SCOOP champion Márton “Komarcus” Kókai: “I never gave up, always looking on the bright side”

April 23, 2021inPoker

Márton “Komarcus” Kókai is only 22 years young and he’s already a SCOOP champion. The Hungarian player has been splitting his time between his studies and online poker, and all the hard work has most definitely paid off.

Kókai won the PKO Event 32-L for a total of $25,317, including over $9k in bounties.

To be honest, I did nothing special. I just played my own strategy, not afraid to make huge bluffs and make any hero calls. As I expected there were some more experienced opponents, so I tried to minimize the variance against them,” says Kókai speaking of his win.

I played the game step-by-step and tried to not concentrate on the payouts and how many players were left. I only started to think about winning the tournament when I was 3:1 chip lead during the heads up.”

Kókai was introduced to poker by his father at age 18, then started to play with friends and also in small tournaments on PokerStars and, back then, Full Tilt.

As a rookie I was impatient, did not understand the variance and stuff like that. During the years I have been playing, I became more patient, understood the variance of MTT Poker, and most importantly I never gave up, always looking at the bright side of things,” says Kókai.

The learning and perseverance has most certainly paid off. The $25k payday was Márton “Komarcus” Kókai’s biggest score by far.

It is a huge step for me, definitely the biggest score I have won during my career. For now, I would like to stay at this level for a while, try to master it, and be responsible in every aspect of my life,” says Kókai.

Sounds like a balanced and admirable approach.

I am only 22 right now, still playing poker next to my studies. Sometimes it is difficult to make time for both of them but I managed to make a comfortable schedule for myself to do it. I would like to finish my studies, make a living on my own, and fully concentrate on poker as a full-time job.”


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