SCOOP 2017: Martin ‘M.nosbocaJ’ Jacobson with Oracular Spectacular Win in Event #8-H ($530 NL Rebuys)

May 09, 2017

This final table for 2017 SCOOP Event #8-H $530 NL with old-school rebuys featured four SCOOP champions: Jeff ‘jeff710’ Hakim, TUTI88, TheDegenFund, and etxnl01. When the virtual dust settled, Martin ‘M.nosbocaJ’ Jacobson denied all four of them a multiple SCOOP win. Yeah, you know him. Jacobson etched his name in the annals of poker lore for eternity with his victory at the 2014 WSOP Main Event Championship. He became “one” with the poker universe one fateful November evening in Las Vegas to achieve nirvana. And once again, that killer, finishing instinct paid off. Big time.

It’s time to stop pretending. The reason you’re here is because you don’t want to be another soulless brick in the wall. Like Roger Waters said, we all want to eat our meat and pudding too, but that gaudy pursuit of bourgeois happiness comes at a hefty price amounting to a mountain of Sisyphean debt. You’re feeling a little raw, but you’re in the prime of your life… and you don’t want to waste it on getting stuck in a hellacious morning commute, or lost in a cavern of cubicles, or scrolling through your InstaFaceSnapTwit feed without getting lured into juvenile click-bait like the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Lesser-Known Kardashian Cousins.

There’s always been a shortcut to the Promised Land. Poker. There used to be a time in the pre-digital age when you needed nine people with free time and a table, nine chairs, chips, and cards. In the modern digital age, all you have to do is fire up your favorite online poker site for a shot at altering time and space. The future has always been in your hands. You’ve been asleep for too long. It’s time to get unplugged from the Matrix, seize the day, and carve out your own destiny. But, let’s have a little more fun this time around, okay? In this tawdry pursuit of bottom-line greed, we all forgot the reason we’re here in the first place. The love of the game. LOVE. GAME. It’s all just a game… a simple game that unites everyone on this planet.


It’s time to make poker fun again. And I’m talking to everyone in the poker diaspora… from the jokers to the left of me and the clowns to the right and all the dead money in between. Doesn’t matter if you’re cynical, or an idealist, or if you sit around in your underground bunker and tin foil hat spreading fake poker news while shielded by the warm blanket of internet anonymity. It’s time to set aside differences, come together, kick back, and bust some donks!

In an attempt to make poker fun again, the re-entry format was nixed for this event in favor of the old-school unlimited rebuys plus add-on. 2017 SCOOP Event #8-H $530 NL attracted 462 runners with 306 re-buys and 347 add-ons. They contributed to a prize pool worth $563,075, with approximately $107K initially set aside for the champion. Only the top 63 places paid out.

The money bubble popped late on Day 1. Only 27 players made the cut and advanced to Day 2. Wh0AndBeni bagged up the most chips at the end of Day 1 with a tick under 698K. 1mDonuts, fresh off his victory in Monte Carlo, finished in the Top 10 in chips. Alas, he busted in 18th place. scout326 bubbled off the final table in tenth place after pocket Jacks got drowned on the river by Wh0AndBeni’s A♠4♠. Wh0AndBeni advanced to the final nine, and scout326 got sent packing and a set of steak knives.


SCOOP Event #8-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: prebz (167,949)
Seat 2: Wh0AndBeni (728,607)
Seat 3: Negriin (1,116,715)
Seat 4: etxnl01 (1,002,093)
Seat 5: quiditbear (198,458)
Seat 6: jeff710 (349,572)
Seat 7: TUTI88 (771,522)
Seat 8: TheDegenFund (663,381)
Seat 9: M.nosbocaJ (1,444,203)

The final table commenced during Level 26 with blinds at 6K/12K and 1.5K ante. Only three stacks at the final table had more than 1M. M.nosbocaJ led everyone with 1.4M and Belgium’s quiditbear brought up the rear with 198K.

Aside from Martin Jaconson, notables at the final table included four SCOOP winners: Jeff ‘jeff710’ Hakim, etxnl01, TUTI88, and TheDegenFund. jeff710 won a SCOOP in 2013, TUTI88 won a SCOOP in 2014, TheDegenFund won a SCOOP in 2015, and etxnl01 won a SCOOP last year.

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TIME TO PRETEND: prebz eliminated in 9th place

Almost 20 minutes flew by before someone became the first player out at the final table. Two short-stacks rumbled when quiditbear bombed it all-in for 118,558 with A♠K♠ and prebz called all-in for 104,949 with pocket fives. The A♥ on the river sunk prebz’s fleeting hopes for a double up and quiditbear won the flip. Norway’s prebz earned $9,347.04 for ninth place.

