It’s Spin & Goal time again, in our real-life take on the online game that could earn you $1 million.

This week things get serious (with apologies to Nanonoko for saying that) as Ben Spragg (complete with England shirt) and Fintan Hand go head to head.

These guys love their football. But the question is, can they kick one after spinning around several times?

You can win an actual Platinum Pass worth $30,000 by simply guessing how many goals Spraggy will score past Fintan Hand after… I can’t believe we’re writing this… spinning around until dizzy.

Because the football in Russia has already shown how funny it can be watching people spinning around, usually on the floor, while trying to score goals.

Turns out it’s something behold, whether it’s one of the world’s best footballers, or two blokes, on a beach, putting aside friendship to beat each other.

What does any of this have to do with anything?

Well, if you’ve been playing along so far you’ll know that guessing the number of goals and getting It right, earns you entry into a special Platinum Pass freeroll later this month.

The format remains the same.

All you have to do is watch the clip below and then guess how many goals Spraggy will score past Fintan (between 0 and 5), after the pre-requisite spinning.

Tweet your guess using the hashtag #SpinAndGoal with your Username. Do that before 23:59 ET on Thursday to be in with a chance to win a Platinum Pass.

When you’ve done that feel free to enjoy Randy Lew’s performance from last week. It may not be recognised by FIFA, but it might qualify for a comedy award, albeit while bringing shame on the Lew family.

And then the result…

If you scrolled down, rather than watching Nanonoko’s All Star performance, he scored a grand total of zero goals.

A total of 147 of you got the answer right, and will receive entry into the Platinum Pass Freeroll on July 22. Judging from the first video you have great reading skills. Nice job.

Spin & Goal ticket and PokerStars merch winners (including the winner of the Xbox on Facebook) can be found here:

Good luck making your guess this week. The answers will be revealed on Friday.

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