SCOOP 2018: Two great tastes taste great together for etxnl01 in Event #53-H ($530 NLHE, 8-Max, Progressive KO, Win The Button)

May 21, 2018

etxnl01 has tasted success during SCOOP before with a Progressive KO victory in 2016. The Dutch player also has a WCOOP title in the Win The Button format. Tonight etxnl01 put it all together for a third COOP title, earning the victory in a combination Progressive KO/Win The Button event.

etxnl01 put it all together tonight

The run to the title began with nine tables left with a win that moved etxnl01 toward the top of the chip counts. etxnl01 maintained that position for the next three hours before finally leaping ahead of the pack with 15 players left, but a key loss with A♣K♥ against RunGodlike’s J♦J♣ on the final table bubble — RunGodlike turned a set to beat etxnl01’s flopped pair of kings — dropped the Dutch player low.

Five minutes later SCOOP 2015 champ lissi stinkt jammed with 8♠6♠ in the cutoff and Iván “Negriin” Lucá called with A♥9♦ on the button. Both players made a pair and that spelled the end of the tournament for lissi stinkt in 10th. It also left RunGodlike and WhatifGod in a virtual tie for the lead as the final table began:

Seat 1: WhatIfGod (34,726,266 in chips, $9,225.56 bounty) two-time WCOOP 2014 champ
Seat 2: josef_shvejk (9,057,054 in chips, $6,789.03 bounty) past Super Tuesday champ
Seat 3: Iván “Negriin” Lucá (23,821,506 in chips, $6,787.08 bounty) past Super Tuesday champ
Seat 4: Nicolas “niccc” Chouity (10,435,118 in chips, $3,878.90 bounty) 2010 EPT Grand Final champ & three-time SCOOP champ
Seat 5: Mr.Andersen5 (15,959,458 in chips, $3,573.23 bounty) past Sunday Million finalist
Seat 6: Kirito777 (18,069,820 in chips, $6,558.57 bounty) past Super Tuesday finalist
Seat 7: RunGodlike (34,464,822 in chips, $10,121.06 bounty) past SCOOP winner & runner-up
Seat 8: etxnl01 (11,646,221 in chips, $3,724.59 bounty) Previous WCOOP & SCOOP wins were in Win The Button & Progressive KO formats
Seat 9: TaxHere (23,819,735 in chips, $8,153.30 bounty) past Sunday Million finalist

etxnl01 got a break on just the third hand of the final when the action folded around to RunGodlike in the small blind and the Swede moved all-in with 9♦2♦. etxnl01 called with Q♦J♠ in the big and chipped up to 23.5 million when the board improved neither player’s hand. The next half-hour was relatively slow until a similar hand where WhatIfGod jammed in the small blind with 5♣3♠ and josef_shvejk called with A♠2♠. josef_shvejk made aces on the river and doubled to 13.5 million, and the table remained nine-handed on its first break.

Nicolas “niccc” Chouity picked up K♠K♥ on the button a few minutes after returning from the break. He raised and then called when Mr.Andersen5 jammed in the small blind with A♥3♦, which left him with just 4.3 million chips after the A♣ fell on the flop to give Mr.Andersen5 top pair. Chouity hit the rail in ninth a few minutes later after getting in from the big blind with 8♥6♦ against TaxHere’s K♣Q♦.

etxnl01 finally picked up a final table bounty 10 minutes later. The Dutch player called with A♣J♣ after Negriin opened all-in from middle position for 14 big blinds. The call was a good one — Negriin had A♦9♠ and fell in eighth. Eight hands later Mr.Andersen5 caught the wrong end of a cooler with 6♦6♥ against TaxHere’s Q♦Q♠, failed to improve, and left in seventh.

RunGodlike broke up the knockout streak on the next hand, raising to nine big blinds and calling for one more with K♣7♣ against button defender TaxHere’s 10♦9♦. A seven on the flop gave RunGodlike the boost to 22 million and the button, which the U.K. player used to for 20 million with 1.9 million behind and K♥J♥ in the hole. etxnl01 re-raised all-in from the small blind with A♣9♠ and won unimproved on a ten-high board to eliminate RunGodlike in sixth.

josef_shvejk avoided the same fate by winning a race with Q♦Q♠ against TaxHere’s A♠K♦ on the next hand. Kirito777 wasn’t as fortunate after jamming for eight big blinds with A♥Q♥ in the small blind on the hand that followed. etxnl01 called with J♠6♠ in the big blind, turned the 6♦, and won with a pair of sixes to halt Kirito777’s tournament in fifth.

