SCOOP: roo_4 defeats drecster for Event #35-L $270 NL Heads-Up crown

May 17, 2010

scoop2009_thn.gifHave you ever been in a fistfight? Did you win it? How about more than one? Did you win those?

But have you ever won 11 fights… in a row?

Heads-up poker is similar to a back alley brawl. Winning a heads-up match requires your full attention and deep concentration. With heads-up poker, you can’t exactly take a couple of hands off like you can at a full-ring table, because you have to be bringing your A-game on every single hand. The mental fatigue acquired in a single heads-up match can be brutal, especially against a gritty opponent that simple won’t die, hence, the fighting metaphor.

But try winning 11 of them… in a row.

1,522 players had the sights set on a SCOOP title. The task sounded easy… win 11 consecutive heads-up matches. Day 1 featured five rounds, the field was narrowed down to 64. Each of those players won five matches. Action resumed for Day 2 on Sunday as the final 64 played down to an eventual winner in six rounds of heads-up matches. Team PokerStars Pro Tae Joon Noh was among the final 64, including James “Andy McLEOD”Obst, Peter “belabacsi” Traply, and Supernova LockdownTex.

Players begin each round with 10,000 in chips and stacks reset when they advance to the next round.

Round 6: From 64 to 32

The losers of the first matches of Day 2 were guaranteed to win $1,141.50.

Round 6 Results:
Table 1: kiaser DEFEATED jackellwood
Table 2: LockdownTex DEFEATED Lordvoldalot
Table 3: tRaMp$dPrAy DEFEATED *krasav4ik*
Table 4: drecster DEFEATED strflushtome
Table 5: luckymax75 DEFEATED Thiago3000
Table 6: Doommy DEFEATED BigFlopper01
Table 7: gwaag DEFEATED Fidget65
Table 8: ehle123 DEFEATED GGgrampGreed
Table 9: fluddy85 DEFEATED GordyLamb
Table 10: Foldager DEFEATED SquintNGo
Table 11: ON_DA_GRYND DEFEATED brothajuice
Table 12: thanksB DEFEATED U_TILT_ME
Table 13: Akash2 DEFEATED Faith666
Table 14: immer-voll DEFEATED gordo16
Table 15: StatusUp DEFEATED SixthSenSe18
Table 16: KingGorn DEFEATED Ojeee
Table 17: yannik94 DEFEATED P0KERDUUDE
Table 18: PokinStaR DEFEATED UhhMee
Table 19: Team Poker Stars Pro Tae Joon Noh DEFEATED A_Broholm
Table 20: Andy McLEOD DEFEATED frtk
Table 21: daPHUNNIEman DEFEATED Spoetter
Table 22: di$a$ster DEFEATED im#1gangster
Table 23: HC2006 DEFEATED roo_400
Table 24: Belabasci DEFEATED MrSmokey1
Table 25: BigRiskky DEFEATED NBiggel
Table 26: GGAYCD DEFEATED puffinmypurp
Table 27: OOPUS170 DEFEATED Mastnosis
Table 28: hibachi41 DEFEATED Table41
Table 29: pokthemonkey DEFEATED PokerSavage1
Table 30: BUCKIZ6 DEFEATED obywatel_g
Table 31: BadcardsAA DEFEATED stevenvol
Table 32: C-J Rubin7 DEFEATED teacuppoker

Notables advancing to Round 7 included Andy McLEOD, Belabacsi, LockdownTex, and Team Pro Tae Joon Noh.

Notable eliminations included MrSmokey1 (61st), gordo16 (59th), and teacuppoker (33rd).

* * *

Round 7: From 32 to 16

The 16 players who failed to advance to the Sweet 16 were guaranteed $2,283.

