SCOOP 2016: Y2K2000 takes the cake in Event #29-M ($215 NLHE Sunday Million SE)

May 17, 2016

Another Monday, another Sunday Million Special Edition final table.

The second Sunday Million of this year’s SCOOP drew a smooth 7,200 players. These players battled for two days to get a slice of the $1,440,000 prize pool.

Y2K2000 got the biggest chunk of it after infecting and consuming every tournament chip. Y2K2000 won $168,306.38 along with the title. The advertised first-place prize was a bit higher, but the final three players struck a deal when Y2K2000 was short.

It was a rollercoaster final table for Y2K2000. Our champion bounced from chip leader to short stack several times before finally coming to a stop atop all of the tournament chips.

The final table


Seat 1: Y2K2000 — 29,461,821
Seat 2: Vatal — 21,043,762
Seat 3: domastah — 16,036,963
Seat 4: surprisefirm — 6,296,542
Seat 5: TheGreatPike — 18,224,270
Seat 6: ImWithSumo — 11,555,268
Seat 7: Dowgh-Santos — 14,995,802
Seat 8: ovidiu162000 — 6,223,082
Seat 9: naruhhudesu — 20,162,490

The two short stacks collided to start off the final table and only one survived.

Dowgh-Santos raised to 800,000 from middle position and ovidiu162000 moved all-in for 5.8 million. surprisefirm reshoved for 5.9 million from the big blind and Dowgh-Santos folded.

Aside from being the short stack, ovidiu162000 was the underdog with K♠Q♣ to surprisefirm’s A♦K♣. The 10♦4♦6♦2♥8♥ board missed both players and surprisefirm’s Ace-high took down the pot.

ovidiu162000 won $11,160.00 for finishing 9th while surprisefirm nearly doubled to 13.1 million.

Aces over kings, sevens over muck

naruhhudesu was second in chips after ovidu162000’s elimination, but an untimely pair of kings brought the Japanese player down quickly.

It was a preflop raising war that ended with a five-bet all-in from domastah and a call from naruhhudesu. narahhudesu showed K♠K♦ while domastah tabled A♠A♣. naruhhudesu was in rough shape and was drawing dead by the turn of a 6♠Q♠8♥A♥7♣ board.

domastah chipped up to 30.8 million while naruhhudesu dropped to 4.2 million.

naruhhudesu moved all-in a few hands later and got called by Y2K2000 and TheGreatPike. The larger stacks checked down the 5♦Q♥2♥Q♦2♣ board and Y2K2000 showed 7♥7♦. The other two players mucked and naruhhudesu silently exited the tournament in 8th.

Jack attack

ImWithSumo moved all-in for 7.1 million two hands later and surprisefirm called from the big blind. ImWithSumo showed A♥J♠ and surprisefirm tabled J♦J♥.

The K♦9♦A♦ flop gave ImWithSumo a pair of aces, but a 4♦ came on the turn to give surprisefirm a flush.

ImWithSumo’s 7th place finish came with a $31,680.00 payday while surprisefirm’s stack rose to 20.6 million.

Pocket jacks didn’t fair so well a few hands later.

In that hand, TheGreatPike raised to 1 million from the hijack and Vatal moved all-in for 17.5 million from the small blind. TheGreatPike called all-in with J♣J♥ and Vatal showed A♥Q♠.

Once again the flop brought an ace, but this time the A♠2♦8♣K♥9♠ board brought no flush for the pair of jacks. Vatal chipped up to 25.9 million while TheGreatPike won $46,080.00 for finishing 6th.

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Down go Dowgh-Santos and domastah

Dowgh-Santos had a steady decline and then gambled it all on top pair. The pair turned into trips, but the kicker was subpar.

Y2K2000 and Dowgh-Santos were faced with a 8♠2♣7♦ flop in an unraised pot and Dowgh-Santos bet 800,000. Y2K2000 raised to 2.4 million and Dowgh-Santos moved all-in for 6.7 million.

Y2K2000 called with Q♥8♥ and Dowgh-Santos showed J♦8♣. The turn brought a 10♦ and an 8♦ completed the board.

Both players had three 8s, but Y2K2000’s queen kicker came into play. Dowgh-Santos finished 5th and won $60,480.00 while Y2K2000 chipped up to 42.5 million.

A queen wasn’t enough for domastah though.

In a battle of the blinds, domastah moved all-in for 16.9 million and surprisefirm called from the big blind.

surprisefirm showed K♥10♥ while domastah tabled Q♠9♣. The 2♠A♥7♠5♦2♦ board missed both players and surprisefirm took down the pot with ace-king high.

domastah got a $79,200.00 payday for finishing 4th while surprisefirm chipped up to 62.8 million.



Players cut a deal after some three-handed wrangling. Their stacks at the time were:

Vatal — 60,296,396
surprisefirm — 50,283,192
Y2K2000 — 33,420,412

This gave players the following payouts:

Vatal: $166,736.08
surprisefirm: $161,181.54
Y2K2000: $148,306.38

$20,000 left for first.

“lol i should ask when i have 80mils n ur guys in ur 30,” Y2K2000 said. “should let me win this 20k then we all even hahaha.”

Then Y2K2000 took down the tournament.

Y2K2000 doubled up against Vatal with pocket aces two hands after the deal and then finished Vatal off.

Y2K2000 raised to 3.2 million and Vatal moved all-in for 22.1 million. Y2K2000 called and showed A♥J♠ to Vatal’s K♠Q♦.

The flop gave Y2K2000 an ace, and the turn gave our champion a jack. Vatal was eliminated in 3rd place while Y2K2000’s lead grew to 109.6 million.

Heads up

surprisefirm doubled up to 49.7 million early on in the heads up match with pocket kings. Then surprisefirm tried to again with A♦9♠. Y2K2000 called that all-in with A♠9♥ and players split the pot.

Then surprisefirm went all-in a third time with a pair of 3s.

surprisefirm raised to 1.6 million and Y2K2000 three-bet to 4.8 million. surprisefirm moved all-in for 42.0 million and Y2K2000 called.

Y2K2000: K♥Q♣
surprisefirm: 3♥3♣

The final board of the tournament ran 7♣6♠6♥4♠4♣ and surprisefirm’s pocket 3s got counterfeited.

surprisefirm got the agreed-upon $161,181.54 for finishing 2nd while Y2K2000 won $168,306.38 and the title.

SCOOP-29-M ($215 NLHE Sunday Million SE) results
Entrants: 7,200
Total prize pool: $1,440,000
Places paid: 900

1. Y2K2000 (Australia) $168,306.38*
2. surprisefirm (Russia) $161,181.54*
3. Vatal (Cyprus) $166,736.08*
4. domastah (Canada) $79,200.00
5. Dowgh-Santos (Brazil) $60,480.00
6. TheGreatPike (Norway) $46,080.00
7. ImWithSumo (Finland) $31,680.00
8. naruhhudesu (Japan) $17,280.00
9. ovidiu162000 (Romania) $11,160.00

*Reflects the results of a three-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

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