Seven poker players running good for Cancer Research UK

March 29, 2021inPoker

Out there, running across the plains for Norfolk right now, are seven self-confessed snack munching poker players who, as you’ll see below, deserve a bit of attention.

Because as well as being poker players, this fun loving band of brothers from Lingwood, Norfolk, are combining their efforts for something incredible, and all in the name of raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Their plan may have been formulated at the poker table, but it couldn’t be further from it:

Run 42 marathons in six months.

That’s a marathon a month. Each.

Sounds a little on the crazy side. But as the saying goes if you have a good why you can ensure any how.

And the why belonged to Graham Preston, a member of the group, lost his mother to cancer last year.

“When my mum died, I told the guys that I was going to run a marathon in her memory and that’s when they all said they wanted to sign up and support me– so we came up with the crazy idea of each one us running a marathon a month for six months.”

It’s a long way from their usual habitat.

Calling themselves The House of Snacks, these seven strictly amateur players meet up every week for a virtual game of poker and to check in on each other’s progress. And it’s going well for a group whose usual exercise is a kick around in the park with the kids, who battle the elements winning the admiration of locals, and now, hopefully, fellow poker players everywhere.

Top row L-R: Steve D’Souza, Phil Barnes, Pete Daines, Carl Eady. Bottom row: Carl Johnson, Rob Dye, Graham Preston

“We don’t take ourselves seriously and there is far more beer drunk and snacks eaten than actual poker playing but we do enjoy it and there is a lot of teasing and banter thrown around,” said Graham.

The poker might not be serious, but the fundraising is.

So far, they’re managed to raise more than £3,000, with some well-placed collection pots in the village.

“The support has been fantastic”, said Graham. “It’s so touching to have the House of Snacks running alongside me but also to have the whole village backing us as well, is just incredible. Every penny counts and it’s all going to fight cancer.”

Graham added; “Besides Rob, none of us were runners. Just a bunch of middle aged men trying our best to get up and run a few miles each day to raise money for a good cause. There have been a few aches, strains and moans along the way, but we have all come a long way since we first started.”

Home games have been a great way for poker players to meet up while COVID-19 has kept everyone at home. And even more so. A way for friends to keep in touch, and in this case, raise money for a great cause, in memory of people we love.

They all post regular updates with videos and pictures on their Facebook page  House of Snacks.

PokerStars is glad to be able to help fellow poker players raise as much money as they can and will be making a donation to the House of Snacks.

If you’d like to find out more, or even make a donation, you can do that on their fundraising page.



Click on the video above to hear some of those messages of support, or read on below for some of those messages.

Ben Spragg…

Just wanted to wish you all the best with your charity fundraising efforts and your marathons. I hope you guys are all running better than I am at the moment. That’s a little poker joke for you, but a really great thing you guys are doing and wish you all the best.

Georgina James…

Hey, guys, I heard about your marathon challenge raising money for Cancer Research UK. I’m just sad to say I wish you the best of luck. And that’s what you guys in this great houses.

Felix Schneiders…

I just wanted to wish you good luck in your upcoming marathon. Running against cancer, trying to raise awareness. I wish you all the best. And I think that’s a great, great cause to run for.

Arlie Shaban…

I heard what you guys are doing over there at the House of Snacks, and I just got to say awesome job. Keep it going and good luck.

Fintan Hand…

I just wanted to say I is running this amount of marathons. It’s not something I could do. And obviously you’re doing it for a great cause. I think it’s great that you’ve all come together for crimes. Mom, we all know someone who’s had their lives affected by cancer. And it’s a miserable, miserable disease and it’s an absolutely great call. And so I wish you the best of luck on the very latest.

Tom Hayward…

Hey, guys, just having so much respect for what you’re doing. You know what? Who’s prepared to put their body through hell for the sake of others? It’s like it’s Mark Spitz. Props to you guys. And Gram, of course, my heart goes out to you, man. I can’t imagine what you’re going through, basically. And all I can say is it’ll be my pleasure to help bring some awareness to your cause.

Mason Pye…

All right, lads, I just want to wish you the best of luck for these marathon runs during this year. What incredible feat for such an amazing cause. My own family has suffered the effects of someone with bowel cancer, and it is a horrible, horrible ride. But you guys are the shining light on what is such a terrible, terrible disease. So from the bottom, my heart, I say thank you. Good luck raising money and kick cancer’s US bill out lots.




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