SCOOP: Terrence “Unassigned” Chan goes back-to-back, winning his second SCOOP title of the night in Event #20-high, $5,200 LHE

April 12, 2009

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The road to a SCOOP final table is fraught with suckouts, bluffs, value bets, miracle river cards, moments of heart-pounding tension, and long, intense hours of concentration. Now let’s multiply that by two. Over the course of this week we’ve seen several players who have accomplished the feat of making two SCOOP final tables in a single night. Sdouble finished in eighth place in Event #1-high, $530 NLHE with Rebuys while simulatenously making a final table run that would end in a win in Event #2-medium, $109 PLO8. Skalexjung made twin fourth-place finishes in the $320 and the $3,150 installments of Event #16- Seven-Card Stud. And Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi was ever so close to back to back wins in Event #16-medium and Event #18-low, but came up just short.

Tonight, Terrence “Unassigned” Chan, pulled off the impossible, winning an unprecedented two SCOOP events in one day– taking down Event #20-medium ($530 LHE 6-max) AND Event #20-high ($5,200 LHE 6-max) for a mind-boggling one-night haul of $186,187.50. Chan also won two SCOOP Champion’s Watches as well as the unofficial title of “Master of the Universe” when it comes to limit hold’em tournaments.

To say this event brought out the elite would be an understatement. 99 players pulled $5,200 out of their bankrolls to buy into Event #20-H, creating a $495,000 prize pool. 12 places were paid, with first place prize money set at $134,887.50. In the field representing Team PokerStars Pro were Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, John Duthie, Vanessa Rousso, and Noah Boeken. Rousso just missed the money in 14th place while Boeken was the only Team Pro to cash, bubbling off the final table in seventh place. Other familiar screen names in the mix included Andy McLEOD, t soprano, buck21, Hoss_TBF, jmonnett, Lenny, Dustin “neverwin” Woolf, Josh “nitbuster” Arieh, Millie “PokerSnoopy” Shiu, Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb, Sowerss, and Daniel “steamraise” Alaei, who went out on the money bubble in 13th place.

Noah “Exclusive” Boeken ended up just missing the final table after losing his entire remaining stack to zangbezan24 on consecutive hands. After Boeken couldn’t beat zangbezan24’s aces up in a 26,000 pot, his last 3,218 went into the middle before the flop holding Q♠10♠ to zangbezan24’s A♥4♦. Boeken couldn’t improve and hit the rail,sending the remaining six to the final table.

Here’s how our finalists stacked up as action got underway:

Seat 1: zangbezan24 (117,171 in chips)
Seat 2: nimzon (75,502 in chips)
Seat 3: madscout (49,218 in chips)
Seat 4: shaundeeb (68,600 in chips)
Seat 5: Unassigned (127,949 in chips)
Seat 6: Tulkaz (56,560 in chips)

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With a roomy structure and the betting limits only up to 1,600/3,200 at the start of the final table, most of the players were still fairly deep-stacked. While playing three-handed on the final table bubble, Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb had been forced to play carefully, sitting sandwiched between then-big stacks Unassigned and nimzon. However, once Deeb hit the final table he seriously turned up the aggression, more than doubling his stack within the first few orbits. A good part of that chip infusion came courtesy of zangbezan24, on an unlucky hand where both players flopped top pair on a ten-high board and turned trips, zangbezan24 with 9♣10♣ and Deeb with K♠10♠ for the better kicker. Zangbezan fell to 80,000 chips after that hand and his stack continued to bleed, while Deeb kept picking up pot after pot.

Tulkaz just couldn’t get anything going, winning only three small pots out of the sixty played during his stint at the final table, Down to 9,000 in chips, Tulkaz raised from UTG, shaundeeb three-bet from the small blind, Tulkaz capped and Deeb called. Deeb led out on the 10♥6♦5♥ flop and Tulkaz called all in for less, showing A♠9♦ to Deeb’s top pair with K♣10♣. The turn was the Q♠, the river was the 2♥ and Tulkaz hit the rail in sixth place, earning $25,987.50.

After taking down this pot, which was capped three-ways before the flop, madscout’s stack broke the 100,000 mark moving him into the front half of the pack. Here’s how the hand played out:

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As play continued to proceed five-handed, Unassigned, shaundeeb and madscout were the big stacks with between 115-158K while zangbezan24 and nimzon were the short stacks with 48,000 and 24,000 respectively. Madscout’s stint as a big stack ended up being somewhat short-lived, though, as he fell to 70,000 over the course of two hands. First, he folded to zangbezan24 on the river in a 16,000 pot then lost another 20,000 after shaundeeb three-bet him preflop and led out on every street on the Q♥8♠6♣7♥Q♣ board. Madscout called down only to have shaundeeb roll over Q♦10♠ for trips and win the pot.

