SCOOP: toetagU tops tough field in Event #38-High (Main Event)

May 18, 2010

SCOOP logo.gifA million dollars. And then some. More than what most of those winning WSOP bracelets will be taking home this summer. That’s what awaited the winner of the 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event ($10,300 buy-in, NLHE) which played to its conclusion on Monday.

After yesterday’s Day 1, the original field of 615 had been cut down to 27. (Click here to read a full recap of the first day’s action.)

As the first hands were dealt on the final three tables, Greg “DuckU” Hobson enjoyed the chip lead with 607,196, followed by Aaron “AJinOK” Ruppert in second (539,241) and Sam “siola” Iola in third (407,169).

From 27 to 18

The first nine out today would all earn $36,900. Action resumed with Level 23, where the blinds were 2,500/5,000 with a 625 ante.

Phil “USCphildo” Collins started the day in 27th place out of the remaining 27. And after just five minutes of play on Day 2 that’s where he’d end up after his A♥3♥ failed to catch up to BradL’s A♠J♥.

Nicolas “niccc” Chouity began the day squarely in the middle of the pack — in 14th — and was sitting with about 200,000 when a hand arose in which he’d get all of his chips in the middle on a 5♥7♥6♦ flop against Ryan “toetagU” Fair. niccc held 4♥4♣ and toetagU K♥9♥. The 6♥ came on the turn, giving Fair the flush, and the Q♥ sealed it, sending Chouity out in 26th.

Meanwhile, Benny “toweliestar” Spindler won a massive pot versus overnight chip leader Greg “DuckU” Hobson when his set of queens held against the latter’s flush draw, propelling Spindler into first and sending Hobson into the lower division.


Benny “toweliestar” Spindler

The mysterious RaiseOnce (about whom there’s been much speculation regarding his identity) was next eliminated in 25th, after getting it all 275,000-plus of his chips in preflop A♣K♠ but failing catch up to Kristoffer “Sumpas” Thorsson’s J♣J♦. He’d soon be followed by Fred Brink in 24th who lost a race with K♦7♦ to Sam “KingKobeMVP” Stein’s J♣J♦.

At about the 40-minute mark, Brent “Astrolux85” Roberts was knocked out in 23rd after a three-way all-in hand when romashka55 rivered a straight. Take a look:

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One hand later Konstantin “Bongbob” Bücherl would dispatch of ubon1. The latter held pocket sevens against BongBob’s A♠K♠, but an ace flopped, ending ubon1’s day in 22nd.

KGBkaka would next go out in 21st in a big hand versus “toweliestar” Spindler and nagyy88. KGBkaka held pocket queens, Spindler pocket kings, and nagyy A♥Q♥. Three hearts would come, giving nagyy88 the nearly half million-chip pot and sending KGBkaka to the rail.

Play had reached Level 25 (3,500/7,000/875) when Herr_Jude got his stack of just under 150,000 all in with pocket nines versus BradL’s A♣J♠. A jack flopped, and Herr_Jude was out in 20th.

Next, with the board showing 10♠J♥A♣8♠A♦ and 115,160 in the middle, Nickdawgg checked, and “toweliestar” Spindler shoved all in for 278,172. Nickdawgg thought a bit, then called with his remaining 188,005 with K♣J♠. Unfortunately for him, Spindler held A♠10♦ for aces full of tens, and they were down to two tables.

From 18 to 9

At this point “Sumpas” Thorsson had surged into the chip lead, followed closely by BradL and “toweliestar” Spindler. Meanwhile, Danny98765, ofishstix, and jpmetalman were all sitting on the short stacks.

The next three to go all earned $49,200. Danny98765 would soon be forced to gamble with K♦10♠ against “BongBob” Bücherl’s A♠K♣, and when the community cards brought no help he was out in 18th. Next came an all-in between nagyy88 with A♠K♦ and toetagU with A♥K♥. Two hearts flopped, and a third on the turn meant nagyy88 was out in 17th. ofishstix then lost a race with pocket sevens to garompon’s A♥8♦ to exit in 16th.

The next three spots paid $61,500. A hand arose in which Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen raised preflop from middle position and got a caller in siola in the big blind. The flop came 5♠8♠2♦. siola checked, Guillen fired a c-bet, siola check-raised all in, and Guillen called with his remaining 200,000 or so. Guillen held pocket nines for the overpair, but siola had flopped a set with 5♠5♦. siola’s hand held, and Guillen was gone in 15th.


Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen, 15th-place finisher, 2010 SCOOP Main Event-High

Next to go was romashka55, felled in 14th with J♦3♦ by “BongBob” Bücherl’s pocket sevens. Then came a big hand between “toweliestar” Spindler and delaney_kid in which a series of preflop raises put Spindler all in with pocket nines against delaney_kid’s 10♣10♦. The tends held, and Spindler was out in 13th.

Aaron “AJinOK” Ruppert had started the day in second, but had become short-stacked and would be the next to go all in. Ruppert held pocket nines, and had committed his stack of 177,561 preflop versus BradL’s J♥8♥. Both a jack and an eight flopped, and AJinOK was out in 12th, earning $73,800. Taking home the same prize were garompon in 11th — outsted with A♠Q♦ against toetagU’s A♥K♣ — and Sam “KingKobeMVP” Stein in 10th — done in with A♥J♦ against BradL’s pocket fives after the board brought five cards no higher than a six.

