SCOOP: Gunslinger3 shoots ’em down in Stud/8, Event #25-H; Lind runner-up

May 12, 2010

SCOOP logo.gifThe “High” version of Event #25, the Stud high/low event, had a $2,100 price tag. All told, 120 players saw fit to buy seats into this one, making a $240,000 prize pool, thereby meeting and exceeding the $150,000 guarantee. Only the top dozen finishers would get paid, with first looking to get $65,400.

A number of Team PokerStars Pros came out for this one. Johannes Steindl, Jose Ignacio “nachobarbero” Barbero, George Danzer, and Greg “Fossilman” Raymer were all eliminated before the field had been cut in half to 60. And not too long after that, Darus Suharto (56th) and Pat Pezzin (54th) were gone, too.

However, with 30 players remaining there were still five PS pros among them — Sebastian Ruthenberg (“S.Ruthenberg”) in 28th, Steve Jacobs (“stevesbets”) in 21st, Andre Akkari (“aakkari”) in 14th, Chad Brown (“ChadBrownPRO”) in 7th, and George Lind III (“Jorj95”) in 3rd. That was eight hours into the tourney, at which point Colonel Mort held the chip lead.


George “Jorj95” Lind III

With 14 left, three of the PS pros would be gone — Ruthenberg (30th), Jacobs (27th), and Akkari (22nd). Meanwhile, Lind had risen to the top of the counts, ahead of Cordelia and teacuppoker, and Chad Brown was sitting in the middle of the pack in eighth. mement_mori went out in 14th, then WB123456789 followed in 13th and after nearly nine hours and 40 minutes of play they were in the money.

Each of the next four to be eliminated earned $6,600. First to go was monika13 in 12th, followed by Entropy xx in 11th.

Chad Brown had battled for a good while with his short stack. Then came a hand with the stakes 1,600/3,200 (320 ante) in which amrasaralond brought in for 480 with the 5♥, teacuppoker raised showing the K♠, and both Brown with the 8♦ and amrasaralond called. Brown would lead the betting on the next three streets, with amrasaralond folding on fourth and teacuppoker poker calling down until Brown ran out of chips on sixth.

By then Brown held (3♦)(2♣)8♦2♥8♣7♥ for eights and deuces and a shot at a low while teacuppoker had (K♥)(J♥)K♠3♣4♣J♦ for kings and jacks. teacuppoker drew the A♥ on seventh while Brown was dealt an unhelpful 10♥, knocking him out in tenth.

Next oerockets hit the rail in ninth, and the final table was set:


Seat 1: amrasaralond — 46,796
Seat 2: Gunslinger3 — 92,373
Seat 3: Cordelia — 12,4408
Seat 4: teacuppoker — 79,425
Seat 5: Colonel Mort — 56,266
Seat 6: dabigmon — 42,482
Seat 7: Team PokerStars Pro George “Jorj95” Lind III — 95,711
Seat 8: PokerGodZeus — 62,539

teacuppoker would be the first to go from the final table. After being crippled in a hand versus PokerGodZeus, teacuppoker was down to just a little more than the 400 ante and so was all in versus three players by third street. Two made it to the end, with PokerGodZeus’ queen-high flush (high) and 8-6-4-3-2 low beating both Cordelia and teacuppoker, knocking the latter out in eighth.

Colonel Mort next endured a slide down to just 6,566 chips, and with the 2♣ showing saw fit to three-bet “Jorj95” Lind’s opening raise with the 4♠ up. Lind called, then drew the 7♣ on fourth while Colonel Mort picked up the J♥. Colonel Mort bet, Jorj95 raised, and Colonel Mort called with his remaining chips.

Once the last three streets were dealt, Colonel Mort ended with (8♠)(A♣)2♣J♥A♦9♠(10♦) for a pair of aces and no low, while Lind had (6♣)(8♥)4♠7♣10♣4♣(8♦) for eights and fours, meaning Colonel Mort était mort in seventh place.

