Seat Me released on after success in Spain

January 05, 2018

Almost one year ago we released Seat Me, a new feature to protect our cash game tables, on The goal was to protect the games by removing the option for players to pick their tables, and seats at the tables, and get them straight into the action.

Throughout 2017, we took our time tweaking this feature on, making sure we were happy with it over a longer time scale. Today, we have achieved most of our initial goals with Seat Me; greatly reducing players’ ability to hunt specific opponents, completely preventing the use of seating scripts, and creating an environment where recreational players play more hands. With this release, we also saw some players making the decision to switch to ZOOM cash games.

The most interesting challenge has been to put the right time penalties in place. Finding rules that prevent abusers without penalizing legitimate players required a few iterations over the course of 2017. The only behaviour that we wanted to limit was the bumhunting and use of seating scripts against casual players, not multi-tabling or the ability to switch tables for legitimate reasons. Overall, I feel that we are close to this goal as the larger proportion of our players, particularly the recreational players, are rarely, if at all, exposed to the time penalties implemented, while the more experienced players can also continue to showcase their talents at the table.

Now that shared liquidity is becoming a reality for France and Spain, which like many of our players, we welcome with open arms as sensible regulation that will benefit the game and players, it is a perfect time to expand this feature for the benefit of the French players, making sure that both countries will play under the same conditions. The latest rules that we are applying are accessible to players HERE, and the goal is to continue to expand this feature in 2018, ensuring we take the time to do it correctly.


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