Round 7 Matchups:
Table 1: LockdownTex vs. kiaser
Table 2: drecster vs. tRaMp$dPrAy
Table 3: luckymax75 vs. Doommy
Table 4: ehle123 vs. gwaag
Table 5: Foldager vs. fluddy85
Table 6: ON_DA_GRYND vs. thanksB
Table 7: immer-voll vs. Akash2
Table 8: Ojeee vs. StatusUp
Table 9: PokinStaR vs. yannik94
Table 10: Andy McLEOD vs. Pokerstars Pro Tae Joon Noh
Table 11: di$a$ster vs. daPHUNNIEman
Table 12: roo_400 vs. Belabacsi
Table 13: GGAYCD vs. BigRiskky
Table 14: Mastnosis vs. hibachi42
Table 15: pokthemonkey vs. BUCKIZ6
Table 16: C-J Rubin7 vs. BadcardsAA

Andy McLEOD took out Team Pokerstars Pro Tae Joon Noh in 25th place. The board read A♦8♥7♦2♥2♦. Andy McLEOD bet 2,200, Tae Joon Noh shoved for 6,072, and Andy McLEOD called. Tae Joon Noh showed 10♦9♦, but his flush was not good enough to beat Andy McLEOD’s flush with J♦5♦.

You can view the Tae Joon’s Noh’s elimination hand here…

RSS readers must click through to view the replayer

StatusUp busted out in 22nd place. He had flopped a set of deuces, but Ojeee rivered a straight with 4♦3♣ to send him to the rail.

Peter “Belabacsi” Traply was eliminated in 19th place when his Q♥Q♠ lost to roo_400’s A♥8♠. He pursuit of a second SCOOP title this year had come to a close.

The longest match of this round occurred on Table 4 between whle123 and gwaag. On the final hand, both players were all-in preflop. Gwaag’s A♣4♣ trailed whle123’s A♦5♠, but he took the lead with a four on the flop, but whle123 caught running cards to fill in the Wheel. He won the pot and advanced to the Sweet 16, while gwaag exited in 17th.

Round 7 RESULTS:
Table 1: LockdownTex DEFEATED kiaser
Table 2: drecster DEFEATED tRaMp$dPrAy
Table 3: luckymax75 DEFEATED Doommy
Table 4: ehle123 DEFEATED gwaag
Table 5: Foldager DEFEATED fluddy85
Table 7: immer-voll DEFEATED Akash2
Table 8: Ojeee DEFEATED StatusUp
Table 9: PokinStaR DEFEATED yannik94
Table 10: Andy McLEOD DEFEATED Team Pokerstars Pro Tae Joon Noh
Table 11: di$a$ster DEFEATED daPHUNNIEman
Table 12: roo_400 DEFEATED Belabacsi
Table 13: GGAYCD DEFEATED BigRiskky
Table 14: Mastnosis DEFEATED hibachi42
Table 15: pokthemonkey DEFEATED BUCKIZ6
Table 16: C-J Rubin7 DEFEATED BadcardsAA

Notable Eliminations:Team PokerStars Pro Tae Joon Noh (24th), StatusUp (22nd), and Peter “Belabacsi” Traply (19th).

* * *

Sweet 16 Highlights

The final 16 players reached a crucial stage in the tournament with a $7,000 money jump on the line. If they failed to advance, then they only collected $3,424.50. The Elite 8 players would guarantee themselves a $10,463.75 payout.

Sweet 16 Match Ups:
Table 1: drecster vs. LockdownTex
Table 2: ehle123 vs. luckymax75
Table 3: Foldager vs. ON_DA_GRYND
Table 4: immer-voll vs. Ojeee
Table 5: Andy McLEOD vs. PokinStaR
Table 6: di$a$ster vs. roo_400
Table 7: GGAYCD vs. Mastnosis
Table 8: C-J Rubin7 vs. pokthemonkey

Mastnosis Eliminated in 16th Place ($3,424.50)

Mastnosis became the first player to exit from the Sweet 16. On a board of 10♠7♠5♦9♣, Mastnosis checked, GGAYCD bet 1,380, Mastnosis check-raised all-in for 4,690, and GGAYCD called.

Mastnosis: 10♣9♦
GGAYCD: 7♥5♣

Mastnosis was ahead with a better two-pair, but the 7♣ spiked on the river to improve GGAYCD to a full house. He won the pot and Mastnosis hit the road in 16th place.