Zangbezan24 managed to hold on as a short stack for well over an hour, making several lucky all-in escapes before putting 12,000 of his remaining 17,134 in pre-flop in a capped betting round against Unassigned. The flop came down 7♦5♠3♥ and Unassigned led out. Zangbezan24 raised all in and Unassigned called, turning over 7♥7♣ for top set against zangbezan24’s Q♠3♠ for bottom pair. The turn fell the 3♣, making Unassigned a full house and leaving zangbezan24 drawing dead as the K♥ hit the river. After a valiant run, zangbezan24 went out in fifth place, collecting $34,650 for his performance.

As play turned four-handed, Unassigned and shaundeeb were still on top with 258,000 and 158,000 chips respectively, while nimzon had fallen to 44,000 and madscout was hanging on as the short stack with 35,000. Madscout lost about two-thirds of those chips to Unassigned, raising pre-flop and calling Unassigned’s three-bet. Unassigned led at the 9♠4♥2♠ flop and madscout made the call. Unsassigned check-called a bet from madscout when the turn came the Q♥ and both players checked down the 9♣ on the river. Unassigned turned up A♠J♣ for a pair of nines, ace kicker and all madscout could do was muck. Madscout’s last 11,179 in chips went in pre-flop on the next hand against both nimzon and shaundeeb who continued betting on the side. With the board running out K♦J♣5♠K♠5♦, shaundeeb’s A♠J♦ for kings and fives with an ace kicker was good enough to win the pot and eliminate madscout in fourth place. Madscout earned $47,025 for his finish.

Though nimzon did his best to rally back, he was in a difficult spot– trapped between two extremely aggressive big stacks. Down to 16,649 in chips, nimzon came in for a pre-flop raise and Unassigned made the call from the big blind. Unassigned check-called nimzon’s bet on the 8♦7♠4♥ flop and check-called again when the turn came the 3♣. The river was the 4♣ and nimzon bet his last 1,649, Unassigned making the call. Neither player’s hand had improved, nimzon with J♠10♥ for a pair of fours with a jack, but Unassigned had him out-kicked with K♥5♦, winning the pot and sending nimzon to the rail in third place for a $69,300 score.

As heads-up play commenced, Chan and Deeb’s chip counts were nearly even:

Seat 4: Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb (222,678 in chips)
Seat 5: Terrence “Unassigned” Chan (272,322 in chips)

Remarkably, just as Chan began playing Deeb heads-up in this event, he was also playing heads-up in Event #20-Medium, the $530 buy-in 6-max limit hold’em event. He would go on to win that tournament before this one could wrap up.

Heads-up play lasted a positively epic 314 hands. Though the two stuck to playing small pots at first, Deeb started pulling away when he won three 40k+ pots in a row to take his stack up to 338,000. Though Deeb whittled Chan down to 44,000 at one point, Chan ground his way back up, evening the chip counts after half an hour of play.

Chan manage to take a 3 to 2 chip lead over Deeb on this hand where he made a jack-high straight on the turn and Deeb paid him off on the river with two pair:

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Chan did his best to whittle Deeb’s stack away, getting him down to 125,000 at one point, but the young online tournament sensation kept fighting his way back. The two traded small and medium-sized pots for what seemed like an eternity and after 235 hands of heads-up play, they were back where they started– nearly even. Though Deeb pulled ahead, working his stack back up to 320,000, Chan swooped in and took down nine pots in a row to reclaim the chip lead.

Another streak where Chan won seven pots in a row sent Deeb’s chip count plummeting, all the way to 84,000.

“I realize now why I should never ever play limit hu” wrote Deeb in the chat box.

“We’re just taking turns running hot” replied Chan

In tournament poker, whomever runs hot last usually ends up winning and tonight those honors went to Terrence Chan. On the final hand, Deeb made the opening raise and the two capped the betting. Chan checked the Q♠J♣10♣ flop, Deeb bet out, and they capped it again, leaving Deeb with only 4,178 behind. Those last chips went into the pot when the turn came down the 8♥, Deeb turning up 10♠10♦ for a set and Chan with K♠Q♣ for top pair and an open-ended straight draw. Though Deeb was a favorite, tonight belonged to Terrence Chan, the A♥ falling on the river to make him a winning Braodway straight. For the second time in a single night, Terrence “Unassigned” Chan took down a SCOOP title and added $134,887.50 to the $51,300 he took home for his victory in the $530 limit hold’em event for a grand total of $186.187.50. For his runner-up finish, Deeb earned a very healthy $90,337.50.

A hearty congratulations goes out to Terrence Chan for this unprecidented accomplishment.

Results for SCOOP Event #20-high, $5,200 limit hold’em (6-max)

1. Terrence “Unassigned” Chan ($134,887.50)
2. Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb ($90,337.50)
3. nimzon ($69,300)
4. madscout ($47,025)
5. zangbezan24 ($34,650)
6. Tulkaz ($25,987.50)


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