Just four hands passed before josef_shvejk opened with a min-raise to 2.4 million chips, holding A♥Q♣, and then jammed for 48.4 million when WhatIfGod re-raised to 8.4 million in the big blind. WhatIfGod snap-called with K♥K♣, the board ran out 3♥3♦5d]8♥9♣, and josef_shvejk left in fourth.

That made WhatIfGod the leader with 104.6 million chips to etxnl01’s 66.1 million and TaxHere’s 11.2 million. TaxHere survivedall-in on the next hand with K♦9♠, flopping two pair to double through etxnl01’s A♦4♦. That was a ticket to stick around through the rest of the hour.

Just before the break etxnl01 opened on the button with 7♥6♥, called WhatIfGod’s re-raise to 8.4 million, and then made two pair on the 7♦J♠6♣ flop. That ended up in a 53.6-million-chip win for etxnl01, enough to take over the lead from WhatIfGod. But WhatIfGod bounced back four hands later, calling with J♠J♦ after TaxHere open-shoved for 24.4 million with A♦8♥ and making a queen-high straight by the river to send TaxHere to the rail in third.

The beginning of a tough heads-up match

The last two players were separated by less than 20 big blinds as they started heads-up play, so they quickly cut a deal — a good decision on both their parts, since the difference between their stacks would be all over the map over the course of their hour-long match.

The first half-hour of the match belonged to etxnl01, who used the combination of the Win The button format and the chip lead to lean heavily on WhatIfGod. Then the latter won two straight pots to change the equation.

In the first, WhatifGod defended the big blind with A♥8♦ and then check-called bets on the turn and river of a 4♦10♠3♠A♦Q♠ board to beat etxnl01’s bluff with J♣6♣. In the second, WhatIfGod opened on the button with A♥J♦, etxnl01 called in the big blind with K♣J♥, and a flopped pair of aces was good enough for WhatIfGod to win the 35.8-million-chip pot and move into the lead by about 15 big blinds.

Then etxnl01 picked up 6♣6♦ and put the tournament on the line after WhatIfGod four-bet-jammed on the button with 4♣4♠. The 7♥8♣3♣8♠Q♣ board was safe and etxnl01 was back in front by nearly a 6-to-1 margin.

Eight minutes later WhatIfGod got back into the game by defending the big blind with Q♠5♠, flopping top pair, and then just check-calling as etxnl01 fired off three barrels with an unimproved A♣6♥. But only four more minutes passed before etxnl01 reclaimed the lead for the final time. First etxnl01 raised the button and called a WhatIfGod three-bet; then etxnl01 called bets in position on the A♠10♦A♥ flop and J♥ turn; and finally etxnl01 jammed when WhatIfGod checked the J♠ river, prompting a fold.

That last win was good for a 64.8-million chip pot that gave etxnl01 a 15-big-blind edge. From there the Dutch player leaned on WhatIfGod until the latter open-shoved with 9♣7♠. etxnl01 called with K♣J♦ and won with a pair of jacks to lock up a third career COOP title.

etxnl01’s experience in Progressive KO and Win The Button tourneys paid off in this tournament with the Dutch player’s third-largest career score here at PokerStars. Congratulations on the big win!

SCOOP-53-H ($530 NLHE, 8-Max, Progressive KO, Win THe Button) results
Entries: 1,820 (1,149 entries, 671 re-entries)
Total prize pool: $1,000,000 ($545,000 regular, $455,000 bounty)
Places paid: 223

1. etxnl01 (Netherlands) $76,736.59* + $49,225.66 in bounties
2. WhatIfGod (Sweden) $64,181.46* + $18,309.78
3. TaxHere (Netherlands) $41,804.71 + $11,629.39
4. josef_shvejk (Rusia) $29,799.83 + $6,539.05
5. Kirito777 (Canada) $21,242.35 + $6,308.59
6. RunGodlike (United Kingdom) $15,142.28 + $9,871.10
7. Mr.Andersen5 (Russia) $10,793.94 + $3,323.24
8. Iván “Negriin” Lucá (Argentina) $7,694.31 + $6,537.11
9. Nicolas “niccc” Chouity (Lebanon) $5,484.77 + $3,628.90
* – denotes results of a heads-up deal leaving $10,900 for the winner

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