SCOOP 2016: Calvin “cal42688” Anderson does it again, wins 7th career SCOOP in Event #40-L ($27 8-Game)

May 20, 2016

How many SCOOP titles is enough? We’re still looking for the answer to that one, as Calvin “cal42688” Anderson has done it again, winning a seventh SCOOP today in Event #40-L, a $27 buy-in 8-game tournament. That extends Anderson’s all-time lead in SCOOP wins and also makes him the first nine-time ‘COOP winner, as he’s won a couple of WCOOPs as well.


Calvin “cal42688” Anderson
Anderson topped a big field of 1,912 to win this one, enough to make the prize pool worth $46,939.60 and nearly double the $25K guarantee. The top 240 finishers got paid, and when play ended on Day 1 and they reached the six-handed final table, Anderson and one other very familiar name were left among those still vying for the win.

Leading the way was James “Andy McLEOD” Obst, owner of four SCOOP titles plus a TCOOP and a WCOOP win. Obst just picked up his fourth SCOOP last week in Event #11-H ($1,050+R PLO), one of 28 cashes he’d earned this series prior to today. Read about his win here, and also enjoy this post-win interview from last week with the PokerStars Blog, “Andy McLEOD on being James Obst.”

Meanwhile Anderson was right behind Obst and second in the counts, working on his 23rd cash of the series though still seeking his first SCOOP bracelet of 2016.

With everyone wishing each other “gl” in the chatbox, the final table got started Friday morning.


Seat 1: sharikov_90 (Russia) — 2,686,015
Seat 2: Calvin “cal42688” Anderson (Mexico) — 5,013,281
Seat 3: Gozillaah (Finland) — 442,410
Seat 4: James “Andy McLEOD” Obst (Australia) — 5,147,317
Seat 5: gunnersfun (Ukraine) — 2,948,121
Seat 6: Dr Ganesha (Latvia) — 2,882,856

Gozillaah began the day as the short stack but was able to climb out of the danger zone early after taking a few pots in the 2-7 triple draw round. All six then made it through the day’s first hour, during which Anderson pushed ahead into the lead with gunnersfun also chipping up and Obst slipping back into third position.

About 10 minutes into the day’s second hour they were back playing 2-7 triple draw with limits of 240K/480K when Calvin “cal42688” Anderson raised from middle position, James “Andy McLEOD” Obst three-bet from the button, and Anderson called. Anderson drew two cards and Obst one, then Anderson check-raised a bet from Obst who called, leaving himself just 72,356 behind.

On the second draw, Obst drew one card while Anderson stood pat, then when Anderson led with a bet, Obst called all-in. Anderson stood pat once more on the final draw, and Obst once again drew a single card.

Anderson then showed 8♣7♥6♣4♠2♦ for an 8-7-6-4-2, which just barely beat Obst’s 8♦7♣6♥4♥3♦ for an 8-7-6-4-3 to end Obst’s run in sixth.


James “Andy McLEOD” Obst
Not long after that Dr Ganesha had become the short stack before raising to 480,000 from UTG in a limit hold’em hand. gunnersfun called from the big blind, then checked after the J♠Q♠8♠ flop. Dr Ganesha bet, gunnersfun check-raised, Dr Ganesha reraised back, gunnersfun capped it, and Dr Ganesha called with the 195,712 left behind.

Dr Ganesha had A♦A♠ and was leading versus gunnersfun’s K♠10♦. The A♣ then fell on the turn to give gunnersfun a straight, although Dr Ganesha could still hit a spade to make a better flush or also win if the board paired up. But fifth street brought the K♥, and Dr Ganesha was done in fifth.

At that Gozillaah suggested talking about a deal, but Anderson said “let’s play for now” and so they did.

Two orbits later they were in the Omaha hi/lo round (limits 160K/320K), and after Anderson raised from the small blind Gozillaah called from the big. The flop came 10♦7♦7♣, Anderson led, Gozillaah raised, and Anderson called. The turn then brought the A♣ and Anderson bet again, and Gozillaah called all-in for 388,003.

Anderson had A♠8♠6♠4♦ (aces and sevens, with a low draw) while Gozillaah showed J♠10♥5♠5♥ (tens and sevens). The river was the Q♣, changing neither player’s hand, and Gozillaah was eliminated in fourth.

The game switched to razz, and a hand arose that saw gunnersfun open showing a deuce, sharikov_90 raise despite having a queen up, gunnersfun raising back, and sharikov_90 calling to commit the entire 755,648 sharikov_90 had to start the hand. Here’s how their boards ran out:

sharikov_90: (2-6) / Q-Q-5-J / (K)
gunnersfun: (10-J) / 2-6-K-4 / (8)

gunnersfun finished with a 10-8-6-4-2, which thanks to sharikov_90 drawing more bricks was plenty to beat the latter’s Q-J-6-5-2 and send sharikov_90 railward in third.

Heads-up play then began with Calvin “cal42688” Anderson leading with 11,243,119 to gunnersfun’s 7,876,881. gunnersfun soon evened things however, then pushed past Anderson to be up over 15.7 million to Anderson’s almost 3.4 million when the day’s two-hour break arrived.

The pair chose to skip the break, and as soon as they switched to no-limit hold’em Anderson won a big pot to reclaim the chip lead. A little later they were still in the NLHE round with Anderson up around 13.5 million and gunnersfun down to just over 5.6 million when the following hand took place.

With the blinds at 125,000/250,000 (with a 31,250 ante), gunnersfun limped in from the button, then Anderson raised to 633,332. At that gunnersfun shoved for 5,605,437 total, and Anderson called.

cal42688: A♦Q♥
gunnersfun: A♣8♥

The flop came Q♣2♥6♥ to hit Anderson’s better kicker and all but seal it, and after the 6♣ turn and J♥ river it was all over — Anderson had won a seventh SCOOP title!

Congratulations (again!) to Calvin “cal42688” Anderson for topping yet another SCOOP field to win Event #40-L and the $7,511.62 first prize.


Calvin “cal42688” Anderson
SCOOP-40-L ($27 8-Game) results
Entrants: 1,912
Prize pool: $46,939.60
Places paid: 240

1. Calvin “cal42688” Anderson (Mexico) $7,511.62
2. gunnersfun (Ukraine) $5,632.75
3. sharikov_90 (Russia) $4,224.56
4. Gozillaah (Finland) $2,816.37
5. Dr Ganesha (Latvia) $1,877.58
6. James “Andy McLEOD” Obst (Australia) $1,051.44

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