Thursday update: huge satellite win and something for nothing in Stadium Series

July 16, 2020

Heat 11 has now run its course, and aside from some huge five figure wins a couple of players have emerged as having found that extra value that the Stadium Series is all about. Everyone loves a good satellite win, and who doesn’t like something for nothing?


Something for nothing in 11-M: The Stadium Series is all about the added value. We’ve been giving away satellite tickets left, right and center, aiming to make the series as accessible as possible for players of all bankrolls. “azuloscuro12” from Romania won a $2 satellite ticket for free. They took that satellite ticket and turned it into a $109 ticket to the Heat 11-M, and then converted it into a 36th place finish to claim their biggest win ever, $641… for absolutely nothing!

IWinWithAnyTwo” takes it all the way: Out of the Team PS Pros, Spraggy cashed and “easywithaces” finished 58th for $543. Up at the top end of the Heat 11-M table, “Gog@Byt3” from Russia finished second for $26,585, with “IWinWithAnyTwo” from Denmark taking it all the way. IWinWithAnyTwo had a WCOOP final table score last year, as well as first place in the Bigger $22 recently. Now they are a Stadium Series champ, earning $37,295 for first.

$11 into $61k in Heat 11-H for “Ceis25”: “Ceis25” from Finland satellites into the Heat 11-H event for just $11, then went on to climb through the field and chop the top prize with Russian player Aleks Better. Ceis25’s previous biggest win was $1.8k – nothing to complain about. Now they have made a huge leap, earning $61,763 for the split.

Aleks Better, who already scored a $16k final table win in Heat 10-H, went on to claim first prize for $65,763. Congratulations to both players!

When asked about the win by PokerStars on Twitter, Ceis25 said, “Thanks a lot guys! As a player nothing really changes for me, I was already fortunate enough to play the stakes I feel like I’m beating at the moment and will stick to those, with some occasional higher buy-in shots, especially during an amazing series like this one!”

“Also amazing that the event was streamed, the family were downstairs watching it, made the win feel even more special! Celebrations will for sure happen!”

Multi-time COOP winner “murvl” earns top spot in Heat 11-L: In the low stakes Heat, the last three players remaining opted for a split. They were “LOCO F M 17”, “Loehnig89” and “murvl”. Renowned Swedish player murvl was chip leader at the end of Day 1, and went on to claim top spot after the deal. We don’t know much about murvl’s long term results (they’re pretty well hidden), but we do know that they have both a SCOOP and WCOOP to their name already. Murvl earned $13,454 for first in the Heat 11-L.


Heat 11-L: $11, $125K Gtd 11,408 $125,000 murvl Sweden $13,454
Heat 11-M: $109, $250K Gtd 2,078 $250,000 IWinWithAnyTwo Denmark $37,295
Heat 11-H: $1,050, $400K Gtd 378 $400,000 Aleks Better Russia $65,763



Following the first Weekly Finals, prize pools topped the $10 million mark, with first-place payouts now well over $1 million. Here’s how the numbers look after Heat 11.

Tournaments completed: 36
Tournaments ongoing: 3
Entries so far: 272,452
Prize pools so far: $12,621,720
First place prizes so far: $1,493,708


Heat 11 is now at its half-way point. Here’s how those three tournaments stand:

Heat 12-L: $11, 6-Max
Entries: 13,531 ( inc. 4,379 re-entries)
Prize pool: $132,603
Leader: biigjambony (China) | 48 players left

Heat 12-M: $109, 6-Max
Entries: 2,578 (inc. 822 re-entries)
Prize pool: $257,800
Leader: Roykus (Netherlands) | 48 players left

Heat 12-H: $1,050, 6-Max
Entries: 468 (inc. 129 re-entries)
Prize pool: $500,000
Leader: curevor (Slovenia) | 48 players left


Heat 13PKO
Buy-ins: $11, $109, $1,050
Guarantees: $200,000, $500,000, $750,000


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