SCOOP 2016: ZéDoBlefe11 earns another for Brazil in Event #31-M ($215 NLH 4-Max)

May 17, 2016

The second Monday of the 2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker rolled around and the schedule gave players some super-short-handed fun. Event #31 was a 4-Max No Limit Hold’em tournament with plenty action and big money up top for the winner. The tournament played fast throughout and it ended with ZéDoBlefe11 earning a 13th SCOOP title this series for Brazil.

The medium buy-in version of the event had a $215 price tag with a $150,000 guaranteed prize pool. The tournament attracted 1,438 players to create a prize pool worth $287,600 and dishing it out to the last 192 players in the tournament.

They quickly made it into the money and only 19 players remained when action paused for Day 1 at the end of Level 28. Day 2 saw 2012 TCOOP Main Event champion David “Betudontbet” Emmons return with the chip lead but the best he could manage was a 12th place finish.

2016 SCOOP-31M Chips.jpg

Top ten returning stacks for Day 2
The tournament hit the final table bubble after 35 minutes of Day 2 action. They were down to the final five when ZéDoBlefe11 found a big hand with only three players sitting around his table. His A♠A♣ held against kingroler’s K♣J♥ to send him out in 6th place and set up the final table.

Poker legend/MMA fighter Terrence “Unassigned” Chan was the spotlight player at the final table and looking for his fourth COOP title. Chan won two SCOOP titles during the 2009 series and followed that up with a WCOOP victory later that year in September. Chan wasn’t the only success player at the final table, gringenkov holds a Sunday Million title from 2015 as well as a final table appearance this year during the TCOOP Main Event.

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2016 SCOOP-31M Final Table.jpg

Seat 1: Terrence “Unassigned” Chan (1,787,770 in chips)
Seat 2: 942003 (2,574,612 in chips)
Seat 3: gringenkov (1,950,498 in chips)
Seat 4: ZéDoBlefe11 (6,694,179 in chips)
Seat 5: kobe call (1,372,941 in chips)

Blinds: 12K/24K with 3K Ante

gringenkov runs out early, eliminated in 5th

Everyone was deep at the start of the final table so it took two big hands to get things moving early. It happened only seven hands into play.

kobe call min-raised from under the gun and gringenkov three-bet to 144,000 before kobe call hit the min-raise button once again. gringenkov responded with a five-bet shove for the 1.5 million he had left behind and kobe call quickly called with J♦J♥.

That was bad news for gringenkov with his 10♠10♣ and nothing changed as the virtual dealer ran out 7♥3♠2♣A♥9♦ to send the Brazilian out in 5th place.

Chan chopped down, eliminated in 4th

Terrence “Unassigned” Chan was the last player standing in three previous COOP events but ran into a little bad luck to end short of a fourth title. He lost the majority of his chips after he built a five-bet, pre-flop pot with kobe call at risk.

Chan had a few thousand more chips than kobe call and his A♥K♠ was dominated by K♣K♥. Chan hit the flop but the A♣K♦8♥ board was a little better for kobe call. The 2♥ turn left Chan looking for one of the two remaining aces but missed the 9♥ river. It was a big hand that left Chan with less than 5,000 and he was gone on the next hand.


Terrence “Unassigned” Chan
942003 gets it in bad, eliminated in 3rd

There was a brief pause of play as they three remaining players discussed a possible deal. They didn’t even wait for the numbers to be crunched before kobe call said no thanks.

They resumed play and 942003 found a bad spot to get his good chips in the middle. He was heads-up with kobe call to the 10♣5♥4♥ flop when 942003’s 240,000 bet was called. They lit the fireworks after the K♥ turn when kobe call moved all-in after a bet from 942003.

The shove was called and 942003 saw his predicament, drawing completely dead with K♦J♣ against kobe call’s turned flush Q♥10♥. The pointless J♦ dropped and 942003 was gone in 3rd place to set up the heads-up match for the title.

Seat 4: ZéDoBlefe11 (6,632,489 in chips)
Seat 5: kobe call (7,747,511 in chips)

Blinds: 20K/40K with 5K Ante

ZéDoBlefe11 adds another Brazilian title with Event #31-M win

ZéDoBlefe11 and kobe call battled each other for 45 minutes with ZéDoBlefe11 taking the early lead and pulling away the entire time. kobe call was able to win a few chips back here and there but ZéDoBlefe11 never let his advantage go once it was in hand.

kobe call saw his chip stack steadily decline but continued to fight for each pot, it took an unlucky hand for him to finally succumb. He min-raised his button with 10♠10♥ and called all-in when ZéDoBlefe11 shoved with 6♣6♠.

kobe call was in prime position to double, right up until the J♥7♠6♥ flop put him in deep trouble. He couldn’t find a resuck out on the 9♦ turn or A♠ river to give ZéDoBlefe11 his first major online victory (along with the 13th SCOOP title for his country this series).

SCOOP-31-M ($215 NL Hold’em 4-Max) results
Entrants: 1,438
Total prize pool: $287,600
Places paid: 192

1. ZéDoBlefe11 (Brazil) $50,042.90
2. kobe call (Israel) $30,520.11
3. 942003 (Switzerland) $17,675.89
4. Terrence “Unassigned” Chan (Canada) $10,767.74
5. gringenkov (Brazil) $6,870.76

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