SCOOP: in Y0UR F4CE walks the walk, takes down Event 2-High

May 09, 2011


Yesterday the 2011 installment of the Spring Championship of Online Poker kicked off on PokerStars with six two-day tournaments, two each at the low, medium and high buy-in levels that have made SCOOP a perennial tournament series favorite among all online poker players. Today those six tournaments played to their conclusion, creating the first six champions of 2011 SCOOP. ‘in Y0UR F4CE’ is one of those super six after taking down Event 2-High.

Event 2-High was good, old-fashioned full-ring no-limit hold’em. It was a two-day event with 30-minute levels and a $1,000,000 guarantee that sported a $2,100 price tag. The fantastic structure and eye-popping guarantee enticed 621 entrants to play, including 18 members of Team PokerStars Pro and PokerStars Team Online. None of them were among the 72 players that cashed in the tournament. Team Pro Martin Hrubý came the closest to cashing, bowing out in 79th place. However it was Team Pro Viktor Blom, however, who provided the most memorable hand – as he often does.


Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom

With 111 players remaining, guyguy12 was in 1st place, Blom was in 2nd place, and Caio “caio_pimenta” Pimenta of Brazil in was in third. Blom and Pimenta were seated at the same table and played this incredible hand:

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Blom was crippled and bowed out moments later. The rail exploded after Pimenta’s amazing hero-call:

caio_pimenta said, “amassa !!!”
SixthSenSe19 said, “loooooooool”
gavonater said, “nc”
caio_pimenta said, “hehehe”
caio_pimenta said, “tyty mano , vamooooooooooo!!!”
gavonater said, “think tht 1 might make d history books!”
gavonater said, “i think 99% of players in d world fold there”
gavonater said, “and 1 % shove river”
SixthSenSe19 said, “asdfghjkl”

Pimenta was unable to ride that stack all the way to Day 2. He busted out in 24th place. When Day 1 play concluded at the end of Level 22, 22 players still had chips. They returned 12 hours later to play out the tournament. After a neat 100 minutes of play, the field was trimmed down to this final table:

SCOOP 2-High final table.JPG

Seat 1: guyguy12 (598844 in chips)
Seat 2: Balog23 (232862 in chips)
Seat 3: Klebanov999 (125011 in chips)
Seat 4: Schappuscha (1518122 in chips)
Seat 5: PKaiser (358911 in chips)
Seat 6: generdir (486288 in chips)
Seat 7: javahound (818675 in chips)
Seat 8: Miss Baxter (343658 in chips)
Seat 9: in Y0UR F4CE (1727629 in chips)

The early flip-outs

With blinds at 4,000 / 8,000 / 1,000, several players at the final table were incredibly deep-stacked, ensuring that there would be lots of play to determine who would win the top prize. In total it took four hours. The short stack, Klebanov999, didn’t survive for nearly that long. Klebanov999 lost a flip early on with pocket 6s against javahound’s ace-king suited to exit in 9th place.

After a short break, generdir was the next player to lose a race. With the blinds unchanged, guyguy12 opened from early position with a minimum-raise. Schappuscha called. generdir three-bet, guyguy12 four-bet and in short order the chips were in. guyguy12’s pair of 8s held up against generdir’s A♦Q♣ to send generdir to the rail in 8th place with $27,945.

The big stacks continued to hang back and let the short stacks attack each other. Javahound was the only player who consistently seemed able to acquire chips, moving from 818k at the start of the final table to almost 1.2 million in about an hour. “Sick” was how Balog23 described an all-in hand that Balog23 won against Miss Baxter to remain alive when Balog23’s ace-queen rivered an ace against Miss Baxter’s pocket kings, all in pre-flop.

Then came “the hand”. In a pot that was 3-bet pre-flop at blinds of 5k / 10k, two of the biggest stacks got it all in on the flop:

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Javahound’s very gutsy call with top pair of jacks didn’t work out, as guyguy12 rivered a flush to take over the chip lead. Crippled down to about 30,000, Javahound doubled up once before being eliminated in 7th place after pushing with 8♠7♣ and running into in Y0UR F4CE’s pocket aces.

From there the big stacks ran the show. guyguy12 took almost 400,000 in chips off of Schappuscha with pocket aces. Two hands later Miss Baxter shoved A♥10♣ pre-flop and couldn’t out-run in Y0UR F4CE’s A♠K♥. The hand ended Miss Baxter’s tournament run in 6th place.

Lights, cameras, action!

A lull in the action proceed a verifiable flurry of massive pots.