PokinStaR Eliminated in 15th Place ($3,424.50)

Andy McLEOD’s quest for the title continued when he knocked out PokinStaR. On a board of Q♣9♦4♥2♠10♦, Andy McLEOD bet 650, PokinStaR raised to 2,970, Andy McLEOD re-raised all-in for 10,097. He had PokinStaR covered, who just called. Both players had a straight, but Andy McLEOD’s K♠J♦ and king-high straight was superior to PokinStaR’s J♠8♠. Andy McLEOD won the pot, and PokinStaR busted out in 15th.

di$a$ter Eliminated in 14th Place

Classic race, all-in preflop. Roo_400’s 5♠5♣ averted disaster when his pair won a flip against di$a$ter’s A♦Q♥.

ON_DA_GRYND Eliminated in 13th Place ($3,424.50)

ON_DA_GRYND lost a flip with A♦K♠ against Foldager’s 8♦8♣, and was crippled. He busted out two hands later.

LockdownTex Eliminated in 12th Place ($3,424.50)

Both players were all-in preflop. LockdownTex’s K♦Q♠ could not chase down drecster’s A♦9♥. The Supernova was out in 12th place.

immer-voll Eliminated in 11th Place ($3,424.50)

Action flop for immer-voll after he flopped bottom pair and a flush draw against Ojeee’s Q♥Q♠. Both players got it all-in, and Ojeee faded the flush to win the pot, as immer-voll headed to the rail in 11th.

pokthemonkey Eliminated in 10th Place ($3,424.50)

Pokthemonkey had been frustrating C-J Rubin7 for most of the tournament because C-J Rubin7 took a monster lead early on, but he couldn’t deliver the knock out blow. Until… they got it all in preflop. Pokthemonkey was ahead with A♥Q♣ against A♦7♦, however, a seven on the flop was all C-J Rubin7 needed to win the pot. Pokthemonkey busted out in 10th place, as C-J Rubin7 advanced to the Elite 8.

ehle123 Eliminated in 9th Place ($3,424.50)

This match was the longest of the Sweet 16. As the match hit the ninety-minute mark, Luckymax75 took a sizable lead when he four-flushed ehle123’s two-pair. On the final hand, both players were all-in preflop. Ehle123 was ahead with K♥7♥ against luckymax75’s Q♣J♥, but with a name like luckymax75, you know what’s coming… right? A queen on the flop sealed the deal for luckymax75 and he advanced to the Elite 8. Ehle123 headed to the rail in 9th place.

Sweet 16 Results:
Table 1: drecster DEFEATED LockdownTex
Table 2: ehle123 DEFEATED luckymax75
Table 3: Foldager DEFEATED ON_DA_GRYND
Table 4: Ojeee DEFEATED immer-voll
Table 5: Andy McLEOD DEFEATED PokinStaR
Table 6: roo_400 DEFEATED di$a$ster
Table 7: GGAYCD DEFEATED Mastnosis
Table 8: C-J Rubin7 DEFEATED pokthemonkey

* * *

Elite 8 Highlights

The Elite 8 players guaranteed themselves a five figure payout after winning eight consecutive heads-up matches (five yesterday and three on Day 2). They were only three more heads-up victories away from the SCOOP title.

The Match Ups:
Table 1: drecster vs. luckymax75
Table 2: Foldager vs. Ojeee
Table 3: Andy McLEOD vs. roo_400
Table 4: C-J Rubin7 vs. GGAYCD

Andy McLEOD Eliminated in 8th Place ($10,463.75)

James “Andy McLEOD” Obst had gotten crippled when his two-pair lost to roo_400’s flopped straight with 9♠7♠. The Aussie pro managed to hang on for a bit and doubled up with pocket fours against Kings after flopping a set. Alas, short-stacked Andy McLEOD made a stand and shoved with A♦Q♣. It looked promising when roo_400 called with A♣6♠, but his fate was decided with a six on the flop. Andy McLEOD was unable to recover and busted out in 8th place. Roo_400 became the first player to advance to the Final Four.

