NEW Spin & Goals: Making half time more interesting

June 14, 2018

So, here’s how you could spend half time during the football this summer.

You could take care of the usual, not forgetting to flush and wash your hands of course.

Then you could spend a few minutes trying to get through to the pizza place again.

By then you’ll probably want a refill, so you could take a trip to the fridge. Then waste a few more minutes trying to find the damn bottle opener.

You could try thinking up something funny to say on social media. But you only have 13 followers, and there’s not always anything fun to say about a 0-0 in the group stages.

You could try making small talk with the people you’re watching the game with.

(It’s okay, we’re just kidding)

Or you could win up to $1million in less time than it takes to do all the above in a Spin & Goal on PokerStars.

Spin & Goals are special football-themed Spin & Go tournaments to celebrate the summer of football.

Most offer added free bets, as well as a chance to spin your way up to $1 million in a three-handed Sit & Go’s that takes only minutes to play.

So you can play for as little as $5, and be back for the start of second half.

Or if you don’t like football skip the wait and play now.

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