Six figure weekends for Sami Kelopuro, silentm0de, davaman and srxakgirona

August 17, 2020inPoker

This weekend, several notable players have walked away with six figure sums and no doubt a huge smile on their face. Highlights include:

  • Silentm0de wins Afterparty for $200k
  • Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro bags huge double score
  • srxakgirona wins HRC Single Event
  • Two $1 million tourneys still running

All this, plus the latest results from the High Roller Club and Sunday majors.

Silentm0de takes down Afterparty for $200k

The Stadium Series Afterparty High Roller event promised to bring together top players together for a final battle worth $1 million. 99 players made Phase 2, with the top three players all taking away six figure paydays.

Finnish pro Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro made it to third place. He bagged $103,886 to add to his $13 million in online lifetime scores. That wouldn’t be the last we’d see of Kelopuro this weekend. He also went on to net another huge win. More on that later.

Sami “Lrzlzk” Kelopuro picked up a double score worth over $196k this weekend

“davaman” from the UK and playing out of Mexico earned second place and netted $144,142.

“silentm0de”, no stranger to wins of this caliber having netted six figures in WCOOP, SCOOP and HR Series events, took down the second phase for a huge $200k.

High Roller Club

Sami “Lslzk” Kelopuro was also in action in the $5,200 High Roller Single Event, a tourney that has quickly gained momentum as one of the richest weekly events on Stars.

Kelopuro didn’t quite have the good fortune to claim first here either, but even a second place finish earned him $92,337.

His combined total for the two events reached $196,223 – a huge score even for a player who once made $1.3 million in eight hours playing PLO,  making Kelopuro easily one of the biggest winners of the weekend.

“srxakgirona” from the UK was the player to deny Kelopuro first place. srxakgirona’s recent scores include several HR Series wins worth over $100k, so they were clearly up there for the win and more than happy to walk away with the $119,483 top prize.

Elsewhere in the High Roller Club, Simon “C .Darwin2” Mattsson came back for more after a winning performance last weekend. The Swedish pro, who has over $16 million in online prizes and regularly hits the top spots in poker rankings, picked up a big double. Mattsson first hit a $12k win in the Daily Warm-up on Saturday, followed by a Saturday KO victory worth a total of $14,250.

“hello_totti”, one of the top poker players in Russia, also had a significant HRC win, made even more lucrative by an aggressive knockout performance. They earned $11,867 for first place in the $1,050 Sunday Cooldown, stringing together KOs worth a further $18,375 for a tournament total of a touch over $30k.

Best of the rest

Also in the majors this weekend:

  • WCOOP 2018 winner Ognyan “cocoJamb0” Dimov picked up one of Saturday’s biggest scores, coming first in the Saturday KO for $20,435 ($13,462 of which came by way of knockout).


  • 2018 SCOOP and 2019 WCOOP winner “Remi Lebo_10” from Ukraine took down the Sunday Warm-Up for $22,695.


  • “sansaorafael” from Brazil outlasted the entire field in the Mini Sunday Million to convert their $22 buy-in into $19,464.


  • “netodias12” from Brazil earned their biggest ever score, turning $11 into $16,398 in the Sunday Storm.


  • Back in April, “Kakiers04” from the Netherlands came second in the Sunday Warm-Up for $28k. This weekend, they won the $109 Sunday Cooldown for $14,586, plus $11,650 bounties, for a total of $26,236.


  • “sphinmx” from Brazil came first in the Sunday Supersonic, earning $20,920 in just 2 hours 7 minutes.


Two $1 million tourneys reach Day 2 conclusions

There are still two huge tourneys running from the weekend, both have prize pools of at least $1 million.

Mike “SirWatts” Watson is currently leading the $1 million Sunday Bounty Builder

The Sunday Million reached a prize pool of $1,081,600 from 10,816 entrants. Fourth place “S.N.I.N.1” from Moldova satellited into the tourney for $37.50 and earned $42,257, an ROI of 1,125%.

In third place came UK pro Chris “moorman1” Moorman, who has over $15 million in online winnings to his name. Moorman earned $58,472 for his finish in the Millie.

The top two players made a heads-up deal to smooth out the prize. “Warrior25409” from Czech Republic came second for $91,436, with “matheusttcm” from Brazil claiming the top spot and $101,436. Both smashed their previous scores out of the water.

The $530 Sunday HR Bounty Builder had a boosted guarantee, with $1 million to take in prizes for one week only. When the tourney went on break with 88 players, two top pros sat in first and second place – Canadian pro Mike “SirWatts” Watson has a commanding chip lead, whilst Sam “SamSquid” Grafton was closing in behind him.

The situation changed on Day 2, with Grafton crashing out in 18th place and Watson the first to leave the final table. “supersamboy” from Malta came second for $73,787, picking up $18,734 in knockouts along the way. “Spotzilla666” from Poland picked up first place and the final bounty, making a total win of $119,167.


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