SCOOP 2017: More HORSE for Maicoshaa, Somerville takes 10th in Event #9 ($1,050 H.O.R.S.E.)

May 09, 2017

HORSE is where all the cool kids do their work.

At least that’s what Team PokerStars Pro Jason Somerville told his thousands of Twitch viewers as he tried to make the final table in SCOOP #9-H. Somerville was one of the 25 players to return to Day 2, but he was also part of the 24 players that didn’t win it.

That title went to Maicoshaa, who outlasted the field of 236 players and won $47,790. This gives Maicoshaa another HORSE COOP title, adding to a WCOOP HORSE victory back in 2015. While Maicoshaa took the largest payday today, the Russian player was a bit outshined when the day started.

This was partly due to two very charismatic Team PokerStars Pros.

Double Team Pro on Day 2

Jason Somerville and Felipe Mojave Ramos were our last Team Pros standing and they both made it to Day 2. They were even seated right next to each other.

Ramos, who’s using his break from PokerStars Championship High Rollers to play the SCOOP, was 12th in chips to start the day and was also playing live poker in Amsterdam.

After four hands, Ramos was shipped away from Sommerville’s table. Ramos lost about half his chips in a hand of stud against PearlJammer and then nearly lost the rest to römpsä. Ramos had less than an ante left after that and it went all-in the next hand. ISmellToast pushed the rest of the players out of the pot and hit a pair of aces to beat Ramos’s ace-high.

Ramos was eliminated in 19th place and won $2,360.00 for the finish.


Felipe Ramos

Somerville and the cool kids

The popular Twitch streamer started the day 10th in chips and while he managed to chip up for a bit, he ended up falling in 10th place.

“HORSE is where all the cool kids do their work,” Somerville told his Twitch streamers.

Somerville took a few big hits when we got down to our final two tables and he was left with just a few big bets. Then Somerville moved all-in with pocket aces in Omaha Hi-Lo. Lrslzk, who had the only stack shorter than Somerville’s, moved in too. DSmunichlife called them both and we had a three-way all-in.

Somerville: A♥A♠K♣J♦
DSmunichlife: A♣A♦9♣7♦
Lrslzk: 8♠2♦6♠4♠


Jason Somerville, the king of poker Twitch

The board ran J♣4♥5♦8♣10♣ and DSmunichlife hit a nut club flush for the Hi hand while Lrslzk hit 8-6-5-4-2 for the Lo. Somerville was eliminated in 10th place and we hit the final table bubble.

It popped when Lrslzk hit the rail a few hands later and we got down to our final table.

The final table


Seat 1: DSmunichlife – 448,067
Seat 2: Maicoshaa – 671,654
Seat 3: ISmellToast – 396,682
Seat 4: MITS 304 – 193,840
Seat 5: calvin7v – 184,020
Seat 6: aDrENalin710 – 184,745
Seat 7: AceQuad – 56,880
Seat 8: neto gol – 224,112

Our three big stacks in the first three seats soon absorbed the rest of the chips at the final table.

AceQuad was our first casualty. The short stack got it all-in on fourth street in a hand of Razz against ISmellToast and ISmellToast hit an 8-6-5-2-A. AceQuad exited in 8th place.

Then DSmunichlife took out three shorties. DSmunichlife dealt neto gol a one-two knockout with a big punch in Stud Hi-Lo and a finishing blow in NL Hold’em. neto gol made a final move with A♥7♠ and DSmunichlife called with J♠2♠. neto gol hit a seven on the flop, but DSmunichlife hit a jack on the turn for a bigger pair.

neto gol finished in 7th place and then DSmunichlife took out another player in Omaha Hi-Lo. calvin7v got short and moved in with A♥J♣8♣2♣ and DSmunichlife called with J♥J♠4♦2♥. The 7♥A♠J♦8♥K♦ board gave DSmunichlife a set of jacks and an 8-7-4-2-A Lo for the scoop.

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There was an elimination-less round of Razz and then DSmunichlife took out MITS 304 in a hand of stud. MITS 304 drew a pair of kings on his final hand while DSmunichlife hit a full house.

Maicoshaa then knocked out aDrENalin710 in a hand of stud and took the lead. aDrENalin710 hit a set of sixes while Maicoshaa hit an ace-high flush. aDrENalin710 hit the rail and we got down to our final three players.

Maicoshaa then entered heads-up play second in chips. ISmellToast hammered away at DSmunichlife when play got three-handed and then he finished the German off in Stud. DSmunichlife got it all-in on fifth street with a pair of threes and ISmellToast called with a set of nines.

DSmunichlife did improve to a set of threes, but nines were bigger and the tournament went heads-up.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.46.31 PM.png

Heads up

ISmellToast had the lead with 1.36 million to Maicoshaa’s 998,310 and players battled for a bit before Maicoshaa started running away with the lead. After a good round of NL Hold’em, Maicoshaa dealt the final blow in in Omaha Hi-Lo.

In a raised pot, players bet all the way down a 2♠6♠7♣Q♥5♣ board and ISmellToast moved all-in on the river. Maicoshaa called with A♦7♥4♦3♥ while ISmellToast tabled A♣Q♠9♣7♠.

ISmellToast had 7-6-5-2-A for the Lo, but Maicoshaa had 6-5-3-2-A. ISmellToast hit two-pair for the Hi, but Maicoshaa took that down too with a three-seven straight.

SCOOP-09-H ($1,050 HORSE) results
Entrants: 236 entries
Total prize pool: $236,000.00
Places paid: 32

1. Maicoshaa (Russia) $47,790
2. ISmellToast (Canada) $36,580.00
3. DSmunichlife (Germany) $27,140.00
4. aDrENalin710 (Russia) $20,060.00
5. MITS 304 (Cyprus) $12,980.00
6. calvin7v (Finland) $10,620.00
7. neto gol (Brazil) $8,260.00
8. AceQuad (Mexico) $6,490.00

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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