♣ 5♠ and j8_diego left in eighth.

Another short-stacked player with big starting cards in the blinds led to another confrtonation just eight hands later. TCOOP 2017 heads-up PLO runner-up Mr.Andersen5 called all-in for 2.26 million chips with A♠ Q♣ after Sox[tyol] opened the action by shoving from the small blind. The Ukrainian player had 35-percent equity with K♠ 6♣ before making a pair of kings on the 2♣ K♥ 4♣ flop. That became three of a kind after the 9♣ turn and K♦ river, sending Mr.Andersen5 to the rail in seventh.

Past Sunday Warm-Up finalist Akyllas1 broke the short stacks’ losing streak two hands later with a double to 10.6 million chips through Brazil’s leomobarak, whose Q♣ 8♣ made a slightly worse flush than Akyllas1’s A♣ 4♣. Two hands after that leomobarak moved in for 1.47 million chips on the button with 8♣ 8♠ after two-time past SCOOP finalist yhsimplicio opened for 525,000 with A♣ Q♥. The four hearts on the 6♥ 4♠ 7♥ J♥ 5♥ made a flush for yhsimplicio, who scooped the 3.46-million-chip pot while leomobarak departed in sixth.


It had taken a mere 10 minutes for the final table field to be reduced by half. With a spread of just 16 big blinds between the last five players, they agreed to look at numbers for a potential deal. Four were fine with the ICM numbers that gave everyone at least $80K but Wh0AndBeni, who sat in the middle of the pack, tried to squeeze an extra $850 out of the others. They refused, so play resumed.

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Dimitri005 quickly flopped a flush with A♣ 2♣ in the cutoff seat. That 6.55-million-chip win moved the Czech player out in front of the pack and a few steals of the 125,000/250,000/25,000 blinds and antes padded the lead. Sox[tyol] similarly picked up orphaned pots to climb the leaderboard, while Wh0AndBeni treaded water and yhsimplicio and Akyllas1 fell behind.

After 20 minutes of this, the two short stacks clashed. yhsimplicio opened the action all-in for 2.97 million chips with A♣ 4♣ and Akyllas1 called with 10♣ 10♠. Akyllas1 would have been left with about six big blinds’ worth of chips after a loss, but yhsimplicio could only manage a pair of fours on the 4♥ 6♦ J♠ 5♠ 8♣ board. The tens carried the day and yhsimplicio bowed out in fifth.


Within minutes the remaining players again tried to forge a deal – and Wh0AndBeni again wanted more than ICM. Dimitri005 and Sox[tyol] were willing to give up $2,000 apiece but Akyllas1 held firm when Wh0AndBeni wanted another $1,000 from the Greek. Wh0AndBeni relented and took the $2,000 apiece from the other two players and soon the four of them were back at play with $20,000 hanging in the balance.

Akyllas1 never got any real traction after the deal. The Greek player’s stack dwindled from 8.1 million chips to just 2.3 million over the next 20 minutes, after which Akyllas1 managed to double with 5♣ 5♠ when Wh0AndBeni’s K♦ J♦ couldn’t connect with the board. Minutes later Akyllas1 was again all-in against the same opponent after Wh0AndBeni opened the action all-in from the small blind with J♥ 5♠. The Greek was ahead with K♥ 10♣ in the big blind but the 5♥ A♦ J♠ A♣ 7♦ board game Wh0AndBeni the win, ending Akyllas1’s run in fourth.

Three-handed play turned out to be a tug of war. Dimitri005 would move out ahead of the other two players, only to see each of them survive whenever they were forced to defend themselves all-in. Eventually Dimitri005, holding a 2-to-1 advantage over both opponents, raised to 1.1 million chips on the button with 9♦ 9♠. Wh0AndBeni re-raised to 3.25 million with A♠ J♥ in the small blind and then called all-in for 14.7 million when Dimitri005 shoved for the fourth bet. The favorite won the race with nines and treys after the board came 3♠ 8♠ 3♥ 5♥ Q♥, and Wh0AndBeni bowed out in third.


Dimitri005 had the lead with 42.9 million chips over Sox[tyol]’s 13 million as what turned out to be a lively 25-minute heads-up duel began. Sox[tyol] pulled back nearly to even within the first five minutes; in another five the Ukrainian had pulled slightly ahead after making a diamond flush with A♦ A♥. Then Sox[tyol] rattled off 10 wins in 11 hands, leaving the former leader with just 15.8 million chips.

Dimitri005 reclaimed the lead after raising to 1.8 million chips out of position before the flop with Q♣ 5♥, then semi-bluffing the 8♦ 6♦ 7♠ flop and 2♠ turn before moving in for 7.9 million with an eight-high straight on the 4♠ river. Sox[tyol] called with J♠ 7♥ for a pair of sevens, and Dimitri005 stacked back up to 31.6 million.

The two remained close in chips for the next five minutes before Sox[tyol] ran Dimitri005 off the 22.6-million-chip pot with an uncalled bet on the turn oif a 3♥ J♠ 10♥ Q♦ board. Dimitri005 survived all-in a few hands later with A♠ 9♥, spliiting the pot with Sox[tyol]’s A♣ 9♣, before calling all-in minutes later with A♦ 7♣ when Sox[tyol] open-shoved on the button with A♠ 4♣. Both players paired their kickers on the 4♥ 7♦ 8♦ K♦ J♣, giving Dimitri005 the 29.2-million-chip pot – and the lead once again.

This time Sox[tyol] couldn’t find a way back in. The Ukrainian player won only three of the last 11 pots and finally ended up check-raising all-in with a pair of eights and a straight draw, the board reading 5♠ 7♦ Q♣ 8♦, after Dimitri005 had led the action the whole way. Dimitri005 called with K♣ K♦, which won with kings and fives after the 5♦ river to close the tournament out.

Congratulations to all four players who shared in the deal, particularly to Dimitri005 for stepping up on a very big stage and taking down the title!

8/27/17 Sunday Million ($215 NL Hold’em) results
Entrants: 5,593 (4,597 entries, 996 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $1,118,600
Places paid: 899

1. Dimitri005 (Czech Republic) $132,436.60*
2. Sox[tyol] (Ukraine) $110,850.75*
3. Wh0AndBeni (Mexico) $87,717.27*
4. Akyllas1 (Greece) $88,680.85*
5. yhsimplicio (Brazil) $38,471.78
6. leomobarak (Brazil) $26,625.58
7. Mr.Andersen5 (Russia) $18,427.03
8. j8_diego (Peru) $12,753.04
9. WiNNiNG@TpT (Taiwan) $8,826.20
* – denotes results of a four-way deal that left $20,000 for the winner

Every weekend, the Sunday Million is the biggest game in town. Click here to open your PokerStars account today.

Jason Kirk is a Freelance Contributor to PokerStars Blog.


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