With five players left, guyguy12 and in Y0UR F4CE were sitting comfortably in 1st and 2nd place, respectively. Schappuscha had slipped all the way to 800,000 but kept grinding, eventually moving back up to 1.4 million through a series of small pots. Then in the 7,000 / 14,000 / 1,750 level, PKaiser doubled through in Y0UR F4CE with K♣Q♣ out-flopping A♣9♦ on a K♠Q♦J♦ flop and then hanging on through the river. The very next hand Schappuscha knocked out Balog23 as Schappuscha’s A♥Q♠ held against Balog23’s A♣8♣, all in pre-flop.

guyguy12 was the next to get a little too frisky. It ended badly for guyguy12, whose five-bet all-in from the small blind with 8♥10♦ was snap-called by in Y0UR F4CE’s A♠K♥. This 3.1-million chip pot slid to in Y0UR F4CE after a board of 7♣A♦7♠9♥5♠ failed to improve guyguy12.

Two hands later PKaiser was all in again. guyguy12 went for the kill with 5♦5♥ against A♦10♥, but PKaiser straightened out on the river, K♠9♠2♥Q♥J♥. Two hands after that guyguy12 was the player all in, with pocket kings against in Y0UR F4CE’s pocket jacks. Kings held to vault guyguy12 back up to 1.7 million.

Two more hands passed. On the third hand, Schappuscha led a flop of 4♠7♦Q♠for 122,222, then called a minimum-raise from guyguy12. When the turn came 10♦, Schappuscha checked before shoving over the top of guyguy12’s bet of 444,444. guyguy12 called with Q♣A♦, top pair of queens; Schappuscha showed a pocket pair of kings. The river blanked out 8♣ to send Schappuscha into the chip lead with 3.2 million chips and drop guyguy12 all the way down to 120,000. guyguy12’s roller-coaster ride through the final table came to an end eight hands later when A♠6♠ couldn’t beat PKaiser’s pocket 9s.

The long road home

After the elimination of guyguy12 in 4th place, and with blinds at 8,000 / 16,000 / 2,000, the counts stood as follows:

Seat 4: Schappuscha (3231848 in chips)
Seat 5: PKaiser (855423 in chips)
Seat 9: in Y0UR F4CE (2122729 in chips)

Three players left. Each guaranteed three figures. It didn’t take long to find the 3rd-place finisher. Sitting with the button, PKaiser opened pre-flop to 36,789. in Y0UR F4CE tree-bet to 88,375; Schappuscha four-bet to 211,111. With the action once around the table and nobody out, PKaiser five-bet shoved for 911,546. in Y0UR F4CE’s six-bet re-shove finally produced the first fold from Schappuscha and a showdown. A♣K♣ for in Y0UR F4CE; K♠J♣ for PKaiser. On ace on the flop pretty much sealed the deal for in Y0UR F4CE. PKaiser was gone in 3rd place.

As fast as PKaiser busted in 3rd place was as long as Schappuscha and in Y0UR F4CE took to decide the winner. Schappuscha was at a slight deficit to start heads-up play, with 2.97 million chips to in Y0UR F4CE’s 3.23 million chips.

The two finalists played for more than an hour and a half. Twice Schappuscha went on extended tears of pure aggression to whittle in Y0UR F4CE down to a 3-to-1 chip deficit. Twice Schappuscha came back in one single hand, first by rivering a flush against in Y0UR F4CE’s top pair, then by fading Schappuscha’s massive over-card combination draw with a lowly pair of 8s. The second pot gave in Y0UR F4CE the lead for the first time in an hour of heads-up play.

Schappuscha re-leveled the stacks. The two players continued to duel, with neither able to gain an edge.

Finally, after 100 minutes of heads-up play, the players were back where they started. Schappuscha had 2.87 million in chips; in Y0UR F4CE had 3.33 million. With blinds at 15,000 / 30,000 / 3,750, they took turns raising pre-flop until Schappuscha re-raised from 624,775 to 2.87 million all in. in Y0UR F4CE called, bringing the long heads-up battle down to a flip: 8♦8♣ for in Y0UR F4CE; A♦Q♣ for Schappuscha. Pocket 8s were good to in Y0UR F4CE a second time, 2♣K♠6♣8♥2♠. After 100 minutes of heads-up play, in Y0UR F4CE was a 2011 SCOOP champion.

2011 SCOOP Event 2-High $2,100 No-Limit Hold’em results:

1st: in Y0UR F4CE ($234,738.00)
2nd: Schappuscha ($172,017.00)
3rd: PKaiser ($126,684.00)
4th: guyguy12 ($95,634.00)
5th: Balog23 ($67,068.00)
6th: Miss Baxter ($52,785.00)
7th: Javahound ($40,365.00)
8th: generdir ($27,945.00)
9th: Klebanov999 ($19,002.60)

2011 SCOOP is underway with 114 tournaments total to be played. The early results, and the later schedule, can be found on the SCOOP homepage.


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