Foldager Eliminated in 7th Place ($10,463.75)

Ojeee had been systematically chipping away at Foldager’s stack, and it was a matter of time before he had all of Foldager’s chips. All Foldager could do was play defense and hold him off for as long as he could. Foldager survived one all-in with a double up, but couldn’t replicate that feat a second time when he was all-in prelfop with A♥2♥ against Ojeee’s A♣10♣. The flop was Q♥10♥4♣, and Qjeee improved to a pair of tens, but Foldager flopped a flush draw. The turn was the 4♦ and the river was the 7♦ — both no help for Foldager. Ojeee faded the flush and won the pot, thereby securing a spot in the Final Four. Foldager was knocked out in 7th place.

luckymax75 Eliminated in 6th Place ($10,463.75)

On a flop of 9♥9♠7♠ (and with almost 1K in the pot), drecster checked, luckymax75 bet 480, drecster check-raised to 1,200, and luckymax75 shoved for 7,245. Drecster had him covered and called.

drecster: K♦9♦
luckymax75: K♠7♦

Luckymax75 needed to live up to his online moniker if he wanted to win, but the K♥ on the turn clinched the victory for drecster. The river was a meaningless 4♥, and luckymax75 busted out in 6th place. Drecster moved onto the Final Four.

GGAYCD Eliminated in 5th Place ($10,463.75)

C-J Rubin7 had GGAYCD on the ropes since the beginning of their match up, but for some reason, a scrappy GGAYCD hung around long enough to play in the longest match of the Elite 8.

When C-J Rubin7 thought his Q♠Q♣ was strong enough to finally deliver the blow, somehow GGAYCD managed to flush him out with A♠8♠. GGAYCD doubled up and was ready to continue fighting.

On the final hand, fireworks ensued on a board of A♣K♣8♣10♦. C-J Rubin7 checked, GGAYCD bet 640, C-J Rubin7 check-raised to 1,600, GGAYCD shoved for his last 2,772, and C-J Rubin7 called.

C-J Rubin7: 10♣6♣

C-J Rubin7 flopped a flush and GGAYCD was drawing dead. GGAYCD bubbled off the Final Four in 5th place, and C-J Rubin7 took another step toward glory.

Elite 8 Results:
Table 1: drecster DEFEATED luckymax75
Table 2: Ojeee DEFEATED Foldager
Table 3: roo_400 DEFEATED Andy McLEOD
Table 4: C-J Rubin7 DEFEATED. GGAYCD

* * *

The Final Four

The fab four… C-J Rubin7, roo_4000, Ojeee, and drecster. One of them was going to make history. The winners of this round would set the final match up for the championship. The two losers would exit with a $20,927 consolation prize.

The heads-up matches were actually speeding up. The Elite 8 round lasted under 1 hour, versus 90-100 minutes for the previous rounds, and an average of over 2 hours for the Day 1 matches.

Final 4 Match Ups:
Table 1: Ojeee vs. drecster
Table 2: C-J Rubin7 vs. roo_400

Ojeee Eliminated in 4th Place ($20,927)

Ojeee took a hit early on and could never recover. On a flop of 10♥5♣2♦, drecster bet 800 and Ojeee called. The turn was the Q♦, and both players checked. The river was the 3♣. Drecster bet 2,100 and Ojeee called. Drecster flopped top pair with A♦10♦, and missed a Wheel draw, but it was good enough to win the 7K pot. Ojeee mucked and slipped to under 5K.

The final hand was a wicked cooler. K♥K♣ vs. Q♥Q♦. All-in preflop. Ojeee’s queens were ravished by drecster’s kings even more so with a K♠ on the flop. Drecster’s set held up, and he won the pot and the match. He advanced to the championship heads-up match, while Ojeee was knocked out in 4th place.

C-J Rubin7 Eliminated in 3rd Place ($20,927)

If the first Final Four match went quick, the second match didn’t last too much longer clocking in around thirty minutes. Roo_400 took an early lead with a diamond flush to increase his stack to almost 13K.

On the final hand, C-J Rubin7 opened with a 200 raise and roo_400 called. The flop was 10♣5♥2♠. Roo_400 checked,C-J Rubin7 bet 200, and roo_400 called. The turn was the Q♠. Roo_400 checked, C-J Rubin7 bet 400, roo_400 check-raised to 1,400, and C-J Rubin7 called. The river was the Q♦. Roo_400 had C-J Rubin7 covered, and he shoved for 10,660. C-J Rubin7 called all-in for his last 5,740.

roo_400: 5♣5♠
C-J Rubin7: 10♦8♣

Roo_400’s full house was good enough to win the pot and the match. C-J Rubin7 busted out in 3rd place, as roo_400 moved onto the championship.

