Sunday Million celebrates 14th Anniversary with biggest ever guarantee

January 21, 2020inPoker

Open your diary and get a pen. Make it a magic marker. Or anything you can write this date down with. A squeezy ketchup bottle will do.

The date is Sunday March 22, 2020

Got it?

Okay. Because that’s the date that could change your life. It will change someone’s life. What’s the event?

Sunday Million 14th Anniversary

It’ll be our biggest online tournament guarantee ever.

Go write it down. Go. Read the rest when you’ve done that.

All done? Good.

It will be the biggest tournament for two reasons.

The first reason is the $12.5 million guarantee that will go with it. The second is the potential size of the field.

But what else would you expect from the most famous online poker tournament that’s ever existed (we’re allowed to say that, right?).

That prize pool also means a seven figure payout for the winner. They’ll become a millionaire.

Whether they happen to be a seasoned pro to whom the $215 buy-in is a mere snip, or some rookie playing their first ever Sunday Million on the back of a $0.90 satellite. That’s what we’ll find out. That’s the story that’s about to play out.

That gives you something like eight weeks to prepare. And we can help.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be exploring this landmark event from various angles. We’ll also be doing everything we can to help you play it.

That includes you: keen-poker-player-who-has-never-played-the-Sunday-Million-before.

Especially you.

But also you: poker-player-who-just-fancies-it.

No poker player of any standing should miss this.

So write it down. Anywhere. With anything. Sunday Million 14th AnniversarySunday March 22, 2020.



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