SCOOP 2022 starts today! Plan your opening week here

May 04, 2022inPoker

The Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is upon us. The series starts this Sunday, May 8 and runs until June 1.

SCOOP 2022 is the 14th edition and, true to form, prizes are set to be huge. This year there’s $78.5 million in guaranteed prizes on offer.

The series includes 107 poker events. Each event offers three buy-in tiers, making for a total of 318 tournaments.

You can click the link below to find full details, along with the entire SCOOP 2022 schedule. For now, let’s take a look at what you can expect during the opening week of the series.


SCOOP 2022 opening day

Six events take place on Sunday – that’s 18 tournaments across the three buy-in levels. The opening day alone will payout at least $5.2 million in prizes!

It’s a tantalizing way to start the series, with the special edition Sunday Million and Sunday HR taking the spotlight:

SCOOP 04-L: Mini Sunday Million (PKO) – $275k gtd
SCOOP 04-M: Sunday Million (PKO) – $1M gtd
SCOOP 04-H: Sunday HR (PKO) – $500k gtd

Omaha fans can also start the series with a bang. Check out SCOOP 05, a Pot Limit Omaha event with $450k in guaranteed prizes across three tiers. It’s a trend that is set to continue, with at least one non hold em event running nearly every day throughout the series.

SCOOP 05-L: $11 PLO (6-max) – $60k gtd
SCOOP 05-M: $109 PLO (6-max) – $150k gtd
SCOOP 05-H: $1,050 PLO (6-max) – $250k gtd

The opening day of SCOOP 2022 also features special edition SCOOP Kickoff (02), Sunday Warm-Up (03), and Sunday Cooldown events (07).

Midweek madness

Weekends always yield the biggest SCOOP prize pools and action tends to simmer down a little during the week. But a closer look at the schedule reveals plenty of reason to jump in for a midweek poker session.

In particular, special editions of the Super Tuesday, Midweek Freeze, and Thursday Thrill offer exceptional weekday prize pools.

Tuesday – SCOOP 13
SCOOP 13-L: $109 Super Tuesday – $300k gtd
SCOOP 13-M: $1,050 Super Tuesday – $500k gtd
SCOOP 13-H: $10,300 Super Tuesday High Roller – $700k gtd

Wednesday – SCOOP 18
SCOOP 18-L: $55 Midweek Freeze – $175k gtd
SCOOP 18-M: $530 Midweek Freeze – $250k gtd
SCOOP 18-H: $5,200 High Roller – $400k gtd

Thursday – SCOOP 23
SCOOP 23-L: $33 Thursday Thrill (PKO) – $200k gtd
SCOOP 23-M: $215 Thursday Thrill (PKO) – $500k gtd
SCOOP 23-H: $1,050 Thursday Thrill (PKO) – $700k gtd

The Super Tuesday High Roller is the first $10k event of the series. It’s also the first SCOOP 2022 tournament to be featured on the PokerStars live stream. You can follow cards-up coverage on Twitch and YouTube.


SCOOP 2022 first week schedule

Below you’ll see the full schedule for the first week of SCOOP 2022 (Sunday May 8 to Saturday May 14):


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