You can check out C-J Rubin7’s elimination hand using our replayer…

RSS readers must click through to view the replayer

Final Four Results:
Table 1: drecster DEFEATED Ojeee
Table 2: roo_400 DEFEATED C-J Rubin7

* * *

Heads Up Championship: drecster vs. roo_400

After two grueling days of heads-up matches, we were down to the final two players. Both had won ten matches to get to this point. First place would win the SCOOP title, along with a $30,000 difference in payouts between first place’s $64,685 and the runner-up’s $34,245.


The Championship Match:
Seat 1: drecster (10,000)
Seat 2: roo_400 (10,000)

Drecster struck first blood and won a small pot with K♥K♦. That set the tone for the first half-hour of the match. Roo_400 would lose 15 out of the ensuing 20 hands, mostly small pots, as his stack still slipped to 6.5K. Over the next 80 hands, drecster won the only significant pot with a 5-bet shove preflop.

After the first 100 hands, drecster increased his stack to 14,595, compared to roo_400’s 5,405.

On hand #114, Drecster won a 1.9k pot with Q♠J♠. He flopped trip queens and rivered a boat. He moved his stack to almost 16K and it appeared as like he was taking strides toward victory.

roo_400’s Surge

On hand #142, roo_400 got it all-in preflop for his last 3,135 in chips.

roo_400: A♦10♣
drecster: K♣J♣

Roo_400 was ahead and his hand held up after the board ran out 5♠3♠3♦Q♣9♠. He doubled up to 6,270.

On hand #147, momentumn shifted roo_400’s way when he doubled up and seized the lead. The board read A♥J♠2♥Q♠ and fireworks ensued. Roo_400 checked the turn, drecster bet 600, roo_400 check-raised to 2,000, drecster re-raised to 9,100, and roo_400 called all-in for 3,620.

roo_400: K♦10♠

Although drecster flopped top two pair, roo_400 had turned a Broadway straight. Drecster still had outs for a boat, but the 10♣ did not help him. Roo_400 doubled up to 12K and snagged the chip lead. Within five hands, he had gone from the prey to the hunter.

On Hand #174, roo_400 won a 5.9K pot with K♥10♠ to improve his stack to almost 14.7K.

After 200 hands, the two players had flip-flopped positions. Roo_400 held the edge with 13,540 to 6,460.

Roo_400 didn’t not blow his lead and quickly added to it by picking up a 2,640 pot and following that up with a 2,880 pot. He increased his stack to over 17.7K and put himself in position to deliver a blockout blow.

And the Winner Is…

On hand #215, exactly 58 minutes into their heads-up battle, a champion was finally declared. Drecster shoved his short-stack of 2,240 and roo_400 called.

roo_400: A♣3♦
drecster: K♠9♥

The flop was 10♦7♠2♠ and roo_400 was still ahead with his baby ace. Drecster caught a glimmer of hope with a 4♠ on the turn. He had a flush draw, but was still trailing roo_400’s ace-high. The river was the 4♥ and drecster whiffed on his flush draw. He went out in second place and won $34,245.

You can view the final hand in our snazzy replayer…

RSS readers must click through to view the replayer

Roo_400 bested a field of 1,522 runners. He won 11 straight heads-up matches en route to his $64,685 payday and a SCOOP title.

SCOOP Event #35-L $270 NL HU – Top 8 Money Winners:
1st – roo_400 – $64,685
2nd – drecster – $34,245
3rd – C-J Rubin7 – $20,927
4th – Ojeee – $20,927
5th – GGAYCD – $10,463.75
6th – luckymax75 – $10,463.75
7th – Foldage – $10,463.75
8th – James “Andy McLEOD” Obst – $10,463.75

Don’t forget to check out the SCOOP page to see a list of other event winners, not to mention the overall SCOOP leaderboard.


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