WEEKEND WARS: quiditbear eliminated in 8th place

Although short-stacked quiditbear (the Belgian shoved for 233,507) rivered a set with J♠J♦, it was not good enough to beat TheDegenFund, who rivered a Broadway straight with A♥Q♠. quiditbear won $12,669.18 for going busto in eighth place. With seven to go, Negriin seized the lead with 1.46M… although M.nosbocaJ was right behind with 1.41M. jeff710 found himself as the shorty with 305K.

ELECTRIC FEEL: Wh0AndBeni eliminated in 7th place

Wh0AndBeni and Negriin threw down in a raising war that resulted in a 1.6M pot and a bustout. Wh0AndBeni shoved with pocket nines, but unfortunately ran into Negriin’s A♠A♣. Pocket Aces held up for big-stacked Negriin. Day 1 chip leader, Wh0AndBeni, finished in seventh place, which paid out $18,299.93. That winning hand pushed Negriin over the 2.3M mark. With six to go, all four SCOOP champs were still alive, including short-stacked jeff710.


Jeffery ‘jeff710’ Hakim last week in Monte Carlo

KIDS: jeff710 eliminated in 6th place; TheDegenFund eliminated in 5th place

Knockouts on back-to-back hands… and TUTI88 triumphed in both. On the first hand, Short-stacked jeff710 made a final stand and attempted to double up with A♥3♥ against TUTI88’s J♥J♦. Pocket Jacks held up for TUTI88 and jeff710 was dunzo. Jeff ‘jeff710’ Hakim put up a valiant fight with limited chips. He finished in sixth place and earned $23,930.68. On the second hand, TheDegenFund got liquidated running A♥J♦ into TUTI88’s A♣Q♥. TUTI88’s Ace-Queen held up in a 1.2M pot. Mexico’s TheDegenFund took hom $30,969.12. With four to go, TUTI88 took command of the lead with 2.3M, while etxnl01 took on the new role of the shorty with 1M.

FOURTH DIMENSIONAL TRANSITION: Negriin eliminated in 4th place

Negriin’s short stack came under assault and the Argentinean jousted with 6♣6♥ versus TUTI88’s A♥10♠. Negriin’s attempt to double up got thwarted when TUTI88 flopped top two pair. Negriin earned $43,919.85 for a fourth-place finish. With three to go, etxnl01 emerged as the new leader with 2.7M, followed by TUTU88’s 2.1M. The lead would be short-lived.

OF MOONS, BIRDS AND MONSTERS: etxnl01 eliminated in 3rd place

Battle of the blinds. etxnl01 open-shoved with A♥Q♥ and TUTI88 insta-called with 2♥2♣. TUTI88 won another race when pocket deuces held up. Holland’s etxnl01 missed a shot at winning a second SCOOP title. Third place paid out $57,715.18.

HEADS-UP: TUTI88 (United Kingdom) vs. M.nosbocaJ (United Kingdom)
Seat 7: TUTI88 (3,432,463)
Seat 9: M.nosbocaJ (3,010,037)

With two to go, TUTI88 held a slight edge. Only one other player separated TUTI88 from a second-SCOOP title… and it happened to be Martin Jacobson… one of the most feared sharks originating from frigid Scandinavian waters.


FUTURE REFLECTIONS: TUTI88 eliminated in 2nd place; M.nosbocaJ wins Event #8-H

The two played small ball mostly during their 20-minute tete-a-tete until M.nosbocaJ won an uncontested pot worth 2.5M. That hand thrust M.nosbocaJ in the driver’s seat and he never looked back. Going into the final hand, M.nosbocaJ held a massive lead with 5.9M to 540K. M.nosbocaJ didn’t waste any time and open shoved with 3♥3♦ and TUTI88 called with A♥Q♥. Coin flip! The board ran out 10♥4♠2♦6♣K♥ and pocket treys held up for M.nosbocaJ.

TUTI88 got close, yet unfortunately got denied a second SCOOP title. For a runner-up performance, TUTI88 took home $78,830.50.

Congrats to M.nosbocaJ, the winner of SCOOP Event #8-H. His first-place payday was worth a cool six-figures. Jacobson is $106,984.38 richer.


SCOOP-08-H ($530+R NLHE) results
Total entries: 462 (306 re-buys, 347 add-ons)
Prize pool: $563,075.00
Places paid: 63

1. Martin ‘M.nosbocaJ’ Jacobson (United Kingdom) $106,984.38
2. TUTI88 (United Kingdom) $78,830.50
3. etxnl01 (Netherlands) $57,715.18
4. Negriin (Argentina) $43,919.85
5. TheDegenFund (Mexico) $30,969.12
6. Jeffery ‘jeff710’ Hakim (Lebanon) $23,930.68
7. Wh0AndBeni (United Kingdom) $18,299.93
8. quiditbear (Belgium) $12,669.18
9. prebz (Norway) $9,347.04

Visit the SCOOP home page for a list of winners. Plus, find out who was in contention Player of the Series.

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars. Final table recap album of the day: “Oracular Spectacular” by MGMT.


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