As play approached the 12-hour mark, dabigmon had slipped to just 7,557 when he decided to commit to a hand with the 9♦ showing. Only Jorj95 (Lind) was willing to come along with his 5♥. Both players made open pairs on fourth street, at which point the rest of dabigmon’s chips went in. Underneath dabigmon had a pair of fours to go with his two nines, while Lind had a six and an eight. By the end, however, Lind would outdraw dabigmon:

dabigmon: (4♣)(4♥)9♦9♣Q♥J♦(2♥) (nines and fours)
Jorj95: (6♦)(8♣)5♥5♠2♠5♦(K♠) (three fives)

With dabigmon out in sixth, the remaining five players would battle for an hour and 40 minutes before the next elimination, with amrasaralond building up into the chip lead and Cordelia slipping to become the short stack. Then came a hand in which amrasaralond brought in with the 2♦, Cordelia raised (to 4,000) with the 10♥, and amrasaralond called. On fourth street, Cordelia drew the 7♣ and amrasaralond the 6♥. Cordelia bet and amrasaralond called.

On fifth Cordelia picked up the J♥ and amrasaralond the Q♥. This time Cordelia check-called amrasaralond’s bet (of 8,000). Both checked on sixth, then Cordelia check-called again on seventh to go all in. Cordelia’s final board was (10♦)(4♦)10♥7♣[ Jh]Q♦(3♥) for a pair of tens, while amrasaralond ended with (4♠)(7♦)2♦6♥Q♥7♥(6♥) for sevens and sixes, knocking Cordelia out in fifth.

PokerGodZeus was now in last, and about 20 minutes later would be all in by fourth street versus “Jorj95” Lind. PokerGodZeus would ultimately draw trip jacks — (J♥)(5♠)[ Js]7♣8♦J♣(Q♣) — but Lind would have the better three of a kind, hitting three aces, pulling a third ace on sixth — (A♥)(7♠)A♣5♥4♣A♦(2♦) — while making a low as well. PokerGodZeus was out in fourth.

At the 13-hour break, Lind, amrasaralond, and Gunslinger 3 were all close in chips, with each player just above or below the 200,000-chip mark with the stakes 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante, 1,500 bring-in). Gunslinger3 began to pull ahead, and amrasaralond to slip back, when amrasaralond finally found it needful to raise all in on fourth street holding (7♣)(A♦)5♠8♠ against George Lind who held the nifty (4♥)(2♠)3♦A♣. Lind would hit a five on sixth street to make a wheel, bettering amrasaralond’s 8-7-5-2-A low and pair of aces. Take a look:

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Heads-up play began with Gunslinger3 enjoying a small chip lead over “Jorj95” Lind, with 319,218 to Lind’s 280,782. Soon that advantage grew to become much more substantial, until finally Lind was down to just over 50,000 to Gunslinger3’s 540,000-plus.

After 13 hours and 45 minutes, Jorj95 brought it in with the 4♣ for 2,400, Gunslinger 3 raised to 8,000 showing the 9♦, Jorge95 three-bet, and Gunslinger3 called. Lind would check-call Gunslinger’s bet on fourth, then lead the betting on subsequent streets until Lind ran out of chips on seventh. In the end Gunslinger3 showed (A♥)(K♠)9♦8♥8♦5♣(A♠) for aces and eights with no low, while Lind made (7♣)(4♦)4♣5♦J♣3♠(3♣) for a lesser two pair, also with no low.

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1st place: Gunslinger3 ($65,400)
2nd place: Team PokerStars Pro George “Jorj95” Lind III ($44,400)
3rd place: amrasaralond ($33,600)
4th place: PokerGodZeus ($22,800)
5th place: Cordelia ($16,800)
6th place: dabigmon ($12,600)
7th place: Colonel Mort ($10,200)
8th place: teacuppoker ($7,800)

Congratulations to Gunslinger3 for taking down Event #25-H, and to Team PokerStars member George Lind III for his runner-up finish!

Still lots more SCOOPin’ to be scooped. Check the SCOOP page for details.


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