After less than two hours of play on Day 2, we had our final nine:


Seat 1: cpfactor — 371,912
Seat 2: toetagU — 1,648,000
Seat 3: delaney_kid — 498,992
Seat 4: BradL — 816,526
Seat 5: DuckU — 507,287
Seat 6: Sumpas — 871,742
Seat 7: jpmetalman — 155,075
Seat 8: BongBob — 624,653
Seat 9: siola — 655,813

From 9 to 2

First out at the final table was delaney_kid — who also, incidentally, very nearly made the final table in the “Medium” version of the Main Event, going out in 10th place. Over here, delaney_kid was sitting with just over 500,000 in sixth place when toetagU opened with a raise to 18,000 from middle position. delaney_kid called from the next seat over, then it folded around to Sumpas who made it 55,000. All folded back to delaney_kid who repopped it to 121,111, Sumpas shoved, and delaney_kid called, showing 10♦10♥ to Sumpas’s Q♠Q♦. The board ran out J♦2♠K♥J♣8♥, and delaney_kid was gone in ninth.

Next jpmetalman, short-stacked at 258,380, watched from the big blind as siola raised, then BradL reraised. jpmetalman shoved all in over the top, getting siola to fold but drawing a call from BradL. jpmetalman had a good hand 10♣10♥ — but BradL had a better one — A♣A♥. The board went eight-high, and jpmetalman was out in eighth.

Not long afterwards, it folded around to Konstantin “Bongbob” Bücherl in the small blind who raised to 26,969. Sam “siola” Iola reraised to 69,420, Bongbob pushed all in, and siola called with his last 408,338. Like jpmetalman, siola had 10♣10♠, but also like jpmetalman, that would prove his last hand, as BongBob showed K♦Q♦, a queen flopped, and siola couldn’t improve, busted in seventh.

At the three-hour mark for Day 2, the blinds had reached 6,000/12,000 (1,500 ante) when toetagU raised to 28,454 from UTG. BradL called from UTG+1, as did BongBob (SB) and cpfactor (BB). The flop came 8♠J♠2♣. It checked to toetagU who continued for 48,000, then BradL raised to 156,000. BongBob then shoved all in for 694,065, prompting quick folds from cpfactor and toetagU, but a quick call from BradL.

“BongBob” Bücherl showed 8♥8♦ for middle set, but BradL had J♥J♥ for top set. The turn was the 6♣ and the river the Q♦, and they were down to five.

About 15 minutes later, Danny “cpfactor” Smith open-raised all in for 249,968 with K♦J♠ and was called by toetagU who held A♣J♦. The community cards came 3♥2♥J♣5♦A♥, and cpfactor was out in fifth.

The final four battled back and forth for a little over a half-hour, with very few flops seen as all were mostly content to nurse their still deep stacks. Finally toetagU raised from the button, BradL called from the SB, then DuckU pushed all in for 298,333 from the BB. toetagU got out, but BradL called, turning over A♣K♥ to DuckU’s pocket jacks. A king flopped, and DuckU couldn’t catch up.

With just three left, the tourney was paused to discuss a possible deal. Both toetagU and BradL were agreeable to a straight “chip chop” (leaving $100K for which to play), but Sumpas — third in chips at the time — said he’d prefer to play on, and so they did.

They were in Level 30 (8,000/16,000/2,000) when toetag1 raised to 40,980 from the small blind, and BradL called from the BB. The flop came 2♦7♠7♣. toetagU bet 43,000, and BradL called. The turn was the 8♦, and toetagU bet again, this time 112,000. BradL responded by raising to 270,000, and after a bit of a think toetagU called.

The river was the K♣. toetagU bet a smallish-looking 180,000, then BradL shoved all in for 1,093,927. toetagU took his time, then finally called, showing 7♥6♥ for trip sevens. BradL held A♠5♣ — a failed bluff — and was out in third.

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When heads-up play began, toetagU had 3,847,887 and the lead over Kristoffer “Sumpas” Thorsson’s 2,302,113. The pair would battle for 44 hands, with toetagU increasing his lead to about a 3-to-1 advantage. Then, on the 45th hand, with the blinds 10,000/20,000 (2,500 ante), toetagU opened with a raise to 48,000 from the small blind/button, Sumpas made it 153,000, toetagU pushed back making it 340,500, Sumpas pushed all in for 1,533,500 total, and toetagU called.

Sumpas showed 7♣7♠ and needed help against toetagU’s J♠J♣. The flop came 4♣4♥K♣, the turn was the K♠, and the river brought a J♦, giving toetagU a poetic-seeming full house to go with that $1,162,350 first prize.

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SCOOP Event #38-High Main Event Results:
1st place: toetagU ($1,162,350)
2nd place: Sumpas ($851,775)
3rd place: BradL ($627,300)
4th place: DuckU ($473,550)
5th place: cpfactor ($332,100)
6th place: BongBob ($261,375)
7th place: siola ($199,875)
8th place: jpmetalman ($138,375)
9th place: delaney_kid ($94,095)

For more on the Main Event-high final table, check out the live blog. And for all sorts of results and other stats from this year’s 114-tourney long Spring Championship of Online Poker, check out the SCOOP site.


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